Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Junior

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! My name is Junior and I am a very smart 10 week old puppy. I already know how to use the computer. My foster mom uses the computer a lot, so I have been watching her carefully and taking notes.

I wanted to write my own blog entry to let everyone know what foster dogs like me are thankful for during this holiday season. (Kelly, the usual blog writer, is thankful for a "day off"!)

I am thankful for my foster mom, who is molding me into a model canine citizen. She is tackling the no-fun job housetraining me so that my forever family doesn't have to work quite as hard on that one. She is also teaching me what objects in the house are "appropriate chew toys" and which ones are not (but those are always so tasty!!).

I am thankful for the donated puppy food that I am eating. YUM! I really enjoy all my food and treats and never having to worry about where my next meal is coming from.

I am thankful for my warm bed and my toys. I've never experienced "winter" before, but man, what a drag! I am so glad that I get to hang out inside now in front of the fireplace on my fleece blanket.

I am thankful for my foster fur siblings (even if they are not so sure that they are thankful for me). I appreciate all of their patience when I bite their tails and steal their toys. Sometimes they tell me to back off and look pretty annoyed, but I know that deep down they love me (how could you not love me?).

I would never admit it outloud, but I am thankful for my vet care. Even the shots. I want to grow up healthy and strong. Thank you to all of the Pet Haven donors who help to pay for my vet care.

Finally, I am thankful that somewhere out there my forever family is waiting for me. They might be looking for me now, or they might not even realize that they need a Junior yet, but soon they will come to meet me and we will live happily ever after. I am thankful for Pet Haven and Rosie's Red Lake Rescue for taking care of me until my forever family comes around.

I hope you enjoy your holiday weekend as much as I will enjoy mine. If you want to get together and maybe adopt me email

Love, Junior

The dog blog is taking the holiday weekend off and will resume posting on Monday!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue puppies

Last week, Pet Haven took in 4 puppies from Rosie's Red Lake Rescue.
Three of the puppies are 7-week-old shepherd mix puppies from the same litter. They have been named Sierra (female), Ozzy (male) and Kix (male) by their foster family. Their foster family has been getting to know them and helping them settle in to home life. They are also sharing their foster home with Ode, another Pet Haven foster, who is taking her role of big sister very seriously.

The female who is also the largest is Sierra. Like a mountain range is has a very commanding presence, unlike the mountains she is not silent. Sierra is the first to cry and howl to get out of the kennel or play pen. She whines when she needs to go potty so at least she tips us off. The biggest of the three, she is also the most dominant and a bit of a bully to her brothers. Sierra loves to chase the other dogs around the house, especially Ode. She will even attempt to play tug-o-war with Ode who is more than 10 times her size.

The almost solid black male and the second largest is Ozzy. He is very playful and not nearly as needy as his sister. Ozzy loves to explore the house and follow people and dogs alike. He is solid black, very fuzzy with only a small patch of white on one paw and a tiny spot on his chest. Ozzy likes to play with doggie toys and Ode's tail. He is content to stay in the play pen with minimal fuss but loves to come out and join in the fun.

The tiny male is Kix. At barely three pounds, Kix may be small in size but large in sweetness. Watching Kix run through the house always makes us smile because his legs are so short. He, like his brother Ozzy, is more laid back. Kix loves to cuddle on your lap or with the other dogs. He is fearless and will go nose to nose with the much bigger dogs. He is often the first one to check out new places. He even tried to get in the dishwasher!

Photos (top to bottom) : Kix in Ode's water bowl; Sierra; Ozzy; Kix shredding paper; Ozzy and Kix checking out the dishwasher.

If you found us from our appearance on TV this morning -- welcome!
In addition to these 3 puppies, we have 4 more puppies available for adoption that come to us from Rosie's Red Lake Rescue: Junior, a 10 week old male spaniel/collie mix and three 10 week old black lab/spaniel (best guess? - they were found in a ditch) mix puppies arriving in foster care on Friday. If you are interested in meeting one of these puppies -- or any of our dogs in foster care, please email

Monday, November 24, 2008

Adopted Dog Monday!

Three dogs who are extra thankful this week!

