Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chuck ready for the good life he deserves

Chuck is an example of Pet Haven's commitment to all of our dogs in our foster program - "once a Pet Haven animal always a Pet Haven animal." And Chuck's foster mom is a testament to the dedication, love and patience of many of our volunteers.

Chuck was originally adopted out in 1996. His previous owner returned him because of wanting to travel more. Our intake coordinator works tirelessly to counsel owners to keep working with their pets and providing resources to support. In the end, Pet Haven will always do what's in the best interest of the dog/cat. Chuck, a 14 year old, was returned to Pet Haven in April of 2009. An update on Chuck from his foster:

"Chuck is one of those dogs that can't help but inspire you. He has had some tough breaks in the last few months, but he never gives up. He just keeps on trying to do better. When he first came to my home, he was very confused and didn't know who to trust. He barked and snapped at people who came to the house or approached him at Adoption Events. He wouldn't allow me to pet him and didn't like to be touched.

A few months later it is hard to believe he is the same dog. He sat next to me today nudging my hand so I would pet him and scratch behind his ears. He likes to follow me around the house just to hang out with me. His behavior has greatly improved when people visit. He still doesn't like strangers and will bark and growl at them, but he enthusiastically greets people who are regular visitors - especially when they bring him treats. He even allows one close friend to scratch his ears and rub his belly.

Chuck does have some food aggression challenges to overcome, but he is making progress. If he were an only dog, this would not be an issue. If he were in a home with another dog, the food issue can be managed with training and separate feeding locations. He does have the attitude that he wants to please his human, so he is very responsive to training.

Chuck has had some tough breaks. He still keeps trying. He will love you and be your new best friend if you just give him that second chance. To watch a dog come out of his shell and to learn to trust again is one of the most rewarding experiences. Help make a difference -- Chuck's ready to get off the road of tough breaks. He's ready for the good life he deserves.

For more info check out Chuck's bio. Email if you would like to meet Chuck or have any questions.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Gunnar

Gunnar arrived into Pet Haven's foster program from a shelter in rural Iowa. With his health issues he was not a good candidate for being placed up for adoption at the shelter. Little did Gunnar know that his fosters who were only going to keep him temporarily, would fall for him so quickly .... his first foster home turned out to be his forever home! Way to win 'em over Gunnar!

"Gunnar and Moose (rat terrier) are great friends and do everything together. We're so happy to have such a loving, sweet, happy yellow lab in our family. His heart problem doesn't often cause him much difficulty, though when it's hot and humid, he doesn't really have too much stamina. But then, neither do I! When we first got Gunnar, he weighed about 80 pounds, obviously too much weight for his frame. He's now weighs about 67 pounds, and our vet thinks that's the perfect size for him. He needs to keep his weight down because of his heart murmur, but also because of his knees. He just had surgery to repair a torn cruciate ligament in his right knee, and if one knee goes, the other one may go, too. He's recovering very well,and the only problem is keeping him from doing too much. He doesn't understand that he's not supposed to run after the squirrels and rabbits right now!

Gunnar is a great foster brother to the Pet Haven dogs that we've had staying with us. He's very calm, doesn't let too much rattle him. As long as he gets fed, and gets some love from his humans, he's happy."

Monday, September 28, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

Coco was a stray who was taken in by one of Pet Haven's volunteers. When Coco was found she was in rough shape -- her nails had not been cut in months, her fur was so long she couldn't see, and she had feces and urine imbedded in her rear and fur. With a little love, attention, grooming, and vet care it wasn't long before Coco showed us just how beautiful she really is!

Coco was adopted this past week. She has a fenced yard to run in and a new adoptive family (including a 13 year old 2-legged brother!) who adores her. Coco has a nice little breakfast nook to sun herself in the mornings -- her new mom even bought her a fabulous new pink bed for her to feel comfy in.

Congratulations Coco on your new home! And to Coco's new family, we would love to get updates on how she is doing.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Max is coming out of his shell!

