Friday, July 31, 2009

Adoption Event Tomorrow!

The Pet Haven Dog Division will be at the Eden Prairie Petco from 10am to noon tomorrow, Saturday, August 1st. Bella and her foster buddies would love to see you there!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Russell: Little Man Looking for Love

Sweet Russell is a 9.5 year old Lhasa Apso/Bichon Frise mix. He came in to Pet Haven care with a cherry eye, which has been surgically repaired. His coat was also pretty matted up, but he's been groomed and now has silky soft hair for his adoring fans to pet. He's a happy guy who wants nothing more than to hang out with his people. He'd prefer to be the only dog in his forever home because it means more attention for him. He needs to be in a home without small children. He does well with them at our adoption events, but he'd prefer not to have to live with them. He also likes to channel his inner hound and wander off if not attended, so a fenced in yard would be ideal.

If you're willing to give Russell the opportunity to charm your socks off, please email

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Foster Home Needed: Jonnie Cakes

Jonnie is a new arrival from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Jonnie is a 2 year old shepherd mix who has clearly had a rough start in life. She came in covered with ticks and has a tear on her ear. She is sweet as pie though and rode well in the car for our transporter. Not much is known about her at this point, but she will be moving to one of our doggy daycare boarding partners today, where we will get more information about how she does with other dogs and what her personality is like. If you are interested in taking a chance on Jonnie Cakes, please email

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Foster Home Needed: Charlie

Charlie is a 10 month old Cavalier/Cocker Spaniel mix who is in need of a foster home. Charlie is your typical puppy - he barks, he chews inappropriate items, he cannot be trusted to stick around off-leash, etc. Charlie is very cute, but he needs a foster home and an adoptive home that will work with him on basic obedience aw well as set (and maintain) boundaries on behavior expectations so that Charlie can learn how to be a good canine citizen. Charlie's foster home and adoptive home should not have young children.

If you're interested in taking a chance on Charlie, please email

Monday, July 27, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

Winnie (fka Winky) was adopted from Pet Haven a couple of years ago and returned this summer due to housetraining issues. She is a Pekignese/Japanese Chin mix. She went into J&J's home as a foster, but she is staying as a forever dog. Rumor has it that she already has her new dad wrapped around her little paw. J&J have 3 other rescued Pekignese and they are putting Winnie through housetraining bootcamp. Congratulations, Winnie!

Lulu, a Cavalier mix who came to us from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue with heartworm earlier this summer has found her forever home. Lulu's new mom just loves her - how could you not? Congratulations, Lulu!

Ari, a young Cattle Dog, was surrendered to Pet Haven with her sister Kaia (see below). Ari was adopted by a family who was specifically looking for a cattle dog to adopt. They are well-educated in Ari's exercise needs and her working dog background. Ari has been living with them for a few weeks and all is going wonderfully! Congratulations, Ari!

Kaia, surrendered to Pet Haven with her sister Ari (above), has been adopted by our very own Intake coordinator, Ann. Ann and her dogs (including another PH adoptee) compete in agility and obedience competitions. Kaia will be in heaven with her new found "job." Congratulations, Kaia!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Foster Home Needed: Harold

Poor Harold is still waiting for a permanent foster home. He's got a little bit of the grouchy old man syndrome going on and needs to be in a house with other dogs who will not be in his face. He's very sweet with people and he is fine with dogs who like to just hang out together. He's also fine with cats. He LOVES to snuggle.

Here are a few notes from one of our fabulous volunteer who has been visiting Harold in boarding:

- We spent about 1.5 hours walking and I am amazed at how calm he is in situations like walking over 35W to get from Bryant Park to Penn Lake. He is such a good walker and has such a positive energy.
- On sidewalks, areas where dogs may approach us rapidly -without warning- I use his 6 foot lead. When we are in the parks/open areas, I use the retractable. He gets such a smile on his face when he can do a slow run around on the leash, go play in the weeds, etc..

- We worked on his sit/come/down. Come is getting better every time. Every time he runs to me he now knows to sit and then gets bit of treat. We also worked on "around" for when he wraps himself around a tree :) He get the hang of this after 1 time.

- I brought a tennis ball with and he played with it quite a bit. I kept it as a novelty, we played for a minute and then I put it back in my pocket and brought it out later. He loves it if you kick it around like a soccer ball and then he runs around with it and if you ask him to bring it back to you, he does.

Because Harold doesn't like other dogs getting rowdy, he's not a candidate for hanging out at one of our doggy daycare boarding facilities (afterall, romper room is not Harold's idea of a good time).

Do you have a mellow household and room for Harold? Please email

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Foster Home Needed: Enya

Enya is an 8 year old Sheltie mix who is looking for a foster home. Enya is housetrained and can be trusted with free roam for a full work day. Whatever Enya is mixed with (Husky?) she is a shedder! So her foster home will need to be prepared for finding little Enya hairs all over the house and commit to regular brushing. Enya was surrendered to Pet Haven by a family whose kids developed allergies to her.