Little Ann came to us from Rosie's Red Lake Rescue a few weeks ago. She hung out at one of our boarding partners while waiting for a foster home. One of their employees fell in love with her and took her home as a foster...and Little Ann is staying as an adopted dog! We love "foster failures" (when a foster adopts their own foster dog).

Koda is a husky mix who went to a foster-with-intent home late last week. He has some new feline siblings and has never lived with cats before, so we are feeling out his dog-cat relationship skills before sealing the deal. So far so good with the cats and Koda loves his new canine sibling and his new teenager! Congrats, Koda!

Andy is a shepherd mix who will be headed to a foster-with-intent home tomorrow. He also has a new feline sibling and no known cat experience. He has done a meet and greet though and, while excited, all went well and we have our paws crossed that Andy has found his forever home!

To see all of our dogs who are still waiting for their happy endings, check out our website.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Photo fundraiser for Pet Haven

Many thanks to Sarah of Sarah Beth Photography for hosting a photo fundraiser for Pet Haven. The photo fundraiser took place on Saturday and brought in dogs of all sizes -- we also had a bunny show up for the photo shoot!

We raised $200 which will go directly to helping homeless dogs and cats! Sarah is an awesome photography - be sure to check out her website.

The following two photos are of "Buddy" springer mix and Bode who is a Pet Haven alum. Both dogs were very happy to show off tricks they have learned. Bode is also happy to announce that he recently passed the Canine Good Citizen test! Congrats Bode!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Foster dogs reach out to the community

Two students (left and center) work with foster dog Suzy under the guidance of Danielle (right).

This fall several Pet Haven foster homes and their foster dogs were invited to work with some kids at Kenwood Trail Middle School in Lakeville. The program pairs dogs and kids with ADHD and teaches the kids the proper way to interact with dogs. The kids also work on teaching the dogs basic commands. The dogs adore their weekly visits and got just as much out of it as the kids involved. They absolutely loved going and working with the kids (extra attention and treats? yes please!) and the kids were frequently able to get the dogs to obey commands faster than their fosters.

Pet Haven dogs selected for the program participate weekly until they are adopted. Over the past 10 weeks Hector, Hank, Libby, Bailey, Ode and Suzy have participated in the program. The manners that they learned working with the kids contributed directly to the adoptions of Hank and Libby -- who both went to families with children. For that we would like to extend a huge thank you to the kids at Kenwood Trail Middle School!

The kids now have wonderful dog training skills and something to look forward to every week. Knowing that the dogs will be coming soon helps them to focus on the task at hand and finish their classwork. It has been a win-win situation for all involved! Many thanks to Danielle from The Canine Coach for facilitating the classes and getting Pet Haven involved.


Junior wishes everyone a happy Friday and hopes you all have a productive weekend preparing for Thanksgiving. He has been checked over by our vet and is headed to his foster home today -- have fun, Junior!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Red Lake dogs arrive!

I had the good fortune of traveling up north again to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Karen of Red Lake is currently inundated with dogs and cats who have been abandoned, abused or neglected and Pet Haven has been working with Red Lake for almost two years now, bringing dogs into our foster program. This week, we transported 7 dogs back: 3 little 6 week old puppies, Lauren (a 4 month old chocolate lab fluff ball mix of some kind), Junior (a 4 month old springer mix), Rae Ann (beagle mix) and Ahnung (a 5 year old boxer mix).

It was amazing how good all the dogs were on the 5+ hour trek to the cities. We made a stop in St. Cloud to drop off 3 cats for Karen at the St. Cloud humane society, let the pups out, and were back on the road.
Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue is an incredible woman who has made a huge difference for the animals at Red Lake. You can visit their blog to read more heartwarming stories.

My friend Jessie (pet portraiture artist of Stray Dog Arts) traveled up north with me and did a beautiful job of putting into words an experience that I find is beyond words. In the midst of tragedy and heartache what shines through at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue is a spirit of hope and a compassionate defiance of a woman who fights tirelessly on behalf of abandoned, abused and neglected animals.

Stayed tuned to our blog for updates on the dogs. For more information on any of them email

If you would like to get involved by volunteering email

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ode update! (and a new kid in town)

Ode graduated from Level 1 obedience training at K9 Coach last night. She has done a wonderful job with sit, stay, stand, down, leave it and come. At home she plays fetch, bringing you her toy or ball, "give you five", go to bed, no kitty (leave the poor cat alone) and is working on beg (sitting up). I recently went back to work part time. I have left Ode at home with the other dogs for several hours at a time and I always find the house the way I left it. In fact, Ode has started picking up her own toys. This is no joke. I will see her playing with her teddy bear and later I will find it in her toy basket. Since I am the only human home, Ode must put it away herself. Now if I could just get the rest of my family to do this!

