Saturday, January 31, 2009

Girl Scout Pet Supply Drive

As part of Girl Scout Troop 10460 earning their Junior GS Bronze Award they have organized a drive to collect supplies for cats and dogs rescued by Pet Haven. Bins are available for your donation at the following two locations, and the drive will run through Sunday, 2/22.

- Calhoun Chuck and Don's Pet Food Outlet
- Richfield Petco (66th and Lyndale)

Please help make this a success for all!

Items needed include: Toys, food, treats, bedding, kitty litter, leashes and collars.

The cat division has a special request for the following as we get lots of orphan kittens during kitten season: Nutro canned kitten food, Royal Canin baby kitten/kitten food, Wellness or Innova/Evo dry food and canned Evo, Science Diet dry kitten food, plastic or soft-sided carriers (new or gently used).

Many thanks to the Girl Scouts for organizing and helping raise donations/supplies for homeless dogs and cats! And thanks to Chuck and Don's and Petco for participating in the supply drive!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Black dog adoption event tomorrow - Saturday, January 31st

Do you recognize this pose? No, it's not doggy yoga...

This is the pose and face of a dog who desperately wants you to pet her, but also knows that she needs to keep all 4 feet on the ground to get attention. So she is streeetching her nose up to make it as easy as possible for you to give her a little loving.

This sweet girl is Suzy, a 2 year old black lab/collie mix, and she is just one of the many wonderful black dogs that would love to meet you tomorrow.

Please come out and meet all of our great black dogs at the Richfield Petco from 10am to noon.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where do they come from?

One common question that we get is "where do your dogs come from?" Pet Haven takes in dogs from a wide variety of sources.
Sophie is a Schnauzer who came to us from a rural shelter in southern Minnesota in 2008.
She is available for adoption.

In 2008, we took 172 dogs into our foster program:
  • 78 dogs came from animal control facilities, rural shelters and smaller rescue groups
  • 68 dogs were owner surrenders

  • 14 dogs came from private citizens/good samaritans
  • 12 dogs were Pet Haven returns (once a Pet Haven dog, always a Pet Haven dog)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Patience pays off

Scotch, our brindle buddy who waited so patiently for us to find him the right foster home, is now happily residing with new foster mom Maria and her family. He has a whole fenced acre to frolic in and two young human kids to race around with.

You can keep current on his adventures on his new blog

Scotch came to us from Sioux City, Iowa which has a ban on Pit Bulls. We aren't sure of his breed, but he doesn't seem to be a bully breed dog. Unfortunately, the ban also extends to brindle dogs, as some people mistakenly correlate the gorgeous swirls of the brindle exclusively with the bully breeds.

We're very happy that we could give this lively young fellow a chance at a good life...and it seems that he is finding that in his new foster home!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A black dog in the White House?

Suzy is pretty excited to hear that President Obama and his family are looking to adopt a dog. A lot of media attention has been focused on the Obama family's search for a dog -- what breed, rescue or breeder, etc. The Obamas have indicated that they are open to rescuing a dog, which is great! But what Suzy and I would like to suggest is that they also give serious consideration to adding a black dog to their family. Whatever dog they end up adding to their family will get a lot of press coverage and it would be the most amazing press coverage for black dogs -- who are often overlooked and the last ones to be adopted (or purchased, for that matter).

The Obamas are looking for a low-shed dog because of some allergies (which also, unfortunately, means Suzy is out of the running), so they are restriced on what breeds of dog they can consider, but there are many low-shed breeds that can produce black coats. If the Obama family adopts one, it could be a real paw up for black dogs everywhere.

Want to stay ahead of the trend? Come to our black dog adoption event this weekend and find a new family member! Then you can say you had your black dog before they became popular.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Adoption Monday!

One tiny adoption to report this week. Our fiery, five-pound Buster the Pomeranian goes on long walks with his new mom and will be attending obedience classes so he can continue to work on his social skills. We miss you, little guy!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hearing scheduled for S.F. 7 on Monday

Senate File 7, which establishes new standards of care for dog and cat breeders, has been scheduled for a hearing on Monday, January 27th, in the Minnesota Senate Agriculture and Veterans Committee. This bill would help to improve conditions in puppy and kitten mills throughout the state.

