Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bella the Rat Terrier says "Adopt Me!"

We've featured Bella on our blog before, but wanted to share this update from her new foster:

"Bella is a perfect specimen of her breed, Rat Terrier. If you love Rat Terriers, you will love Bella. She is very smart, eager, energetic, independent, fearless and feisty. Bella is the perfect dog for someone that enjoys the hardiness (in mind and body) of a big dog but requires a smaller package.

I love how independent Bella is. While she enjoys affection, she doesn't pine for it and easily entertains herself, be it simply napping, playing ball by herself, or playing with one of her housemate dogs.

Bella is very dog savvy and will likely get along with any dog housemate, but has to be introduced to unfamiliar dogs carefully. She alarm barks at a person coming to the house, but is very happy and excited to have the person come in and greet her.

Bella's biggest fault is her biggest asset: she LOVES food. This makes her very motivated and easy to train. Her recall is amazing, even when off leash hunting in a field! The down side to food mongers, is she will have the propensity to guard it from other dogs. This is easy to manage as along as you are aware of this. Tell her to stay away from something, and she will. If she can access any food, not intended for her, she will go for it. Luckily she is only 10 inches at the shoulder, so special arrangements do not need to be made. But keep her in a crate in the car, if you keep any food in your vehicle! "
If you are interested in learning more about adopting Bella, please visit her PetFinder page and fill out an adoption application. Someone will be in touch with you soon!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Adopted Dog Monday

Thunder the beautiful Saint/border collie mix, was adopted last week. He went to live with a family with two young girls that were super excited to welcome him into their lives.

Here is what Thunder's foster had to say about the adoption day:

When we took him on the home visit last Sunday, the girls and mom, Krista, fell in love. The dad, Mark, wasn't convinced that such a big dog was the right choice, so they wanted to think about it. We got a voice message on Monday from Krista that they had talked about it, and wanted to add Thunder to their family.

When I brought Thunder to their home last night, the girls were outside playing with some neighbor girls. The neighbor girls knew that a new dog was coming, and everyone wanted to play with Thunder. A neighbor across the street called out "is that your new dog?"

We went inside to do the paperwork, and the 2 girls were so excited to have Thunder home. They showed me all the stuff they'd bought for him: a big bed, leash, harness, a big rawhide bone. When I left they were getting ready to take him on their first walk.

Thanks to Thunder's fosters who had a hard time letting him go. Saying good-bye to a foster dog is one of the downsides of fostering. But the big excited smiles on the faces of the new families makes the heart ache a little less. And then there is always another homeless dog waiting for your home to open up. And once again your heart is full with the joy of a new dog. If you are interested in fostering please email Thanks in advance.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Adopted Dog Update: Missy

Missy, a young black lab, came to Pet Haven in 2009 from Sioux City, Iowa. When she came to Pet Haven, she suffered a terrible case of separation anxiety where she was terrified to be left alone and would engage in destructive behavior when her fosters left for the day. Her anxiety was so bad that she destroyed and broke out of two different crates and chewed/scratched a hole through the bathroom wall to escape and try to find her foster parents.
Because Missy obviously couldn't be left alone during the day, she was moved to one of our fantastic boarding partners, Pampered Pooch Playground where she could play with dogs all day and be surrounded by activity. Missy was also very fortunate to have Sarah, a Pet Haven volunteer, come by each day to take her for walks and runs and give her some one on one love and affection. Well, the two became nearly inseparable and after a short time, Sarah chose to adopt Missy and give her the safe, loving forever home she so desperately wanted.
With lots of love, consistency, and training, Sarah has given Missy a stable home where her separation anxiety has virtually disappeared. Here's an update from Sarah:
"Missy is doing great, and I couldn't be happier with her. Early on in Missy's time as an adoptable dog with Pet Haven, it became apparent that she was a dog that would need routine in her life due to the separation anxiety she suffered from. Missy has a pretty set schedule with me now and her days typically consist of the following:
- Wake mom up about 30 minutes prior to her alarm going off...:)
- Eating her breakfast and also getting a few bites of whatever mom is eating for breakfast (some toast ends, banana with peanut butter - her favorite - she gets to clean the remainder of empty jars of peanut butter too, or some Honey Nut Cheerios)
- Missy goes into her kennel by herself after she goes outside for her before-work bathroom break
- Mom gets home and we typically go to the dog park. Missy has taken an interest in looking for squirrels in the past few months and prefers that
over playing with the other dogs, but will take part in chases (whether it be chasing her or another dog) when they crop up
- Eat dinner and go out on the balcony and look for squirrels and bunnies
- Chew on her favorite toy - hard bones
- And finally, cuddle and fall asleep in bed with mom

Missy is a great dog - we were lucky to find each other!"