To the left Ode and the resident dog earlier this summer. To the right -- grow, grow Ode legs -- Ode and the resident dog now.

Ode is currently working with troubled teens at a local middle school. She loves the kids and the attention and it is a good way for her to get out and meet new people. The teens are putting Ode through her paces practicing all her obedience commands.
When we are home Ode likes to be in the same room we are. All the dogs know the command "out of the kitchen" but Ode has found a way around it. When I am cooking dinner she will quietly sneak into the kitchen and lay down, closing her eyes. If she isn't in the way or begging, I give in and let her stay. Smart dog.

Ode loves being around people. We recently had a large party at our home (over 60 guests). Ode thought everyone was there for her. She went from person to person greeting them. We were told time and again what a well behaved dog Ode is. I know when Ode gets a family of her own she will bond to them in no time. She is full of love and just wants to share it.

If you are interested in meeting Ode, please email

There's a new kid in town! Tuesday afternoon Pet Haven took in 7 new dogs from Rosie's Red Lake Rescue (the same place that rescued Ode originally). Pictured to the left is Junior, a springer spaniel/collie (we're guessing!) mix puppy and one of our new RRLR arrivals. Watch the blog for updates on Junior and the other new RRLR dogs.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Big Black Dogs

Pet Haven has quite a few big black dogs right now. Black dogs are often overlooked for reasons which are hard for those of us who know these fabulous big black dogs to understand. And so, we present the top 10 reasons to adopt a big black dog:

Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Black Dog (source)
#10: We cannot clash with your furniture or clothing (and some of you actually worry about that).
#9: We cannot clash with any collar you might choose either! Ditto for the bandanas. Accessorize us!
#8: Ease of vacuuming! You can quickly spot the areas of most urgent need.
#7: We hide the dirt well (doesn't mean we don't need that bath after a messy play but guests won't be able to see it so quickly).
#6: We make an excellent "backdrop" for a second lighter colored dog (if you choose to have one).
#5: Availability!!! We are available now at every shelter or rescue you can imagine, in every age bracket with no long waiting lists or difficult search.
#4: No annoying queries of "exactly what kind of dog is that anyhow?" People are content with "big black dog" and don't ask anymore questions.
#3: EXCELLENT night walk protection. The "bad guy" won't see us till its too late!
#2: Status symbol potential. Black pearls are the most costly you know......

Are you convinced?
Here are the Pet Haven big black dogs currently in foster care:

Wilma is a 1 year old female black lab mix. She came to us from a shelter in rural Iowa. She is totally house trained and good in the house. She is enjoying the company of the resident dog in her foster home and is an "easy keeper." Wilma is just looking for someone to take her home and love her up.

Lacy is a 6 year old female Rottweiler mix. She has been through the Pet Haven program before and was returned this fall when her adoptive home did not work out. Once a Pet Haven dog, always a Pet Haven dog! Lacy believes that 84 lbs is not too big to be a lap dog! She would love an adoptive home where she can be the center of your attention.

Garth [no photo available yet!] is a 5 year old male lab mix. He came to use from a shelter in Iowa. Garth is a rough and tumble player who enjoys the company of other dogs, but might not be the best match for an older dog who does not enjoy rough housing quite as much as Garth does.

Foster is a 10 month old male lab mix. He came to us from a shelter in Iowa. He's a big boy and we are thinking that he might be mixed with Newfoundland. Foster has a happy go lucky personality who would fit into almost any adoptive home willing to give him the attention and exercise that a puppy needs.

Komo (aka Dutch) is a 9 month old male lab mix. He came to use from a shelter in Iowa. He LOVES to play with other dogs and would love a doggy playmate in his adoptive home.

Dakota is a 7 year old female husky/shepherd mix. Dakota was an owner surrender. She is very smart and a star pupil in obedience. She has a tendency to get nervous around other dogs, but she could share her home with the right dog companion. Being a typical husky, she does need a secure fence.