Please check out the Pet Haven advocacy blog for a list of committee members to call and express you support:

Friday, January 23, 2009

Meet Savannah at our special black dog adoption event next weekend (1/31/09)

Welcome to Pet Haven, Savannah!

Savannah is a 1 year old female black lab mix. She weighs in at 57 pounds and got a clean bill of health from the vet this week. She's currently hanging out in foster care where she shares her home with a couple other dogs (large and small, old and young), a couple of cats and a few kids. We don't know much about her background, but she seems to know her way around a house -- as you can see she made herself right at home on the couch.

Savannah and her fellow black dog fosters will be at our special black dog adoption event a week from Saturday. Please spread the word and come to check them out!
Black Dog Adoption Event
Saturday, January 31st
10am - Noon
Richfield Petco

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ruby (fka Gale) - Another happy ending!

We love happy endings. Here's another great happy ending update from Ruby (fka Gale)'s new mom. In the bottom picture she is playing tug with Hot Rod, her new boxer brother.

If you've adopted a Pet Haven dog and have a moment to drop us an update email (, we would love to hear from you too! We never stop caring about our foster dogs.

Everything is going great with Ruby (we've re-named her Texas Ruby after an old timey cowgirl singer, since Ruby is a cowdog!). She and Hot Rod are getting along just fine and everything is working out. I think she is calming HR down, which is a good thing. They are both sleeping in the office with me now.

She's adapting very well, has mastered stairs and coming through doors & knows where her food bowl is.

I've attached a couple of pictures for you.

hanks again for your assistance in getting Ruby to us. She's a real sweetie!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scotch: Foster home needed!

Scotch is a 1 year old Boxer mix who has been in Pet Haven care since October. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to find a foster home who can meet Scotch's exercise needs. He has been well-loved and well-cared for at All Seasons Canine Country Club (yes, it is as wonderful as it sounds!) where he gets to play to his hearts content and the staff has been working on teaching him basic commands and house manners. He is crate trained and is housetrained when people are around.

Scotch is a busy boy who is looking for an active home. He needs a foster (or adoptive home!) with either no other dogs or a dog who likes to get as rough and tumble as he does when playing. He is strong and energetic, but he's a smaller guy, so he is not overwhelming to handle. He would be a great jogging partner. If you are an energetic person looking for an energetic dog, Scotch would love to meet you.

He has a couple of volunteers who bring him to all of our adoption events and just love him, but their resident dogs are not the right match for Scotch's personality. He is adorable and has a very unique look with his gorgeous brindle coat. Scotch really needs someone to take a chance on him. He's a good boy who is just waiting for an opportunity to shine!

Interested? We would love to talk to you about Scotch. Please email

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New dog blogs to read

Pet Haven foster dogs Lacy and Garth have started their own blogs.
Please check them out and visit often to read their updates!



Monday, January 19, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

We have six adoptions to celebrate this week!

Diedre came from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and is being adopted by her foster mom. No surprise -- who could resist a face like that? Congratulations, Diedre!

Kix was adopted this weekend. His new mom and dad are good friends with Dakota's foster. Kix had to wait a few weeks longer than his siblings, Sierra and Ozzy, to find his forever home, but it was worth the wait. Congratulations, Kix!

Bungie went home last week. Bungie's new family loves to take walks even in the cold! Perfect, since Bungie needs to drop about 5 pounds from the steroids that he was on. He is adjusting well and is very happy. He also will be attending obedience training for barking and for just something to do. Congratulations, Bungie!

Daisy found her home at the adoption event this weekend. Her new mom has adopted several "older" dogs in the past (Daisy has no idea she is "older") -- in fact, Daisy now has a 14 year old brother to hang out with. She also has a fenced in yard so that Daisy can enjoy as much time in the snow as her little heart desires! Congratulations, Daisy!

Mimi, a young shih tzu who never even made it on the website, went home this weekend. Mimi has had some medical issues that needed to be addressed before the adoption could be finalized. Her new family has been waiting almost two months to bring her home. Her new family includes an 8 year old girl who will be Mimi's best friend -- you can imagine how eagerly she was anticipating finalizing this adoption! Congratulations, Mimi!