Thank you to Sarah who opened her home and her heart to this special girl who had some special needs. Dogs really do get a second chance at finding the good life....

Monday, September 20, 2010

Adopted Dog Monday

Lola, a Rottie mix, found her forever family over the weekend. She is a first dog for this young couple and they were thrilled to open their home to such a sweet girl. They are active and are ready to continue to work on Lola's weight loss exercise plan. Lola will have a fenced yard to play in and a couple of cats to keep her company. Thanks to Lola's foster family for taking such good care of her. Congratulations on their first successful adoption.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Meet Your Best Friend Event at Como Zoo 9/18

Next Saturday, September 18th, more than 25 rescue organizations will come together for an all-day "Super Adoption" event at Como Zoo. The event is the first of its kind in the Twin Cities and is sponsored by PEDIGREE and is being co-hosted by Como Zoo and MnPAW (Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare). Pet Haven will be there with 3 tables for both dogs and cats.

The event is free to the public so come on by and see if you can't find your new best friend in one of the hundreds of adoptable cats and dogs that will be waiting to meet you!

Note: personal animals are not allowed at the event so please bring human family members only!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hunter now Mick Update

A happy tail from Hunter now Mick from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Mick came in with a "brother" as a stray. His tongue had been partially burned possibly from ingesting some strong chemicals. Sounds like Mick is living the good life now complete with homemade baguettes.

Thought I would send you an update on Mick. I am not sure you would recognize him. He has a sunny, bright, zany personality and we love him. Although we affectionately refer to him as "Mick the Dick". We discovered over the 4th of July that he loves to swim. Last weekend my husband and I took him canoeing with us. The picture below was taken just before he jumped out of the canoe. He can swim really really fast when a canoe is chasing him. (Don't worry we figured he would jump and were prepared).

Mick and I are taking obedience classes and he is the worst behaved, I struggle between being mortified and laughing til the tears run down my cheeks. Last Monday, my niece, who is going to cooking school, left me a baguette she had made. Mick not only ate the baguette but managed to find two bags of doggie treats and ate all those too..... Unfortunately, this occurred between 4-5 p.m. and we had obedience class at 6:30. We were supposed to be working on heel but old Mick was not interested in treats cause his tummy was all nice and full.

We were sent to a quiet corner of the store to work on heeling but it involved crossing the main aisle of Petco. Before I could blink, Mick slipped out of his collar and headed for freedom and the front door. The dog trainer was hot on his heels. Just short of the door Mick turned saw the dog trainer (with the bag of treats) and reversed direction at top speed. He always comes that way but stops just short of bowling you over and throws himself on the ground at your feet. The week before he knocked the entire little barrier they put up around the lesson area over. I can't hardly be mad at him because he does everything with such joy. He's just one big happy guy. He has learned a lot of things, sit, down, off, no, out, walk, swim, chill, go to bed and we are working on stay and come. We love him to death.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Adoption Events Sept 4th

September 4th, 2010
Small Dog Adoption
Chuck & Don’s Wayzata
1147 Wayzata Blvd. E

September 4th, 2010
Medium and Large Dog Adoption
PetCo Minnetonka
13691 Ridgedale Dr.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shiloh Update

Shiloh came into the Red Lake Rosie’s shelter with a large litter of puppies, completely malnourished, and little fur due to chewing lice. After she nursed her litter plus another litter of pups, she was set free to roam with the pack at the shelter. Shiloh was shy and did not let humans touch her much.

She missed 3 transports to the Twin Cities because she did not want to be caught. Finally, she was rounded up and brought to the Cities, where Pet Haven took her in. She stayed at Auntie Ruth’s as she needed a place where she could be with lots of dogs and have access to outdoors at all times. This made the transition into a home much easier for her.

We had transported Shiloh and fallen in love with her, so we decided to foster her through Pet Haven until she could find a forever home. That home came from our old friend, Nate. Nate met Shiloh over Memorial Day weekend and fell in love with her, too. His dog, Charley, loved Shiloh at first sight, too.

Two weeks later, Nate took Shiloh home to Chicago, where he owns a natural pet food store. Now, Shiloh gets to hang out in the store with Charley while Nate works. She loves to lie in the entrance of the store and greet customers as they come in. She’s adjusting well to life in a big city. (She’s still scared of the train, but that thing is really loud!)

Who knew that a semi-feral dog from the Red Lake Reservation would now be living the good life in Chicago running a pet food store? She’s a lucky girl! She loves her sister, Charley, and her new dad, Nate. We recently visited her and wanted to share the fun pictures we took. Thanks Red Lake Rosie’s and Pet Haven for all the great work! This girl deserves the whole world and now she’s getting it!

Thank you to Mike and Lauren for transporting, fostering, and adopting out our girl Shiloh. Rags to riches stories really do happen.