Suzy is a 2 year old female collie/lab mix. She came to us from a shelter in rural Iowa. Suzy is house trained and crate trained and is used to being left alone for a full work day. At only 2 she is young and energetic and is looking for an active family to run and play with!

Daisy is a 2 year old female lab. She is shy as a result of an abusive background, but once she warms up to you she is an engaging, entertaining snuggler. Daisy is looking for a forever home without kids because their unpredictability makes her nervous.

Bailey is a 4 year old female springer spaniel/lab mix. She is an owner surrender due to divorce. Bailey loves to play fetch and is looking for an adoptive family with a good throwing arm.

Andy is a 2 year old male shepherd mix. Andy came to us from a shelter in Iowa. He was a bit of a wild child when he came into foster care, but after a few weeks of consistent boundaries, training and exercise he is a dream dog!

If you are interested in learning more about any of these fabulous dogs, email

Monday, November 17, 2008

Adopted Dog Monday!

Madison is our only adoption this week. Madison has been through a lot in her young life, but she's landed on her feet and will be moving to her new home after Thanksgiving. Congratulations, Diane!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pet Haven adoption event tomorrow (Saturday, 11/15)

(Bailey, a 4 year old female springer spaniel/lab mix currently in foster care)

Pet Haven will be hosting a dog adoption day at the Richfield Petco tomorrow, November 15th, from 10am to noon. Adoption events are a great way to meet many of the dogs currently in foster care all in one place. You never know...a dog that you hadn't even considered before might speak to you. Come to our adoption event and let your newest canine family member pick you!

You can learn about all of our dogs available for adoption on our webpage.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Winter supply drive for Rosie's Red Lake Rescue

Pet Haven has partnered with Chuck and Don's Pet Food Outlet to put together a supply drive for Rosie's Red Lake Rescue (RRLR) this winter. A wonderful history and profile of the rescue was written by Danielle Engle for the Best Friends Network.

Through the end of the year, supplies will be collected at 3 metro area Chuck and Don's stores (Elk River, Roseville and Shakopee). The following supplies are always needed and can be placed in the collection bins:
  • Canned dog food
  • Canned cat food
  • Kitty litter
  • Cedar chips for puppy bedding
  • Rawhide bones to chew on
  • Pet Beds are fun for the doggies and cats
  • Paper towels
  • Garbage bags
  • Larger rubber pails for water in winter
  • Large metal food dishes
  • Large rubber bowls
  • Frontline for dogs and cats
  • Pain medication and antibiotics
  • Cedar bedding (not mulch)
Pet Haven currently has two dogs from RRLR in foster care: Ode and Sadie.
On Monday, 11/17, Marilou (Pet Haven President) will be driving up to RRLR to deliver the first round of donated supplies and to pick up a few more dogs to bring into Pet Haven's program (watch this blog for updates on those dogs in coming weeks!).

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cocoa: Did someone say "walk"?

Cocoa was surrendered to Pet Haven along with her canine "sister", Sammy Jo, when their family was going through some changes and could no longer care for the girls. Cocoa is an 8 year old shepherd/lab mix and her foster reports that she is an easy keeper. Cocoa lives with another dog and several cats in her foster home. She is great with the cats -- she basically ignores them. She also enjoys hanging out with her canine foster sister, but she would be fine as an only dog in her adoptive home too.

Cocoa is very mellow in the house, but she LOVES her walks. If you ask her if she wants to go for a walk, she will jump up and head for the door (definitely a girl who will have her new owners spelling w-a-l-k in no time!). She also loves to visit the dog park where she can run and run and run. In the house she will quickly roll over and graciously accept all of the belly rubs you have to give out. Like her sister, Cocoa requests big fluffy dog beds or a spot on the couch and bed in her forever home (can you tell these girls have been well-loved their entire lives?).

If you are interested in adopting Cocoa, please email

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sammy Jo: A walking conversation starter

Adopting Sammy Jo would be a great way to meet your neighbors. Sammy Jo's heritage is a true mystery -- but she has such a cute, unique look that I am sure her forever family will be stopped routinely by neighbors and passers-by wondering what her breed mix is? At this point it is anybody's guess. Her foster has suggested that she looks like a Tibetan Spaniel mix and she has ears that resemble a Papillion -- but at 40lbs she is bigger than both breeds. If anyone wants to weigh in with a guess on her breed mix, leave your thoughts in the comments. We would love additional insight!