Enya likes to try and herd cats and bark at them, so a home without cats (or at least cats who are content standing in for sheep?) is required. She generally gets along with other dogs, but didn't get along well with 2 Shih Tzus in a previous foster home (they do kind of look like little fluffy sheep, don't you think?).

Enya is a pretty laid back girl who should be an easy foster. If you are interested, please email

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Cody (fka Fred)

Here is an update on Cody (fka Fred) who came to Pet Haven this past winter from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue:

Cody has been a great boy. We are having a lot of fun with him - weare like late in life parents. He LOVES going to the dog park and running into the pond - oh my gosh - the pond!! He goes in, then lays down in the water and then just soaks it up. He is just like alittle kid running into the water - he just keeps running back andforth and in and out of the pond. He is a social butterly and seems to think that all dogs are his best friend. He has taken a pretty big liking to my raspberries. I've caught him laying in the grass next tothe bush and having himself a grand time eating them. Earlier this summer he picked my strawberries for me........

He loves the drive through bank - they give him treats; going to thevet - they give him treats; obedience class - he gets treats; playing catch and guarding our yard from squirrels.

He has been such a well behaved boy and we love him to pieces. Thankyou and Pet Haven so much!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jethro: Easy-going guy looking for love

Meet Jethro, a wonderful, mature, male German Shepherd mix! He'd make an absolutely terrific pet in a home where someone is around during the day to give him the company he loves! He doesn't need a lot of attention, but just enjoys being in close proximity to people. At around 55 pounds, Jethro is a medium-sized dog whose age is a little fuzzy. He's definitely well beyond the puppy stage and is house-trained, but his play still has some spunk, so he definitely hasn't entered his senior years yet. Jethro's incredibly affectionate toward people, and is great with other dogs and children. He's quiet, well behaved on a leash, and enjoys dog parks. And he adores people. Did we already mention that??!! What's there not to love?

Jethro is loving life at his foster home, but he would really love to settle into his forever home. If you think your place might be the spot, please email

Monday, July 20, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

Miss Savannah is headed on down the yellow brick road to her happily ever after! Savannah has been adopted by a friend of one of our foster families. Savannah's new mom is a teacher and therefore has the summer off. She is looking forward to using the last weeks of the summer to help Savannah transition to her new home (Savannah is a total sweetheart who does not deal with change well). Savannah is the only dog in the house, but has 2 feline siblings to snuggle with. This is a perfect set up for Savannah. Congratulations, Sav!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Adoption Event Tomorrow - Saturday, July 18th

Being adorable is hard work, but Louie and the other Pet Haven foster dogs are up to the challenge. Come see them show off their skills at our next adoption day tomorrow!

Pet Haven Adoption Event
Richfield Petco
Saturday, July 18th
10am - Noon

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Jessie

Well, it has finally come down to this with our little Jessie.....breakfast in bed. This, mind you, is only to get her motor started in the morning. She *does* get up to help me feed the birds, water the flowers, and scour the yard for 'land mines.' Dinner is still served in an upright position. I think that she believes all dogs live like this, and she certainly doesn't think she is spoiled. At age 13, I guess she has earned this little bit of royalty.

Jessie is the little brown dog with the red-white-blue collar on the header of Pet Haven's website.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lulu: Little bundle of love

Lulu is a 2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix. She came to Pet Haven from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. She came in with heartworm, but has been treated and is ready to have FUN with a new family! Here's a note from Lulu's foster:

Lulu came to stay with me and my family while she is waiting for her forever home. In the small period of time I have seen her interact with my 11 yr old daughter, our 3 yr old yorkie and 4 year old cat and all have been a very positive experience. She has a fun loving personality; loves to snuggle up on the couch with you; barely barks, is playful when encouraged and she has not had any accidents while staying with us. She needs a little help when walking on the leash and learning new tricks but is very smart and will catch on quick. Overall, she is a sweet dog and think she would be a great catch for any family.

If Lulu sounds like the dog for you, please email

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Foster Home Needed: Lilah

Lilah is a 1.5 year old purebred Beagle. However, her temp foster reports that she is the quietest Beagle she's ever met -- not a lot of hound baying from this girl!

Lilah is well socialized and is happy to go along on any and all adventures. She's attended a rock concert, a baseball game and a 16 year old's birthday party while in Pet Haven care. She does well with kids and other dogs.

The only thing Lilah is still working on sorting out is her housetraining. As long as she is kept on a regular schedule and is given ample time outside to take care of business she is great! Lilah's been bounced around a lot in the past few months and needs a family that will commit to a few weeks of a strict housetraining schedule to get her on track.

Lilah would love to come and hang out with you. If you are interested in fostering or adopting this sweet girl, please email

Monday, July 13, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

Blondie (left) and Izzy (right) who came to us from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue (photo taken at RLRR) were both adopted this past week. Congratulations, Blondie and Izzy on finding your new moms!