Rowdy, a shih tzu who does not live up to his name, now lives with a new mom. She has several grandkids who are looking forward to helping to care for Rowdy. He also lives in an apartment building with a lot of other dogs for regular playdates. Congratulations, Rowdy!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Joey's happy tail ...

Joey's happy tail has just been posted on our website. Be sure to read about how Joey adopted his current guardian Monica! You can read about all his friends as well.

If your furry four-legged family member was adopted from Pet Haven we would love to hear from you and get an update. We have volunteer writers anxiously waiting for their next assignment. Email with a quick update on your pup and let us know you would like to have your pup's story featured on our website.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Come meet Lacy and her single friends today!

Lacy is heading up the Pet Haven singles club at today's adoption event. She's looking for love, in what she hopes are all the right places .... she had a chance to romp around in the snow with foster mom yesterday and after a good night's sleep is feeling like she wants to dole out LOTS of doggy kisses. And when she gets tired or needs a break, she's okay sharing the limelight with her Pet Haven friends. Lacy understands we all have our types -- she's the calm, mellow type who would love to just hang out with you. If you plan on training for a marathon ... well, Lacy wants you to know she has many friends who match your profile. If you can compromise and settle for a 5K run/walk though ... then she'll be happy to chat/woof with you this morning :) Otherwise, she'll introduce you to her running buddies, and the list is long!

So come on out to the Richfield Petco this morning and meet Lacy and her friends! Visit our website to read more about all of our available singles!

[Click on the image below to view in full size]

Friday, January 16, 2009

Adoption Day Tomorrow - Saturday, January 17th

(Judey is a 2 year old terrier mix who is available for adoption)

It's been a long, cold week here in Minnesota and our foster dogs are looking forward to getting out and stretching their legs at the adoption event this weekend. Please stretch your legs and come out to meet them!

We will be at the Richfield Petco from 10am to noon on Saturday, January 17th.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bishop: Not impressed by this weather

I don't know about you, but I share Bishop's thoughts on this frigid weather. Brrrrrr!

Bishop is still hanging out in foster care waiting for someone (other than his foster family and all of us at Pet Haven) to fall in love with him. He is such a cute boy. His foster mom reports that wrapped up in a blanket in front of the space heater is one of his favorite ways to spend the evening. His other favorite way to spend a winter evening is snuggled up with his special someone.

If Bishop sounds like the boy for you, please email

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Advocating for the underdogs

There are many reasons why many of us give so much of our time, heart and soul to Pet Haven: we are a family committed to a cause and moving towards our vision of a day when there will be no more homeless animals. Like other rescues we have constraints and limits; however, one thing I am extremely proud of is that Pet Haven continues to remain committed to advocating and helping the dogs and cats often overlooked for a variety of reasons (bully breeds, seniors, animals with health issues or needing surgery, and black dogs/cats).

Every day our intake coordinator receives more calls and pleas to rescue a dog and to save their life. Many of these pleas are for black dogs and bully breeds. It breaks her heart to have to say "no" because we have no open foster to take them. The sad reality is that saying "no" to a bully breed or a black dog or cat often means they will be euthanized -- a rescue is often a last resort when we receive pleas from animal control facilities or shelters (Learn more about Black Dog Syndrome). I am proud to be a part of Pet Haven where are reputation is growing for being a rescue that advocates for the big black dogs!

Many may say we are crazy for taking in so many black dogs... well, we at Pet Haven disagree. We love big black dogs and we will fight for as many of them as we possibly can. I ask you to join us in helping us advocate for these beautiful dogs. We need your help. If your life has been touched by a black dog please share your story -- send us a comment. Let's tell the world that these black beauties deserve as much of a second chance as any other dog.

Here's how you can help:
- Email and let us know you want to join our team of volunteers advocating for big black dogs. If you have graphic design and creative/marketing skills we especially want to hear from you!
- Stop by our special black dog adoption event on Saturday, 1/31.
- Join the I Support Pet Haven facebook page and add your story to the Black Dog Syndrome discussion board
- Email us with ideas you may have (you can reach me directly at
- read the MSNBC article on black pups facing discrimnation.