Max is a gentle guy who is starting to show his spark and his love for people. When I first got Max, he had the typcal Chow aloof quality. He was extremely well behaved but spent a fair amount of time laying on his bed outside while the rest of the family was inside. He didn't show any interest in toys or know how to play.
My how things have changed! In just a few months, Max has become quite attached to his foster family - including the dogs, cat, and parents. He follows his foster mom around in the morning when she is getting ready. Even though she walks from one room to another to another several times within 20 minutes, he is never far behind. He looks up at her with those handsome dark eyes and her heart melts.

He's also learning how to play. Still not so good at it, but learning. He lifts his entire legs up without bending them and runs around the house with the legs going up and down. He has a big smile on his face the entire time. Occasionally he and his dog sister will attempt to play together, but Max is still learning how that works. It is definitely fun to watch him though!

He's pretty chill with the cat, but remains intrigued. Occasionally, he has to be reminded that the cat is there which he failed to do one morning when nearly laying on top of the cat. After a quick claw swipe of the nose, he realized his mistake and moved on.

Max is a very sweet dog who loves to go for rides, walks (which he does REALLY good on!), and especially hang out with the family. He now likes to be close. If given the opportunity, he'd probably do the same with yours.

Max's foster mom loves to talk about her boy and would welcome any questions about his possible fit in your home! Email if you would like to meet Max or have any questions. He's waiting!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pet Blanket Making Party

Can you cut with scissors and tie a basic knot? Then we need your help! Pet Haven is having a get-together to make pet blankets that we'll sell at Twice the Gift (, the non-profit fundraising opportunity that we participated in last year and will be part of again this year.

We're meeting on Oct. 3 at the Minneapolis Washburn Public Library ( from 1-4:30 p.m. We'll provide the fleece and some refreshments/snacks. What we need are your hands, scissors (fabric scissors if you have them, regular scissors if you don't - just label them so you get them back!), and laughter! Please RSVP by emailing if you can join us, and feel free to bring a friend!

We need all the help we can get! Thank you!!!

Cynthia Farrell Director of Outreach

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Foster Home needed for Maggie

Maggie is one of our recent intakes.... another gorgeous big black dog with a shiny, velvet coat! She's not yet up on our website but will be soon. She is currently being fostered at one of our doggie daycare partners, Pampered Pooch Playground. Although they are without a doubt pampering her, we would like to move her into a foster home (this enables us to then bring in and save yet another dog!) If you would like to learn more about fostering with Pet Haven be sure to email and sign up for our new volunteer orientation this coming Saturday. Here's what one of the trainers at Pampered Pooch has to say about Maggie:

"Maggie is fabulous with the other dogs big and small, usually plays for a little while in the morning and rests for the rest of the day. She really enjoys lounging on a nice soft bed or the couch and just has a soft and relaxed way about her. She is a little uneasy about new situations or places (even new rooms in our building she hasn't explored, once she explores
she is fine), just has a lowered body posture, but is very willing to please and trusts that you are putting her in a safe situation and will come with you willingly.

She is food motivated, and seems to just want to please you. She knows how to sit and shake and has the "puppy eyes" when she looks up at you. She is very laid back and tolerant of all of the dogs and loves attention and laying on a comfy bed. We leave a blanket in her kennel at night and she doesn't destroy it so I don't think she is too stressed being left alone (no sep. anxiety from what we can tell). I think she would be an all around sweet and very easy dog to have around. She is definitely one that I would take home if I could, just very sweet and easy to become attached to."

A foster buddy went to Pampered Pooch and took Maggie for an outing .. here's what she had to say about Maggie: "I transported her and she was a perfect lady. Pulled, but not too hard, rode great in the car with her nose hanging out the window. Very sweet."

If you are interested in learning more about Maggie and potentially fostering her email or

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Russell - playing with the big dogs now!

We recently got an update from Russell's foster family on how the playful guy is doing. We often discover personalities of our foster dogs start to emerge while in loving care of their foster homes:

"Russell came from a home where a large dog intimidated him everyday. He did not like any big dogs and would bark and bark at them. Well, as the story continues, he has met Charlie(a yorkie) & Winston (a big black lab ) He has become used to them now, the barking has subsided! Last weekend the dogs came to visit. Winnie runs like the wind in our big backyard, Charlie always follows. This time Russell joined in! Running back and forth was Russell with his short little legs. This went on for at least 10 minutes, that is a long time for senior who’s legs are less than 6”.