Sammy Jo was surrendered to Pet Haven along with her canine "sister" Cocoa, a shepherd mix. Their family is going through some changes and could no longer care for the dogs. They lived with cats and kids in their previous home as well. Both girls are adjusting well to their foster homes (separate homes) and while they would enjoy living with another dog in their adoptive home, it's not necessary. She does fancy her self a top-notch squirrel chaser, so she needs a fenced in yard to keep her safe during the "hunt." Sammy Jo has also put in a special request for super fluffy dog beds (or a spot on the couch and bed) in her forever home, she just loves to curl up somewhere soft and warm.

If you are interested in meeting Sammy Jo, please email

Monday, November 10, 2008

Adopted Dog Monday!

Welcome to a new week!

I was remiss last week in not celebrating the adoption of Jake, Seeka's brother, by his foster family. Jake is a lucky boy -- in addition to a wonderfully loving adoptive home, his mom is also a TTouch practitioner.

No other adoptions were finalized this week, but we have a few possibilities cooking. Check in next Monday when we hope to have a few happy endings to report!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Buster: Big personality in a little package

Buster is a 1 year old Pomeranian and quite the little clown!

When Buster first arrived in Pet Haven care he was a scared boy. He would snap at strange people and strange dogs, but as his confidence has grown these behaviors have subsided. Now Buster loves to play with other dogs and has learned that new people frequently hand out treats! Buster does need a forever home that will provide him with structure and training -- treating Buster like a toy, accessory or baby (common mistakes with toy breeds) makes him feel insecure. He needs to know his new family is in charge so that he can relax and just be a cute, fun and charming companion.

Buster recently spent a few days out at All Seasons Canine Country Club, one of our fabulous boarding partners, for a little socialization boot camp. He loved it and they loved Buster. All of the staff fell in love with him and Buster had a blast playing with dogs of all shapes and sizes. In the photo to the right you can see him sacked out snuggling with a min pin friend that he met during his stay.

The staff at All Seasons also worked on teaching Buster some new tricks. He now knows how to "roll over" and "sit pretty" along with all the basic commands. He would love to show off for you. Please email if you are interested in meeting Buster.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Foster: On the road to recovery

Unfortunately, Foster has taken "sad puppy dog eyes" to a whole new level in the past 2 weeks.

Foster is a 10 month old black lab mix who fell ill about 10 days ago. He had been in foster care for a couple of weeks, but the source of his problems probably precedes his arrival in foster care. Foster developed a growth on his neck and spiked fevers up to 105 degrees. He began to collect a large volume of fluid in his neck, the affected swollen area started to extend up onto his head.

The road to a diagnosis and treatment has been a long one. Foster spent several days hospitalized at one of our partner vets. He had exploratory surgery to try and determine the source of the infection. Our vet ultimately suggested that we seek a 2nd opinion at the University of Minnesota vet school. Foster spent last weekend at the University of Minnesota ICU where he received 24-7 monitoring and was put on 3 different IV antibiotics.

We are relieved and delighted that Foster was released back to the care of his doting foster family on Tuesday evening. His fever and swelling are under control at the moment. The veterinarians believe that Foster's injury was the result of some kind of foreign body (stick, etc.) becoming lodged in his neck at some point in his past. It is possible that there is still some residual foreign matter in his neck that will require additional surgery in the future. We prefer to maintain an optimistic outlook and hope that the worst is behind us for this sweet boy!

Foster's vet bills, thus far, total into the thousands of dollars. We rely on the generosity of donors to help off-set the cost of high medical needs dogs like Foster. There are two ways to help:
1) Visit our website and make a donation.
2) Mark your calendar to stop by the Twice the Gift shop between November 21 and December 31 to purchase Pet Haven gift cards to give as holiday gifts. All proceeds go directly to Pet Haven and will provide food, veterinary care, and spay/neuter services to homeless dogs (and cats) like Foster.

Foster (when he was feeling better) on the day he arrived in Pet Haven foster care.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bailey: Put me in coach, I'm ready to play!