Over the past years we have had quite a few happy tails. Read about Shadow, Dodger, Geordie, Bella, and the artful Dodger.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spread the word - special black dog adoption event!

Pet Haven currently has 16 large black dogs and one small black dog in foster care right now. In an effort to highlight our black beauties, we will be having a special black-dog-only adoption event on January 31st and we are making February Black Dog and Cat Adoption Month!!

Please spread the word that our black dogs will be meeting and greeting their adoring fans at the Richfield Petco from 10am to noon on Saturday, January 31st.

These are the black dogs currently in Pet Haven care. If someone strikes your fancy, don't wait until the 31st -- email today to learn more about them.

Midnight is a 4-5 year old male black lab who was going to be put to sleep when his family could not afford the surgery to repair a torn ACL. Pet Haven stepped in and saved his life and it could not have happened to a nicer boy. Midnight is a love bug who is good with all the dogs, cats and kids in his foster home where he is recovering from surgery.

Missy is a 1.5 year old lab who came to us through an Iowa animal control facility. She was dumped at the home of a good samaritan. Missy is good with other dogs and very sweet with cats. She is also housetrained and crate-trained. All the hard stuff has been done, but she would still benefit from a basic obedience course.

Sweetie is a 2.5 year old lab mix who would love to find a home where she can be your one and only dog. She does get along with other dogs, but at home she would prefer to have all the attention for herself. She loves to play fetch, but she is also happy to settle down and snuggle up. She's a people-lover who is looking for some new people to love.

Kix is a 4 month old shepherd mix boy who came to us via Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in November. He came in with his littermates, Ozzy and Sierra who have since been adopted. Kix is the only one remaining. They appear to be shepherd mixes, but they are small puppies -- so whatever their mix, they have something small in there!

Ruby is a a black lab mix that we are estimating to be around 1 year old. She came to us from an animal control facility in Iowa, so we don't have a lot of background on her. Ruby is very sweet and shares her foster home with a husky sister. She can easily jump a 4' fence so she needs a 6' fence or a home where she will be taken out on leash.

Frankie is a 3 month old black lab mix. He was picked up running loose along with his littermates in northern Minnesota just before Thanksgiving. He came to use through Red Lake Rosie's Rescue along with his brother Forest (and Fletcher, who has been adopted).

Forest is a 3 month old black lab mix. He was picked up running loose along with his littermates in northern Minnesota just before Thanksgiving. He came to use through Red Lake Rosie's Rescue along with his brother Frankie (and Fletcher, who has been adopted).

Lacy is a 6 year old female Rottweiler mix. She has been through the Pet Haven program before and was returned this fall when her adoptive home did not work out. Once a Pet Haven dog, always a Pet Haven dog! Lacy believes that 84 lbs is not too big to be a lap dog! She would love an adoptive home where she can be the center of your attention.

Garth is a 5 year old male lab mix. He came to use from a shelter in Iowa. Garth is a rough and tumble player who enjoys the company of other dogs, but might not be the best match for an older dog who does not enjoy rough housing quite as much as Garth does.

Foster is a 10 month old male lab mix. He came to us from a shelter in Iowa. He's a big boy and we are thinking that he might be mixed with Newfoundland. Foster has a happy go lucky personality who would fit into almost any adoptive home willing to give him the attention and exercise that a puppy needs.

Komo (aka Dutch) is a 9 month old male lab mix. He came to use from a shelter in Iowa. He LOVES to play with other dogs and would love a doggy playmate in his adoptive home.

Dakota is a 7 year old female husky/shepherd mix. Dakota was an owner surrender. She is very smart and a star pupil in obedience. She has a tendency to get nervous around other dogs, but she could share her home with the right dog companion. Being a typical husky, she does need a secure fence.

Suzy is a 2 year old female collie/lab mix. She came to us from a shelter in rural Iowa. Suzy is house trained and crate trained and is used to being left alone for a full work day. At only 2 she is young and energetic and is looking for an active family to run and play with!

