Monday, November 28, 2011

Matchmaking anyone?

One of the things that is nice about a foster home based group is that we can help you find a dog, or cat, that will fit into your life with known needs, quirks and expectations. You'll get a personality with few surprises and behaviors that you will know how to deal with. We can tell you about favorite spots to be patted and itched, favorite toys, signals to go outside and many more details.

Russ is one of those guys - he's been in one foster home for awhile and has moved to another one to broaden his experiences with other dogs, people and a cat!


Russ has been seen sleeping in a dog bed with that cat! No pictures of this, unfortunately!

Russ also has new doggie 'foster brothers' and both of them are larger than Russ. He thought they might hurt him at first but has now decided they are good buds to have around.

Russ is an expert at keeping himself amused - he loves his toys. He'll find one or more and spend lots of time chewing one, tossing it in the air only to run after it and catch it again to play this game over and over. It's quite an amusing game to watch and one you'll enjoy.

By far Russ' favorite occupation (other than naps) is to be outside in the fenced yard. He doesn't seem to mind if it is cold or warm. He happily scampers around, checking out the smells, discovers what squirrels might have visited, lies in the grass and stretches out or runs around to get some exercise.

Life is good -

a foster family to love you

a dog or cat buddy who will sleep with you

toys - toys to snuggle up with but most often to play with

a cat! Who would have thought a cat could be so nice?

Now, Russ just hopes we can find the right forever home for him. One with a person or family to love him. A fenced yard to he can go out and explore. Toys. Perhaps a canine or feline friend.

Russ says he'll even let you give him a bath - if you insist - if he comes in a little grubby from playing in the yard! He hopes he'll get a treat or two after the process - for being such a trooper.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's wishing you and family and friends a get together for a special meal - everyone's idea of a feast is different. Maybe it is a vegan specialty, vegetarian chili, duck or deer that were recently gotten this fall, wild rice, green bean casserole, maybe even mac and cheese!

Our dogs would like to tell you some of the things they're thankful for too -

A filled food bowl is always good -

Maybe a kong with peanut butter in it -

A friendly person to get pats and tummy rubs from -

A warm spot to sleep, out of the cold and precipitation -

A walk or a good game of tug-of-war -

And, of course, a person or persons to love them.

When we foster, we make our foster dog or cat a part of our family. They are treated, not as a burden or someone taking up space, but as a part of the family. So they know they are at home now - we hope that their forever home is just around the corner - but for now, this is home and it is great!

Spread the word about our dogs, and cats, waiting for homes!

Happy Thanksgiving from some of our adoptable dogs -

Bella -

Kimi -

Fresno -

Russell -

Captain -

Gigi -

Max -

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Adoption, Sat. Nov. 19, 11-1 p.m.

Two locations:

PetCo Richfield - Medium and large dogs

Chuck and Don's Calhoun - small dogs

The following dogs plan to attend:


Gigi - the cutest rattie

Max - a 'senior' Pekapoo who doesn't understand the word senior! He's in favor of lots of fun and long walks and a snuggle right next to you

Russ - Lhasa Mix - perfect companion for someone with a laid back life so you can check out the views from the deck together AND so he can run in the back yard

Medium and Large:

Kimono (Kimi) - learning more commands and loves to cuddle

Poco -

Buddy - he's a popular boy on petfinder!

Bailey -

Fresno - will be meeting a potential adopter

Captain - bright eyed and very cute

Happy Thanksgiving! Some of our pooches' fosters have prior engagements with family and are unable to attend the adoption!

Happy, waggin' Tail

Boomer wants to share the good news -

Life is great!

Walks with my owner!

Visits to doggie daycare!

Trips to the dog park to see my friends there!

Obedience classes! Hoping to be able to get my canine good citizen award so I can be a therapy dog!

Boomer and Anna are thrilled to have found each other - and Boomer also appreciates the fact that she believes he CAN be a lap fellow!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Give to the Max Day

We are all reminded on this 'set aside' day to Give to the Max!

Your contributions, to whichever non profits you support will truly make a difference. How much can you give?

I think on that website that you have to donate $10.00 - but really, any amount is a plus.

For Pet Haven it means helping those who cannot afford the surgeries a way to spay and neuter their loved pets so they can keep them and not continue to add to the overpopulation problem.

It means going the extra mile in the veterinarian care we provide for all of our fostered and adoptable animals. Some of them come in needing so much more that simply vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery.

For other groups your donations help feed a family, help with a bus token, with a rent deposit, with car repair.

We are truly fortunate to live in MN where there are so many people who wish to help and care for others less fortunate.

Thank you! Click here to make your contribution!

Max says THANK YOU too!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Adopt a Senior Dog month

Petfinder encourages us to highlight different companion animals in different months -

special needs perhaps or senior pets -

Why would you want a senior pet? How long will it live? How will it fit into my lifestyle?

Qualities to cherish -

More settled and predictable

Known likes and dislikes

Love and loyalty

Tried and true

A couple of the older dogs that Pet Haven has right now are Max and Russell. Both are charmers.

Max -

What eyes!

Look at that inquisitive face!

What about my funny teeth?

House and kennel trained if you wish to kennel during the daytime.

Great companion - He's going to dance when you come home, be anxious to go for a short walk or outside to do his job, play with toys with you, snuggle down to feel your loving touch whenever you'd like.

Russ is another of our older dogs.

He's fostered with a retired couple who have another dog.

He loves deck sitting (and running in the fenced yard) with whomever is sitting on the deck or puttering in the yard.

He's a shorty and doesn't get up on furniture, but he'll keep you company wherever you are in the house.

Russ has some arthritis in his back and gets some medications for that - who doesn't have a little arthritis as they get older?

Russ would prefer a home with no young children - maybe a home with one or two folks who have time to watch tv with him, get him out for short walks, who will enjoy his sparkling eyes and energetic spirit.

That's Russ on the left - ready to play fight with his house buddy.

He likes to play in the fresh snow.

Russ and Max came to Pet Haven because their former owner's could no longer keep them. Not enough time? Change or loss of job? Foreclosure?

Both of these boys hope that someone will chose him for their home.

Perhaps a senior pet will live another 4-6 years.

Perhaps, if you think about it, that is just the right time commitment for you to make.

Everyone's lives change - moves, job and schedule change, retirement, parents to assist as they age.

Not all of us are able to make a commitment to a young dog who will be with them for 14-18 years.

Let's take a fresh look at these senior pets with wide open eyes and see all they have to offer -

You will be the most important person in their life. Who wouldn't like to have the kind of companion to come home to?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Adoption Day - 2 locations

Small dogs - Chuck and Don's in Wayzata, 11-1 p.m.

Medium/large dogs - PetCo Richfield 11-1 p.m.

It will be a day full of doggy smiles, tail wags and kisses! Stop by and share in the fun, meet your next best friend!