He had so much fun, we could almost see him laughing as he ran with that big dog!!! Remember a small dog lives to an old age. He’s 81/2 years old but once in awhile he’ll surprise us with a burst of energy. He has come so far in the 2 1/2 months we’ve had him. He’s a loyal little man who just wants to land in a good home... consider meeting him."

Check out Russell's bio and if you'd like to learn more about him or set up a time to meet him email

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Foster needed for Paden

Paden is a sweet one year old black and tan girl who was surrendered to a shelter in rural Iowa. As is the case with many of our intakes ... your guess is as good as our's as far as the breed - besides, at Pet Haven we love the mutts! Our shelter partners in rural Iowa do not have access to adopters as we do in the Twin Cities so our intake coordinator works hard to help dogs who otherwise would spend days/weeks/months in a stressful shelter environment. Paden was an owner surrender. She is good with cats, other dogs and kids. Paden would like you to know: "My game of choice is tug of war. I am very smart. I am very loving and sweet and I am a very pretty girl."

Here is additional info we got on Paden from one of her advocates at the shelter:

"Paden was at our big Pets on Parade event yesterday. She was around hundreds of animals ... dogs, cats, chickens, birds, etc. She did great! A local trainer was handling her and said Paden is very smart and responsive. She taught Paden how to heel in one afternoon. She was so good with every person and animal she met yesterday!"

Paden will be arriving on transport this coming Saturday. She will be fostered at one of Pet Haven's doggie daycare partners until we are able to find her a foster home. We love all of our doggie daycare partners (Pampered Pooch Playground, Auntie Ruth, and Downtown Dogs Minneapolis) .... however in the best interest of the pups we want to move them out of doggie daycare into a loving foster home as soon as possible.

Please help us get the word out about Paden and if you would like to learn more about fostering with Pet Haven we hope you'll join us at our new volunteer orientation session this coming Saturday. For more info on the session click here or email our volunteer director Jen at

New Volunteer Orientation

Our next New Volunteer Orientation will be on Saturday September 26th from 10 AM - Noon at the Doubletree Hotel in St. Louis Park. Pet Haven is extremely grateful to Doubletree Hotel for hosting our new volunteer orientations and providing us with a great room at NO COST!

Whether you're brand new, or have been volunteering with us for a while, this orientation is a great way to find out more about Pet Haven and ways to get involved!

UC San Diego lists the following 10 ten reasons to volunteer:
#10 - It's good for you
#9 - It saves resources and provides a valuable community resource
#8 - Volunteers gain valuable experience
#7 - It brings people together
#6 - It promotes growth and self-esteem
#5 - Volunteers strengthen our community
#4 - You learn a lot
#3 - You get a chance to give back
#2 - Volunteering encourages civic responsibility
#1 - You make a difference ...

At Pet Haven, we have the following to add to the list .....
- It's fun!
-We are a community with a shared passion for helping homeless dogs and cats
- We will provide you with opportunities to develop your leadership skills
- Even if you can't foster (although we would of course love it if you could!), we need foster buddies, help with transportation ... and need help in areas of fundraising, marketing, special events, administrative work, photography, writers, graphic design, phone work, advocacy, outreach/humane education, volunteer management, communication, and the list goes on!!
- If you are looking to enhance your resume, volunteering is a great way to make your resume stand out [check out the Pioneer Press article this past Sunday on "Volunteer Work just might set your resume apart"]

Our volunteer guiding principles are based on the 5C's:
  • Community
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Compassion
If you're already involved with Pet Haven but have never gone through an orientation .... this is a great way to learn more about other volunteer opportunities. If you're new to Pet Haven, come learn more about Pet Haven ... our vision, our mission, our philosophies, our approach, where are animals come from, upcoming events, the animal welfare landscape in Minnesota, the important of spay/neuter ... and of course, how to get involved and start making a difference!

Email our volunteer director Jen at to register for the session on Saturday!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

After 6 months in loving care of her foster mom Sonoma, a husky mix from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue was adopted this weekend. Sonoma's foster mom shared with Sonoma's new dad how she likes to have strawberries at bedtime. After completing the adoption paperwork and on his way home to prepare for the home visit, he picked up some strawberries for Sonoma --- a fresh batch waiting for her upon her arrival. After her healthy bedtime snacks, I am sure Sonoma will be waiting for her belly rub. She's quick to roll over on her back, and with those piercing eyes, i'm sure she'll have
her Humans trained soon to rub her belly!