Daisy is a 2 year old female lab. She is shy as a result of an abusive background, but once she warms up to you she is an engaging, entertaining snuggler. Daisy is looking for a forever home without kids because their unpredictability makes her nervous.

Bailey is a 4 year old female springer spaniel/lab mix. She is an owner surrender due to divorce. Bailey loves to play fetch and is looking for an adoptive family with a good throwing arm.

Andy is a 2 year old male shepherd mix. Andy came to us from a shelter in Iowa. He was a bit of a wild child when he came into foster care, but after a few weeks of consistent boundaries, training and exercise he is a dream dog!

And one little guy!...

Bentley is a 4-5 year old poodle/pomeranian mix. His previous owner was not able to keep up with his energy needs so he came to Pet Haven to look for a new home. Bentley is a tennis ball FREAK and despite his small size he can fit a regular sized ball in his mouth. He loves to play fetch and just carry a ball around. He would love to find a forever family to toss the ball for him.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

Just one dog adoption update to celebrate this week. Ode moved to a foster-with-intent home this weekend. There have been many people who were moved by Ode's story and applied to adopt her over the past few months. Ode is a special girl who was waiting for a special home and we hope that she has found it now! Good luck, Ode!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ahnung's story in photos ....

This past Monday, Kelly shared with you on our Adopted Monday blog posting that Ahnung was adopted ... YES, for third time I have "failed" at fostering (i.e. - adopted all 3 fosters!). I have conceded that I am simply not capable of fostering :) I think I should just focus my efforts on continuing to serve in my role as president of Pet Haven and stay out of the fostering world :)

I would like to challenge others, however, to consider fostering. Heck ... give it a shot! If you fail, then that's okay ... simply means another homeless dog has found a forever home! Maybe you'll even "fail" three times like me!! I now have 3 big black dogs at home :) [On a side note: Did you know that black dogs and cats get euthanized at high rates in shelters across the country --- a phenomenon known as Black Dog Syndrome. Pet Haven has lots of wonderful black dogs still waiting to be adopted. Please help us get the word out about these beautiful black dogs. Please consider adopting one of these black beauties!]

This Sunday morning Ahnung wanted me to share with you her story, so I share with you a video I put together. Many thanks to all of the incredible volunteers and supporters of Pet Haven and to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue -- together we can works towards a day when there will be no more homeless animals!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Update on dumpster puppy Vegas (formerly Charlie!)

One of the great rewards of the work we do in animal rescue is getting updates from adoptive homes. A few days ago we got an update on Vegas (formerly known as Charlie). Vegas was part of a litter of 5 black pups found in a dumpster in rural Iowa. We had no fosters for these puppies and put a plea out for help and had an overwhelming response. As a result of wanting to keep everyone up-to-date on how they were doing, the Pet Haven dog blog was created! Check out our very first blog entry and a photo of the cute pups! And if you scroll through our archive of April blog entries you will see several updates on the pups including this one.

Well... nine months later we received the following from Vegas' mom:

Just an update on Vegas (Charlie). As you can see in the picture he enjoyed New Year's Eve with his new crown. Vegas has been very busy. He attended beginning and intermediate training at Petsmart. He graduated and got most improved. He has learned to take long walks as long as he has his gentle leader on. He has gotten quite strong. He loves to go to the dog park in Eden Prairie and has made many new friends. He has quite the loud bark in him when he wants something from you, as I read about Dodger they have that in common. Vegas seeing the snow for the first time was great to watch. Still, everyday there is something new to him, and it is so fun to a part of that. Again, thanks for all you do in the animal community. Keep up the great work!!

Have a great New Year!

As an all-volunteer organization, these updates and the slobbery kisses are the best paychecks we can receive!

We are always in need of fosters ... if you would like to learn more about fostering visit our website or email us at

Friday, January 9, 2009

Decey: Loving life in foster care

Hello Again, my name is Decey. I am a 10-month-old German Sheppard – Hound mix. I am shy guy at first, but warm up to people really quickly. I moved into my foster home right before Christmas, it was a crazy time and I met lots of new people. I was such a good boy that Santa even brought me some new toys and a candy-cane bone.

