Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Be a voice for the voiceless!

If you have a passion for animals, and you want to make a difference, please consider joining our outreach team. We have learned at Pet Haven how it takes a community to come together to save one dog or one cat. We need your passion, your skills, and your voice to join us as we reach out and educate the public in fun and creative ways about the beauty of black dogs, dispel myths around bully breeds, and stress the importance of spaying and neutering. Send an email to -- we need more voices in outreach, and we could always also use more fosters!

According to the Humane Society, 3-4 million healthy, adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters across the country. Together let's work to stop these needless killings.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Black dog models needed!

We at Pet Haven believe that big black dogs are beautiful. We do our best to rescue and re-home as many as we can. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked. Recently on there was an article on Black Dog Syndrome. According to wikipedia, 'black dog syndrome' refers to low adoption rates and high euthanasia rate of black dogs (and cats) in shelters across the country. We need to educate the public and we need to do all we can to help these beautiful black dogs, with a strike against them simply because they are black. Pet Haven will be partnering with Heather Rosenwald who is the founder of a new website that will be launched soon (

In her words: "Black dogs are generally the last to be adopted and are euthanized in much larger numbers because people may consider them too “plain”, think they are menacing, or simply don’t notice them because their dark color makes them disappear in their kennels. Our website will provide free resources to help rescue groups and animal shelters increase the number of black dog adoptions.

Do you have a black dog? Would you like FREE professional photos in exchange for your dog’s participation in a photo shoot? We need fun and funky photos of BLACK dogs to use on our new website. In exchange, our professional photographer will provide you with a CD of great, unique photos of your pet for FREE."

If you have a black dog and are interested in participating email Heather at

We need to all work together to be advocates for these beautiful big black dogs who are often overlooked. Together with, Pet Haven will work to develop creative ways to market and promote black dogs, and to get the word out on the importance of spaying and neutering!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Charlie, Dodger, Oliver - new photos!

Here are updated photos from the pup's foster mom: pups playing tug of war with Phoebe..."Phoebe was terrified of the puppies when they got here. I was worried she would never warm up to them. You should see them now. Phoebe loves to play with them. This morning all three puppies attacked Phoebe jumping, chewing her tail and climbing all over her. Phoebe just lay on her back and let them. The four of them played tug of war with a stuffed bear and Phoebe dragged all three puppies across the yard. It was very funny to watch. If any of the puppies cry, Phoebe runs right over to see if they are ok. I think she is really going to miss them when they are gone." Other photos are of Oliver in the garden, Charlie in the sandbox, Dodger climbing the hill, and Oliver rock climbing!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Meet a few of our small dogs... waiting patiently

Meet Bosley (poodle mix), Paco (chi in a knit sweater), Cheech (white/tan chi) and Eddie (black/white terrier).

All are recent intakes so if they're not up on our website, they will be soon. Bosley is still working on his housetraining; Paco came in with ribs sticking out and is gaining some weight! Cheech is a cutie and according to foster mom, has a 'real Napolean complex'; and Eddie, is one cute boy who will be neutered on 4/30 and will be ready for someone to take him home!

If you'd like to learn more about any of our dogs, please email

Friday, April 25, 2008

Lacey and Jayde - new intakes from up north!

Lacey (black/white pup) and Jayde (lab mix?) arrived at our partner clinic today after a long journey from up north. Jayde has a limp (her back left leg) -- xrays are being done to see if she has hip dysplasia. Jayde's brother was hit by a car up north and killed. Both Jayde and Lacey were picked up by tribal cops. Both are going through Pet Haven's standard vetting and tomorrow Lacey will go to her foster home, and Jayde will be fostered temporarily at Auntie Ruth's doggie daycare. I compiled photos into a video which can be viewed at

They are both very sweet dogs... of course, while waiting for them to arrive, we visited with Hazel!

Calcifur and Wyatt - pup update!

Here's an update from Heather who is fostering Calcifur and Wyatt (2 from the litter of 5!): "My little guys are starting to get the house training thing. I let them outside anytime I go down to the kitchen and Wyatt holds it till he gets outside now. Calcifur not so much, but I'm working on it:) They are both little puddle jumpers in this yucky weather. It's sometimes a trick to get them back inside. Especially Wyatt, there is a big metal sculpture of a dragon in my yard and the neck is a tube big enough for him to walk through. It's his spot..... i swear they get cuter each day!"

Hazel will be staying at the clinic

Thanks to everyone who has contacted us about fostering Hazel, the little ‘pocket pit’, while she is treated for heartworm. We have decided to have her stay at our clinic for the month of treatment. Heartworm is a serious condition, and we did not want to take any chances. The staff at Bloomington Vet love her (Hazel has figured out who the treat lady is at BVH!), so she will be well-cared for and closely monitored by the clinic staff.