Bailey is a very sweet 4 1/2 year old springer spaniel / lab mix. She's currently hanging out in a foster care and waiting for her forever family to find her. She was surrendered by a family who could no longer care for her after a divorce -- so Bailey came into Pet Haven already knowing how to live in a house. She's house trained and good with kids and other dogs. She's used to free roam of the house.

This weekend she took a turn on the catwalk (or was it a dogwalk?) at the dog and cat fashion show at the Pet Haven Fall Benefit. Of course she was a huge hit, just like all her fellow dog and cat models.

This high-energy girl loves to play with her tennis balls. She'll fetch several at a time, and go to great lengths to retrieve them from just about anywhere - from behind the couch, to under the deck, to stuck in a bush. The Twins may even want to include her on next year's roster, as she's become very good at catching high pop files! When she's done playing, Bailey loves a good cuddle, and will gladly take belly rubs from anyone who wants to give them! Are you looking for another outfielder? Email if you'd like to meet Bailey.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Election Day, Andy!

Pet Haven would like to introduce one of the newest strong candidates for dog adoption, Andy. He wanted his foster home to let the public know a little about him. Andy is from Iowa where he was picked up by animal control on the side of the highway where he was waiting with a companion dog who had be hit by a car (the other dog survived -- and what a show of loyalty by Andy!). Andy came into Pet Haven at the beginning of October and hung out at Auntie Ruth's for a little while. His foster family picked him up last week and it was soon after that Andy decided that he would welcome the challenge to become the best candidate for dog adoption with Pet Haven.

Andy is a 1-2 year old black mostly German Shepherd mix. He loves people and gets along well with other dogs, even if they want to boss him around. Andy has learned how to walk beautifully on a leash wearing a Gentle Leader and has already picked up several commands. He does need to gain some weight, but he also loves food, so it's a perfect combo! Andy is crated at night and during the day for full 8 hours.

Andy is of course campaigning for all big black dogs, long walks, a fenced in yard, extra treats, and all day petting. He has recently become very supportive of obedience training and has taken it upon himself to be a personal shadow/foot warmer for anyone who gives him attention.

Here are some things his supporters and even some non-fans of his had to say about him:

"Andy is a super nice boy. In just a few short days he went from a bouncing stray to a home-ready dog. I would love to see Andy with a family that knew something about German Shepherds and have had some dog experience. I believe Andy when he says he could be the star of his obedience class!" -- Jenny J., foster mom

"Andy didn't even know me the first time we met and he sat for me and we became friends. His family will be very lucky." --Amy D.

"Andy is a nice dog, even though he runs too fast for me to wrestle with him. He has continually shown that he listens more to 'sit' and 'leave it' which is really showing me up. Andy doesn't even get into things or countersurf. I just try to ignore him all the time." -- Cinder, bossy resident dog and Andy non-supporter

"I love Andy!!!" -- Sawyer, resident dog and Andy backer

Go vote and then email if you would like to learn more about Andy.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Adopted Dog Monday!

Here it is -- a new standard feature for the Dog Blog -- every Monday I will let you know which dogs found their forever homes over the past week. Many people have told me that they wished they could learn about when the dogs are adopted (outside of the Happy Tails on the website and in the Pet Haven Newsletter). Everyone could use a pick me up on a Monday morning -- and what's more heart warming than reading about adopted dogs?

Without further ado...

After 7 months in foster care, Hank has found his forever home. Hank has two kids and a fenced in yard to call his very own. He lives only a few blocks from a fabulous dog park. His new mom and dad are taking time off from work to get him settled into the house.

Keisha is a 6 year old lab/beagle mix who never even made it onto our Petfinder available dogs listings. She was adopted at her first Adoption Day appearance! Congratulations Keisha!

Libby went home this week. She has a lab sister and 7 year old twin boys to throw the ball for her. Libby's idea of a dream come true!

Buster went home this weekend with a woman who has owned Cocker Spaniels for more than 20 years. She knows all about Cockers and their allergy issues and she's prepared to keep working with Buster on his skin issues. What a lucky boy!

Seeka, one of our spaniel puppies, and Sammy Jo, a brand new chow/papillion (?? who knows, but she's cute!) mix, went home with foster-with-intent-to-adopt homes this weekend. Peanuts and Snickers, two fox terrier mix puppies were adopted at long last by their foster-with-intent families.