Sugar - Poodle-Bichon was adopted by her foster parents. They couldn't say good-bye when a great applicant was interested in her. Right after they officially adopted her they stopped by Woofstock - a fellow Pet Haven volunteer saw Sugar and her new family and it was clear they were all thrilled with their new addition! Rumor has it that Sugar's new parents will continue to volunteer with Pet Haven and will still be fostering! Congrats to Sugar and her new family!

Meko, a gorgeous black lab mix, came to Pet Haven almost a year ago from a shelter in rural Iowa. Pet Haven has a strong partnership with this shelter as we share a passion for advocating for big black dogs who are often overlooked, a phenomenon referred to as Black Dog Syndrome. Meko got lucky this weekend (or from his perspective, his adoptive family got lucky!) He is headed for the good life on Lake Superior with a family of four who are delighted to have a new dog in their life.

Jack went home with Pet Haven volunteer Merry S and her family. The calm senior German Shepherd will join PH alum Geordie, fka Calcifur and a six year old human brother.

Jonnie Cakes has come along way from her days as a stray in Red Lake. She was adopted on Saturday by a lady who came to meet our dogs at the previous adoption event in Minnetonka. JC's new mom lives right by a dog park and during the home visit there were lots of pictures being taken of JC's firsts in her new home! I think JC has found his pal for life!

Brandy Jack, now just Jack, was adopted this week. His new family was
looking for a new Chocolate Lab to love after losing an older one, and
didn't want to adopt a puppy at this busy stage of their lives. Jack has
two human children to play with and a big yard to explore with the family's other dog, Ollie, a young Australian Shepherd. From the photo on the left you can see that Jack and Ollie are already best buds! Jack's new mom, Nat, has also started volunteering with Pet Haven and we are very excited to have her marketing and special events experience to help get the word out about homeless dogs and cats!

Max (we called him Max III) a large black lab was adopted at the last Mtka event. Max didn’t stay in our program for long. He was adopted at his first adoption event and is thriving in his new home where he is adored by his parents. Sorry Max ... you were in and out of our foster program so fast that I didn't get a chance to take your photo!

We have lots to celebrate this week ... Congratulations to Sonoma, Sugar, Meko, Jack , JC, Jack (formerly Brandy Jack) and Max!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Photos from yesterday's dog adoption event!

Yesterday was not only an absolutely gorgeous day -- sunny and 80s -- it was also a great day for Pet Haven with quite a few adoptions and home visits scheduled. Be sure to tune into our blog on Monday for "Adopted Dog Mondays" as we share with you these happy tails :)

Harley, the chihuahua, is a girl with LOTS of personality. She likes to stick her tongue out (and it is NOT because she doesn't like you) ... in fact, she did it a lot with her foster mom at the adoption event ... i think it's mutual adoration :) She would make a wonderful addition to your family. To learn more about Harley check out her bio.

Check out the video to see just a few of our adoptable dogs ... visit our website to view all of our adoptable dogs (and cats!).

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pet Haven at the Twins Game

As a member of the new coalition MnPAW ( Pet Haven participated in an event at the Twins Game on Sunday, 9/13/09 along with other coalition members. Pet Haven had 4 ambassador and adoptable dogs at the Twins Game ... Pepper, Sonoma, Skipper and Jonnie Cakes. They received lots of hugs and kisses. Many thanksto MnPAW member Chuck & Don's for their support and sponsorship. MnPAW also raised pet food donations which will go to Second Harvest. For more info on MnPAW visit

Just a reminder ... Pet Haven will be having a dog adoption event today. Coco pictured below will be just one of many of our great dogs hoping that today will be their lucky day ... AND your lucky day too!! Stop by the Richfield Petco at 66th and Lyndale between 10 am - Noon today!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dog Adoption Tomorrow (Saturday)

Pet Haven will be having a dog adoption event tomorrow (Saturday). Stop by between 10 am and Noon. We will be at the Richfield Petco. Their address is 710 West 66th Street, Richfield, MN. 612.861.1335.