In addition, Pet Haven volunteers will take turns coming to visit her, and giving her calm (yes, very calm and soothing) hugs and kisses. Stay tuned to this blog for updates on our sweet girl.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dodger, Charlie and Oliver - A pile of pups!

Here is the latest of 3 of the 5 pups being fostered in Mary's home: "We tried everything to get the puppies to stop making such a mess eating their meals. Small bowls got tipped over. Large bowls got stepped in and knocked over. A large piece of newspaper didn't work since the puppies attack the food and send it flying (much to the delight of our other dogs and cats). Tino came up with the final solution. The biggest dog bowl ever and we just put them all in it. Check out the photos.

Oliver has figured out how to get on the couch by himself. He can also climb out of their puppy crib. It is a large wire indoor dog kennel that we left the top off. Oliver climbs the wires with is paws to get out. He is quite the adventurer always exploring.

Charlie's favorite thing is the sandbox. He climbs in and digs and digs. Not only is this fun for him and entertaining for us, it also keeps him from digging in my garden. I would suggest to his future family to get him his own sandbox to play in."

Dodger the dumpster truck boy

I guess since he was dumped by a dumpster, he feels at home sleeping in a dumpster truck. Here's the latest update from foster mom: "Dodger found he likes to sleep in the plastic dump truck we have for our grandson. No, we didn't put him in it; he figured it out all on his own. Dodger learned a hard lesson a couple of days ago. Roxy, our nine year old Shepard mix has been very tolerant and patient but she finally reached her limit. Dodger decided to climb all over Roxy's face while she was napping. Several growls didn't deter him. As our daughter Danielle reached to get Dodger away, Roxy nipped him. He cried and carried on for quite a while making us believe he was seriously hurt. Turned out it was mostly noise that did a good job of making us feel really sorry for him. Dodger is a bit more respectful of Roxy's face now. I can't say the same for her tail."

Benne adjusting well in his foster home

Here's an update from Trish, Benne's foster: "He's doing great! His potty skills are wonderful. Benne sleeps through the night with out having to go out or accidents in his kennel. He's very respectful towards our cats,even when the two younger ones swat him on his behind as he walks by. He's picking up on "no" "down" and "sit" really well.
He's still in the puppy biting stage,so we are teaching him not to bite. Today Benne
went for his first official long walk on the leash. He did pretty good,considering he hasn't had much leash work or really wearing collars. We are teaching him to sit at each corner of the block before crossing to the next one. Sometimes he even listened better then Clara (Trish's dog - in photo with pink collar seen nose to nose with Benne). He met both of our neighbors on either side of us and was happy with that because they have children living in each family. Benne LOVES food. He eats a little too fast, so I'll be placing a kong in his dish like I did with Clara to slow his
eating down. He enjoys playing with the Jolly ball with the handle and
nylabones, also a big stuffed hedgehog. He hasn't destroyed any stuffed
toys. YAY!!! Clara can destroy those undestructible stuffed toys with
scissor precision shredding skills under 2 minutes. So I am very impressed!!"
Thanks Trish for fostering this sweet boy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hazel needs a special foster home...

Hazel, a very special, sweet and gentle 'pocket pit' tested positive for adult heartworms when she arrived this past weekend from Louisiana. She has been tolerating her treatments at Bloomington Vet very well. She had her final treatment today, and on Friday will be going to one of our partner doggie daycares (Auntie Ruth) to be fostered, until we are able to place her in a foster home without any other dogs. The aftercare for heartworm treatment is to keep Hazel quiet and inactive -- which for a pup who wants to play, play and play would be impossible in a household with another dog. If you, or anyone you know, would be willing to foster Hazel please email us at Please help us get the word out. One thing I can promise you -- if you meet this girl, it will be love at first sight!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SpiceGirl and Hazel - two special souls

I had the opportunity to transport SpiceGirl (boxer mix) to Bloomington Vet (BVH) today. SpiceGirl arrived on Friday, 4/18 from up north after a tough winter caring for her pups (of which only 2 of the 5 survived). She survived mange, starvation, an injured rear leg and as far as we can tell, almost deaf.

While at BVH, we visited Hazel who is being boarded there while going through tests. It has been confirmed that she has heartworm and will be going through heartworm treatment. We are looking for a foster for Hazel where she can be in a quiet, calm environment to allow her body to heal. Please email for more info on Hazel.

These are two of the sweetest, most gentle souls you will meet. I took some photos and put a video together... you can view the video at The video is titled 'Hazel and SpiceGirl - April 22, 2008 Update'

Monday, April 21, 2008

Calcifur and Wyatt - Pup update!