Lucy, a senior Austrialian Terrier, was adopted by her foster with intent home this weekend. Congratulations, Lucy!

Bishop's foster mom came to our adoption event to make it official this weekend. Bishop was adopted by his foster mom. Congratulations, Bishop!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Adoption Event Tomorrow - Saturday, July 11th

She hides it well, but Lilah is psyched for our adoption event tomorrow.

Pet Haven Adoption Event
Saturday, July 11th
10am - Noon
Eden Prairie Petco

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Cookie (fka Junior)

Check out Cookie's before (top) and after (bottom) shots. He came in to Pet Haven from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue a little sparse in the hair department because of mange, but look at him now!

From Cookie's mom:
Hey there! Happy 4th. just want to show you how handsome our babydog who's almost 1 year old already is. we went on a trip to Madeline Island so this pic is by Lake Superior. he got a lot of play time with his cousin dogs who are a chihuahua and a corgi so he seems like a horse compared to them. he's about 45 lbs now. :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Foster homes needed!

Pet Haven really needs some help with locating foster homes for a few dogs in need. If you have room in your house and home for a dog in need, please email Pet Haven covers all veterinary costs and provides food, crates, treats, toys, bedding, a leash, collar and gentle leader for foster dogs. Fostering is free!

Clyde is a 4 year old Tree Walking Coonhound. He was adopted out and returned because the dogs in his adoptive home did not like him. He previously lived with other dogs in his foster home and got along well with them and is a total charmer at our adoption events. Clyde is a quiet guy for a Coonhound. He also has no idea he is not a lap dog and loves to cuddle.

Meko is a 1 year old male lab/pointer mix. He does well with other dogs and is a little shy at first, but warms up quickly. One of our volunteers has spent some time visiting with him and he is a good walking partner. He is also a favorite with the staff at the doggy daycare facility where he has been hanging his leash.

Jester is an 18 month old male long-haired black lab mix. He's got some energy and would love to accompany his new foster on daily walks or jogs. He is learning quickly how to walk nicely with a gentle leader or harness. He also loves to play fetch so burning off some energy in the backyard is also an option. He is a good boy. He is a leaner and loves attention. He can be a little bossy with other dogs so would do best with an experienced dog owner for a foster.

Winky (no photo available) is a 4 year old Japanese Chin mix. She is shy and needs a patient foster who will help build her confidence. Children make her nervous so she needs a kid-free foster home.

Harold is an older lab mix. He does well with cats and other dogs that respect his personal space. He would do well in a home with other laid back dogs and would not do well in a home with a rambunctious in-your-face canine. He has good house manners and loves to snuggle with his people. He is crate trained and housetrained.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Adopted Dog Tuesday

A late report on last week's adoptions -- we did have one dog adopted that we want to celebrate. Miss Zoey went home with her new family on Thursday. Congratulations, Zoey!

Monday, July 6, 2009

(No) Adopted Dog Monday

No adoptions to report this week -- holidays aren't always the best time to add a new family member. Hopefully we will have some adoption updates next week!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sushi with your Poochie

MnPAW is holding its first fundraiser at Tiger Sushi 2 on July 16th.
Pet Haven is a founding member of MnPAW.

What: “Sushi with Your Poochie,” an on-leash event presented by Sidewalk Dog and Tiger Sushi 2
When: Thursday, July 16th from 6:00PM to 8:30PM (Rain date: July 22nd)
Where: Tiger Sushi 2’s huge, lovely, breezy and well-shaded patio.
Beneficiary: Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare (MnPAW), a new coalition of animal welfare organizations who are committed to working together to reduce euthanasia of adoptable animals in our State. Members include A Rotta Love Plus, Animal Humane Society, Pet Haven and RAGOM - Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota.
Menu: Tiger Sushi 2’s awesome Happy Hour menu* will be available throughout the entire event!
Tickets: $15 online ($4/ticket will go to MnPAW)

See Sidewalk Dog's website for more details.

This Pet Haven blogger is taking Friday off to enjoy the holiday weekend. Keep your pets safe and indoors during the fireworks and have a great 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Three-legged Louie

Louie is a 4 year old aussie/sheltie mix who came to us from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Little Lou is a tripod - missing one of his back legs. You would never know it from the way that he gets around though! Louie has been hanging out with his foster mom for a few months now, waiting for his forever home!

Louie loves to play with other dogs of all sizes and does well at the dog park. He is housebroken and is used to free roam of a room when his foster mom is gone. He does whine when she leaves, but settles down quickly (she has spied on him and checked with the neighbors as well). He doesn't chew anything in appropriate. Louie loves to ride int he car. Daily exercise is a must, but he also likes to settle down and snuggle in to watch TV at night. He knows basic commands: sit, come, stay, shake, roll over and stay. Louie does give indications that he would chase motorcycles if he could, so a fenced yard would be ideal for this pooch; however he currently lives in a townhome and does just fine on a tie out.

If Louie sounds like the dog for you, please email