Come and meet some of our great dogs. Maybe Saturday will be the day you meet the next canine love of your life!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boogie: A real lover and a real joy

Update from Boogie's foster:

"Boogie came into our lives as a foster who continually brings us surprises and smiles. We were initially concerned about Boogie’s age and health but both issues have had little impact on our daily routine. Boogie loves going on walks and can actually go quite a ways for a little guy. He makes us laugh every time we get out his leash for his walk. He runs around our place with such excitement and exuberance; we continually get a kick out of it. Once out the door he trots along like a little show dog who is so happy to be out in the world

If we are outside in our yard, he does like patrolling it with the resident dog. If a dog is walking, he likes to let them know his presence. He gives out this howl that isn’t annoying but rather humorous.

Another one of his favorite activities is getting petted. He literally cannot get enough of it and once we take our hands off of him; he paws at us to continue. He also loves to roll on his back. He will wiggle around all over the floor on his back swaying his head from side to side (another moment that brings us constant smiles).

Lastly, he really enjoys his meal times and treats. He looks at us with this big brown eyes just waiting for dinner. After some experimentation with his food (he needs to stay on a low-sodium diet), he has become a champion eater.

As far as his demeanor goes, Boogie is extremely sweet. He always comes to us when we call him and looks at us with his adoring eyes. He really is just looking to be loved, and it is hard not to love him.

Overall, Boogie is a real lover who is surprisingly low maintenance. He has been a real joy in our lives and will make an ideal pet."

For more info check out Boogie's bio or email

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Advocacy: Update on Kathy Bauck

Many of you may have heard about Kathy Bauck in the news over the last several months. Her facility (sometimes called "Puppies on Wheels" or "Pick of the Litter") has been the subject of undercover videos exposing inhumane treatment of animals, and she has a history of complaints and citations against her. Earlier this year she was convicted of three counts of animal torture, and one count of animal cruelty. Last month, the USDA filed a motion with the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture to terminate Kathy Bauck's license to operate her breeding facility, and prevent her from re-applying for at least two years. Elizabeth Goldentyer, D.V.M and Eastern Regional Director of Animal Care, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service filed a motion in support of the USDA's motion. View the entire complaint here.

While we won't know the outcome of this complaint for at least a few weeks, we do know that this situation underscores the need for meaningful state legislation. Puppy mills are a real problem in Minnesota. Did you know that there are no state laws that regulate this lucrative industry? So, the USDA complaint against Ms. Bauck is only half the story. Even if the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture terminates her license, the federal regulations only address Ms. Bauck's ability to sell pets wholesale (e.g. to pet stores). The limited federal regulations, and lack of state laws, do nothing to prevent Ms. Bauck from selling directly to the consumer, via newspaper ads, the internet.

The good news is that there is state legislation already written to address this problem! S.F. 7 / H.F. 253 was "tabled" during this past state legislative session, essentially meaning it can pick up where it left off when the legislature reconvenes in 2010. We need your support this important bill! A few things you can do:

  • Contact your representative and senator, and ask them to support S.F. 7 / H.F. 253. Click here to find your legislator.
  • Visit to learn more about this important issue and sign up to receive email alerts when the bill makes its way back through the legislative process.
  • Educate your friends and family!
  • Know anyone interested in a cat or dog? Encourage them to adopt (Pet Haven has a lot of good dogs!).

Even picky folks can find breed-specific rescue groups all over the country.

Please contact Karen Scott, Pet Haven Advocacy Director ( with any comments or questions.)

[photo: Buckley is a former puppy mill dog who is one of the lucky few able to put his horrible start to life behind him]

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jake would like to be your buddy

Jake is one of the easiest fosters we have ever had. He is a bit shy at first but he quickly warms up. He gets along with all dogs even the dominant ones. He is being fostered at Rescue Buddy Boarding and just loves to play so another dog around would be ideal. A fenced in yard would also be ideal to keep him safe and secure. The hunting breed is known for following their noses.

Jake listens well and has already passed the first obedience class. Some continued study would be good for both Jake and his new family. He loves to ride in the car wherever you are going-soccer games or a trip to the dog park.