An update from Heather who is fostering Calcifur and Wyatt (2 from the litter of 5!): "Calcifur (black and white collar) is Mister mellow. He loves to snuggle and his favorite thing to play with his brother is tug-o-war with a rope toy. He just holds it while Wyatt spastically tries to free it. He has huge paws. I'm sure he's going to stay the bigger one.

To get a photo of Wyatt we had to wait till he was tired to get him to sit still so he looks a little groggy. He is very curious and likes to be in the middle of the action. He is so fun to watch in the yard. He attacked a pile of sticks like it was a monster, growling at it and batting his tiny paws. The cuteness is overwhelming.

They sleep through the night without a peep now and they are both past the loose stool point. They are such sweet little guys:)"

Oliver, Charlie and Dodger - pup update!

An update from Mary who is fostering 3 of the 5 pups: "Oliver (red bandana) may be the smallest but he is the bravest of the bunch. He wanders through the gardens exploring, approaches the other dogs and even gets nose to nose with our cat Taz. He likes being on the couch and cries very loud if you don't let him up.
Dodger (green/purple collar) likes to play with his brothers and cries to be held. He liked the garden and the long naps in the sunshine. Tug of war is becoming a favorite game. Charlie (blue bandana) is more of the bully in the bunch. He bites his brothers and jumps on them when they are sleeping. He is the biggest and eats the fastest. He is also the most timid in new situations. He cried in the backyard wanting to be picked up. We had to encourage him to play. Once he was comfortable he was off playing in the leaves and getting into things."

A precious moment of Oliver napping next to Roxy, resident dog at Mary's home.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A community comes together to save Hazel and Benne

Hazel (a 33 lb 'pocket pit') and Benne (pitbull mix) began their transport early Saturday morning (4/19) from Louisiana. With 15+ transport legs, they finally arrive in Bloomington, Minnesota at 7 PM on Sunday, 4/20. Many of us at Pet Haven involved in this rescue, have been touched by the compassion, dedication and generosity of SO many people involved in giving these gentle souls a second chance. We will continue to provide updates on Hazel and Benne on this blog so be sure to check back!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mollie the Lab/Border Collie

Just look at this face! Don't you want to take her home .... and to obedience class?

Mollie is a year-old Lab/Border Collie mix with a lot of energy and almost no formal training. She knows ‘sit’ but that is about all.

Right now, she is being boarded. We are looking for a foster, or better yet, adoptive home for this active, sweet girl. The right home will have someone who would like to take Mollie through an obedience course (or two) to help her be the best girl she can be.

If you would like to meet Mollie, please contact us at Mollie looks forward to hearing from you!

Calcifur and Wyatt

Calcifur and Wyatt must have some cat genes in them - they apparently LOVE to play in paper bags! Both are doing well with the worms moving out of their system. Thank goodness they're SOOOO cute... cuteness certainly makes up for all the messiness!

The pups are on Innova puppy food. If you are willing to donate some Innova puppy food please email

Friday, April 18, 2008

And the remaining 3 pups report in!

Oliver, Charlie and Dodger insist on saying "hi"! With all five pups having roundworm and hookworm there's lot of cleaning and bathing taking place. And from the foster home: "Dodger is kind of a bully, but loves to cuddle. Charlie is laidback and chill in comparison to the two others, that whine and cry a lot! Oliver, the little one, is a cry baby. Poor thing. Dodger is also a little grunter.." A kodak moment of the 3 stooges napping, and one of Oliver after his bath.

Update on 2 of the pups!

An update from Heather, who is fostering 2 of the 5 pups: "they are doing great! Between the puppy squeaks and my daughters squeals of delight, it's a little loud, but we're all having fun. Calcifur is the big lug of the two and Wyatt is the curious one. They love to play with shoe laces and paper bags. The cuteness is completely out of control."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fosters needed for Rocky and Lacy

We would like to bring in 2 dogs from up north. Rocky is a one and a half year old yellow lab who spent 2 months in the reservation pound and was going to be put down. Besides needing some work on leash skills he is a loveable dog!

Lacy is a sweet border collie mix puppy. She's laid back and loving and needs to be moved into a foster home. Please email if you would consider opening up your heart and home to these 2 homeless pups!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The pups have arrived!

Ann and Celayne arrived in a subaru with the 5 precious black pups and 3 other dogs -- their welcome into Pet Haven begins at our partner clinic Bloomington Vet where they are checked out. They are SOOOO cute --- tiny, adorable and have that puppy smell. I had to fight really hard not to "pupnap" them! Along with chewing shoelaces, the bottoms of our pants, and our shoes, they left lots of "presents" in the room -- ahhh, the joy of puppyhood. The vet guesses they are around 6 weeks. They were their puppy squiggly selves and very difficult to photograph. Tonight they will be in foster homes, being pampered and loved.