I am having lots of fun with my foster brother and sister, Tobie and Riley. They are labs, Riley has a lot of energy and we love chasing each other around the yard. My foster parents also have a cat, I haven’t actually met him yet but I am very curious about him…if he would only come out of the basement…

My foster parents also have this strange invention called a TV which I have really taken a liking too. Sometimes they even let me sit on the sofa with them and watch football or Cops. I have to ask permission first though. We were really sad when the Vikings blew it in the playoffs.

I am learning a lot and know all the basic commands. I am even working on high-5, I am not so sure about that one yet though. I have also even gotten used to being in my kennel during the day while my foster parents are gone. I really love my foster home, but would really like a permanent family of my own and would love to meet you.

If you are interested in learning more about Decey, please email

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hank Update: New Year weight loss inspiration

Hank was adopted a couple of months ago and he has become one svelte beagle/basset mix! Hank's new mom reports that he is down to 40.5 pounds!

When Hank arrived in Pet Haven care in April of 2008, he tipped the scales at 60 lbs. Hank has undergone an extreme makeover in 8 months. Now he is fit and trim and able to keep up with the two boys in his forever home. Tape Hank's photo to your fridge for inspiration if you've resolved to lose weight in 2009!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Midnight: Saved from death, recovering from surgery

Midnight is a 4-5 year old male black lab who tore his ACL and his family was not able to afford the surgery to repair it. Because they were not able to relieve his suffering they were going to help him to the bridge. Midnight's foster, Kathy, and Pet Haven stepped in at the nick of time to save this sweet boy! He had his ACL repaired last week and he is recovering nicely in his foster home.

Midnight has lived with kids in the past and lives with kids in his foster home. He also lives with 3 dogs and 2 cats in his foster home and loves them all. He loves to carry around a stuffed animal "prize" in his mouth and show it off to everyone (you can see his favorite stuffie safely tucked underneath his paw in the photo above).

Midnight has 6-8 weeks of rehab and recovery ahead of him, so he will not be coming to our adoption events for a little while, but he is available for adoption if a family is willing to continue with his rehab and follow doctor's orders on his exercise and recovery. If you are interested in learning more about Midnight, please email

Midnight's vet bills top $1,000. It is because of the generosity of Pet Haven donors that we are able to say "yes" to helping dogs like Midnight. If you would like to donate to Pet Haven in honor of Midnight, please visit our website.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Puppy and Kitten Mills

Today is the first day of the 2009 legislative session in Minnesota, which means that the Pet Haven Advocacy team is gearing up to advocate for better animal welfare laws in Minnesota.

This weekend Pet Haven is hosting a Puppy and Kitten Mill Information session, check out the Pet Haven Advocacy Blog for more information. Keep an eye on the advocacy blog for updates throughout the legislative session.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

We have a lot to celebrate this week!

Miss Bailey, a springer/lab mix, has landed in a foster-with-intent-to-adopt home. They spent some time with her before the holidays but couldn't bring her home until after they finished their holiday travels. Everyone who met Bailey and her new "foster" parents at our adoption event on Saturday has a great feeling about this match!

Lady, a yellow lab mix, has won the hears of her foster parents. They are adopting her! Congratulations, Lady!

Rae Ann, a hound mix, has found her new home with a Min Pin sibling and two boys of her very own. Everyone who met Rae Ann fell in love with this gentle girl and we are very excited for her. Congratulations, Rae Ann!

Drake, an American Bulldog, and his family stopped by our adoption event this weekend to make things official after fostering with intent to adopt for a couple of weeks. Check out this photo of Drake and his adorable canine sister, Zoey.

Ahnung was adopted this weekend by Marilou, President of Pet Haven. We have all enjoyed ribbing Marilou for "foster failing" (adopting your own foster dog) for the third time (she has only "fostered" three dogs). Ahnung is a lucky girl and we are glad that she is "staying in the Pet Haven family" and we will all get to see a lot more of her.

Gale, a female mixed breed from Rosie's Red Lake Rescue, never even made it onto our website. While out walking with her foster mom last week she met some neighbors who fell in love with this little girl. She now has a Boxer brother and a mom who works from home. She has come a long way from being abandoned in northern Minnesota with a litter of puppies!