Jake is young and still has lots of energy. Older kids would probably be best for Jake's activity level. He does require daily exercise and does well on a leash.

For more info on Jake check out his bio or email

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday

Kaia and her sister Ari came to Pet Haven in June.  The Blue Heeler puppies, with their happy personalities and pretty coloring, attracted a lot of interest.    

Pet Haven's Intake Coordinator, Ann, met Kaia at Pampered Pooch Playground and had a hunch that this lively, smart young girl would be a good fit for her family.  She took her home to meet resident dogs Bella and Sammy.  All went well, and I'm very happy to tell you that Kaia has found her forever home.

Kaia and Ann are enrolled in obedience training, a first step towards the agility competition which Ann has enjoyed with her other two dogs.  With Kaia's intelligence and desire to please, Ann thinks Kaia will excel at this fun activity.   She's already proven to be a star in her obedience class.  We're anxiously awaiting reports of her agility adventures!  

Courteous Canine: A Leadership Program

The Canine Coach is one of Pet Haven's partners --- they help prepare our rescued dogs and train our fosters to become better "leaders." According to Maureen Haggerty, owner of The Canine Coach, "a leader is one who controls resources. Leadership has nothing to do with bullying, force or strength."

The following are excerpts from her article, Courteous Canine: A Leadership Program:

Dogs who lack self-confidence, who are destructive, demanding, or a bit “out of control” are often dogs that need structure, benevolent discipline and leadership in their lives. Dogs need to learn good manners and the rules of the house, just like our children. Dogs need and desire the structure provided by leadership. This handout describes how you can effectively become your dog’s leader and relish in the resulting manners from your dog.

The program goes like this: You will teach your dog to wait
patiently for what he wants, effectively, teaching him to ask for permission before he makes his little life decisions. Suppose your dog wants on the sofa. Block him if he just tries without permission. Ask your dog to “sit”. When he complies and relaxes, then you can allow him up, if you wish....

As your dog learns that you control all of life’s valuable resources, you'll begin to notice that he is more focused on you and that he desires to follow your instruction. He is trusting that this is the best way to get what he needs (and a better chance he will get what he wants).

Click here for the full article.

Sonoma (pictured above) is just one of many adoptable dogs available through Pet Haven. She'll be at the Twins Game today from 10:30 - 12:30. She hopes you'll stop by and say hi so she can show you what she's doing to "train" her foster on becoming a better leader. Yes, we all know, "dog obedience" is really about training the humans not the dogs!! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Take me out to the ball game!

Join us at the Twins game on Sunday, 9/13!

Chuck & Don's (like Pet Haven) is one of the founding members of a new animal welfare coalition, Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare ( Stop by the Chuck & Don’s tent at the Metrodome Plaza and visit pet ambassadors from the Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare (MnPaw). We’ll be at the game collecting pet food donations for the Second Harvest Food Shelf. You can help! Families in need are trying to feed their pets during these tough times. Bring a can or bag of cat or dog food to gates H and F. Second Harvest will distribute the pet food collected to local food shelves.

Four Pet Haven pups will be hanging out at the tent in hopes that Sunday will be their lucky day to find their forever home:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Chelsea the little princess

Last December I was fortunate enough to make my third trip to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to help Karen the founder with chores. The latest addition to my family, Ahnung, was rescued by Karen, then later brought into Pet Haven's foster program. We decided we needed to take a road trip (and yes, both Ahnung and I went!) to transport some dogs back to the Twin Cities. Unfortunately, one of the dogs that did not have a rescue to go to was Diedra (now named Chelsea). Her sister had a rescue but poor Chelsea had none ... Karen looked at me with these eyes that showed pain for the pups who have to contend with the frigid winters living in outdoor kennels, "we have to find a rescue to take her." One morning after completing chores and taking Ahnung and Jordan (a young shepherd pup who stayed inside with us in the cat house) for a walk, we went back inside and Chelsea plopped herself right outside the door with a look on her face that cried, "why can't I come in?" I took her photo and promised her i'd work to find her a foster ... well, here's an update from Chelsea (edited by her mom, Amy):

"When Marilou visited Red Lake Rosie's last winter I didn't realize that I was on my way to finding my forever home. She took some pictures of me playing in the snow and then suggested to someone that I would be the perfect puppy to foster. After meeting my new foster mom I knew it wouldn't be long before I would work my way into her heart and she would become my new mom! She thought I was the cutest little girl ever and instantly fell in love with me and my big dumbo ears.

Months later we are still having a great time. I now have 3 siblings (all kitties) and they have taught me the ways of the world - how to pounce, stalk 'prey', throw balls with my mouth and most importantly how to look at mom with puppy dog eyes to get whatever I want!! When I'm not home playing with my siblings, I love going to work with mom everyday and playing with my friends there. I also enjoy long walks (mom is working up to running), hiking through the woods and the dog park. I could go on for hours running and playing with other dogs at the park, so far there isn't a park I haven't loved. Just this last weekend I went to Renaissance Festival with my mom and some friends and had a blast! I am so thankful for Marilou bringing me back and finding me a wonderful home where I can live as the spoiled little princess I truly was meant to be!"

Ahnung and Chelsea are both committed to helping their friends up north. As winter approaches Karen of Red Lake Rosie's is preparing for the frigid cold and having a winter bedding drive. They need straw and cedar wood chips to keep the animals warm as there are only outdoor dog kennels. To learn more click here.

I put the following video together at the request of Ahnung (with Chelsea cheering on the side!) who wants everyone to know about the wonderful work Karen does up at Red Lake Rosie's. If you would like to get involved in helping homeless animals please considering volunteering with Pet Haven. We are having a new volunteer orientation on 9/26. Email to register.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pepper the right spice for you

A dash of fun, a pinch of play and a cup full of love – that’s Pepper. At a year-and-a-half old, Pepper’s all about being a puppy and being with you. Part Border Collie, he’s an active boy who would make a wonderful jogging partner or Frisbee toss companion. Agility would be another sport Pepper would enjoy. Of course, hanging out on the couch watching TV would be good, too.

58-pound Pepper is very smart and already knows some basic commands – sit, stay, and lie down all being on the short list. Obedience classes are recommended to feed into Pepper’s intelligence and his need for a job. A fenced yard would be wise, as well, given Pepper’s energy level.

Pepper seems to like everyone. Adults, kids, other dogs. But he especially likes cats. To him they are, you guessed it, the cat’s meow. He seems comfortable in new situations, enjoys car rides with ears flapping in the breeze and whatever else you want to involve him in. Pepper’s there ready to go whenever you are.

So make your life more flavorful. Just add Pepper.

For even more info, check out her bio.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Bode's first camping trip!

Bode (formerly "Marty") came to Pet Haven's foster program in June 2008 from a shelter in rural Iowa. We love working with this shelter in Spencer, Iowa as they are huge advocates for the big black dogs who are often overlooked. [To learn more about "Black Dog Syndrome" read the MSNBC article]. His new mom and dad had planned on just fostering him -- well, that didn't last long as they simply fell in love with this sweet boy and decided to adopt him! I got an update from his new family and it's clear that Bode is living life to the fullest!

"Last weekend was Bode's first camping trip. He was amazing, as expected. He loved running through the woods and hanging out with all our friends around the fire. Slept through the night on his bed in the tent. Went canoeing and you can see from the photo how exciting it was for him. All that water and the closest he came to jumping in was a paw touch on the surface. (P.S. He ALWAYS needs to rest his little chin on something. No surprise that riding in the canoe was any different.) We couldn't ask for a better dog.... In addition to being CGC certified and co-captain of The Fast and The Furballs Pet Haven team, Bode was also a Pet Haven ambassador when we volunteered at Paws on Grand."

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lola and Emma -- Ready to go home with you!

I ended up taking lots of photos of two of our adoptable pups (Lola and Emma) at Pet Haven adoption event yesterday .... so, i decided to throw them into a video!

They are both around 8 weeks old, spayed, up-to-date on their shots and ready to go home with you!!!

Check out the Pet Haven website and click on "Dogs available for adoption" to check out Lola and Emma's bio.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Today's adoption event!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day for an adoption event .... I took photos of some of our adoptable dogs and created a video. If you are interested in viewing all of our adoptable dogs visit our website.

For now, hope you'll consider watching this short video ... help us spread the word about our adoptable pups. If you are interested in learning more about any of them please email

Friday, September 4, 2009

Adoption Event Tomorrow!

We hope you will join us at our next adoption event tomorrow, September 5,  from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Minnetonka Petco.  Their address is 13691 Ridgedale Drive, Minnetonka, 55305.  952.541.1981

Come and meet some of our great dogs.  Maybe Saturday will be the day you meet the next canine love of your life!

Jack, gorgeous German Shepherd Dog                    Russell, our happy senior Lhasa Apso/Bichon

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meet Lola and Emma!

Meet Emma and Lola! Both these pups came to Pet Haven from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue ... Bart (who was featured on yesterday's post) also came from Red Lake Rosie's. One of the things we have come to realize is that the Red Lake dogs are truly mutts of mutts. We never know what mix of breed they are. Often your guess is as good as our's :) Many of us took stabs at guessing Bart's breed when he arrived, and his new mom ended up getting a DNA test ... well, no surprise, we were all wrong!! :)

So ... to answer your question of what breed are Emma and Lola. Well, we're told they are shepherd mixes. They probably do have some shepherd in them, but the beautiful thing about these Red Lake dogs is that they are mixed with who knows what ... and it's often a pleasant surprise! One thing is for sure though, they are adorable. And in the words of their foster mom: "they both rate 10 on the scale."

Their foster mom goes on to say, "Emma is a toe biter so we have to watch our feet. Both are fearless and explored the entire back yard in the first five minutes. They can really run fast on those short legs."

Both pups have been spayed and have had their second round of shots so are up for adoption.

And more from foster mom:
"Lola 6 pounds, brown/black female. She chases the cats so don't know if a home with cats is a good idea. Lola loves people, gets along great with my grandson and is friendly with our other dogs. She is extremely playful and feisty. Lola loves to play tug of war and chase small stuffed animals. When she is sleepy she enjoys cuddling.

Emma, 7 pounds, gold female. Emma doesn't like our cats and even bit poor Taz in the face (he is our most docile cat). Emma loves to chase. Whether it be stuffed animals, her sister Lola or us, running around the backyard is a favorite activity. Emma is very playful and friendly. She also gets along great with our other dogs, small children and adults. She loves to be held and cuddled like a baby."

If you'd like to learn more about Emma or Lola please email

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Bart the Dumpster Dog

A couple years ago, we got a plea from Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue along with a photo of a mangy puppy who had obviously been through major struggles. Here's the beginning of Bart's Happy Tail written about a year ago: " Starving, severely infested with fleas, and freezing in the cold of winter, two pups huddled together against a metal garbage dumpster fighting for their lives. A good samaritan happened by and delivered them to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue in Red Lake, Minn. Sadly one of the brothers died two days later, but brother Barton, later shortened to Bart, was stabilized and sent on to Pet Haven for longer term care and adoption."

Well ... just this week we got an update from Bart's mom: Bart, now 2 1/2, weighs about 82 pounds... "He's graduated from obedience school and walks nicely on a leash. He is due to start his canine good citizen training but they want him to be a little less excited to see other dogs so we're waiting another six months or so, as he is still a puppy (a giant puppy) Once he has that he'll be available for visits to the kids in the hospital.

His favorite little rascal trick is to sneak up on you under the table and chew your shoelaces off and run away. Unfortunately he can do this in about 30 seconds. No dinner guests are safe so we usually tell them to take off their shoes if they have laces.

He is a digger so Greg built him his own little sandbox in the corner of the yard to dig in. Unfortunately he still prefers the bushes.

He had arthritis, kind of like carpal tunnel, in his front leg but completed a session of PT at the University of Minnesota in the water treadmill and is doing well. They said it was a combination of a weak leg and growing too fast.

He is the sweetest natured dog in the world, never aggressive and loves all people and other dogs. Everyone asks what kind of dog he is.

He has about 1500 followers on twitter and would like more fans on his facebook page (just search for Bart the Dumpster Dog on Facebook)

His memoirs "The Adventures of Bart the Dumpster Dog" are expected to be published spring of '10 as a children's book age 3-6. More info on that later this year."