Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dodger - last of dumpster pup gets adopted!

Many thanks again to Mary and her family... and Heather and her family for fostering the litter of black lab pups found by a dumpster in rural Iowa in mid April. Charlie, Oliver, Calcifur and Wyatt were adopted at our last adoption event on 5/17, leaving Dodger the dominant little boy. His foster family took him to the drive in last weekend: "He really enjoyed walking around getting attention from everyone. He did have a lapse in manners while we were grilling hot dogs barking to have one, but what dog wouldn't. He was content with a dog treat and soon settled down. Throughout both movies, with two stereos blasting, Dodger lay curled up in his own camping chair without a care in the world."

Last night they met Dodger's new family. He has gone to live with a young couple, with a large fenced-in yard and lots of neighbor labs to explore the world with.

His foster ended her email to us last night with "Finally after going over everything, signing the paperwork and exchanging email addresses it was time to say goodbye. I have a lump in my throat right now thinking of the last puppy kiss on my chin. I am really going to miss that big boy but I am confidant he has found a great home. So when do I get more puppies?"

It truly takes a community to save homeless animals -- we need adopters willing to take in rescued dogs, and we need fosters like Mary and her family, willing to love and care for their foster dogs, and let them go, so they can bring in another abused, neglected, homeless animal.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spice Girl - our special 3-legged girl needs a home

Spice Girl came to us from up north in mid-April, rescued by Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. With a rear leg injury, she carried a litter of pups, and only 2 of her litter of 5 survived. A few weeks ago, she had her injured rear leg amputated and has been healing very nicely in her foster home. You would never know she only has 3 legs. Spice Girl has an incredibly gentle disposition and temperament - she doesn't understand why no one is interested in her? She doesn't even consider herself a special needs dog -- just a very special dog! If you are interested in learning more about Spice Girl, visit our website or email

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Adopted puppy - update

One of our black pups, Calcifur (from the litter of 5 found by a dumpster in rural Iowa) was adopted on 5/17. He went to a wonderful home, and we got the following update from his new family... his new name is Geordie.

"We are delighted with him. He is quite smart and a very sweet puppy. He kennel trained himself practically by going in the kennel we had set up for him when he was tired. He's been sleeping in there in our room through the night since about the third night. He's learning "sit" and "no bite" with some success and he walks on a leash quite well. His housetraining has mostly carried through - a few rough spots, but we're working through them.

Angus spend the first few days just ignoring Geordie. But Geordie has been persistent about trying to play with Angus and Angus is slowly warming up with him. Even though Angus hasn't been friendly, when he and Geordie have crossed paths, Angus has always been quite patient with him. Angus did make it clear, though, that his food bowl and the yogurt cups he likes to lick out are off limits.

Of course, Geordie and my son have been great pals since the very beginning. If Geordie hears his voice in the morning before we've all waken up, he immediately wakes up and starts barking because he wants to see his boy.

Thank you for this enormous gift!:

Monday, May 26, 2008

Photos from black dog/cat adoption event

Although it was a quiet couple hours, probably due to the holiday weekend... it was a beautiful morning and great chance to educate the few shoppers that came by the Plymouth Chuck & Don's for our special black dog and cat adoption event. Dodger was busy welcoming shoppers; shown above are Mollie, Shadow and Hector (all still waiting for that special someone to adopt them!)

Check out our cat blog (link on left) for photos of Dove and Tika (two of our black cats up for adoption).

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Black Dog and cat adoption event - Saturday, 5/24

Did you know that black dogs and cats are often the last to be adopted out, and are euthanized at one of the highest rates in shelters across the country (a term known as "Black Dog Syndrome" in the animal rescue world)? We at Pet Haven LOVE our black dogs and black cats. We advocate for them and we believe they are simply beautiful!

Come learn more about what you can do to help be a voice for black dogs and cats! Come meet some of our adoptable black dogs and cats!

Take a chance.. stop by, and risk falling in love with a black dog or cat!

We will be at the Chuck and Don's in Plymouth on Saturday, 5/24 from 10 - Noon.

For more info download our flyer at from the events section.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dodger - the lone ranger

At out adoption event on Saturday, 4 of our 5 black pups (read previous blogs for their story) were adopted. Only Dodger went home with his foster parents. He will be at our special black dog/black cat adoption this Saturday, 5/24 at the Plymouth Chuck and Don's. Here's an update from foster mom:

I'm falling in love...
We were worried bringing Dodger home from the adoption event all by himself. That was a waste of energy. Dodger played with our dogs in the backyard and after lunch he napped in the sun without a care in the world.

His first night sleeping without his brothers went smoothly. Dodger curled up on the "big dog bed" with Roxy and Pheobe and went right to sleep. After a full night with no accidents he woke up, went out with the dogs, came back in and went back to sleep. We had to wake him up at 9:30 to eat. This is a dog after my love-to-sleep-late heart. With only one puppy to watch after we are having less accidents in the house. He is strating to pace by the door to be let out and I am hoping my dogs will teach him to ring the bell we have hanging there.

Dodger is doing well at "sit", "stay" and "no". Dodger is going to be great at playing fetch. He chases the ball, catches it and brings it back about half the time. He also loves to chase the water out of the squirt gun and pop bubbles. While he loves to be near people and follows you from room to room, Dodger does well in the backyard with the other dogs and never cries to be let in the house. Now if I could only get him to teach this to my dogs!

Right now Dodger is curled up at my feet while I type. I am really going to miss this amazing puppy but I am confident he will find a permanent loving home.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dog Adoption Photos - 5/17/08

Photos from our dog adoption event on Saturday, 5/17/08. It was a flurry of activity, with lots of adoptions!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Animals and You - an educational event for kids

Pet Haven partnered with Animals Rights Coalition to host an educational event for kids. A couple of our adoptable dogs (Bubba the pitbull and Bennie basset puppy) and one of our Pet Haven alums (Dodger, a black lab mix adopted a year ago who also happens to be a therapy dog!) had a chance to be ambassadors for Pet Haven. Amy (dog trainer rom Canine Coach) talked about safe ways to approach dogs - what to do and what not to do.

It was a fun (and windy!) afternoon for all!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A wink from Shadow

Shadow continues to recover nicely from her surgery. She was at our adoption event this morning, and had fun playing and socializing with the pups and other dogs. Shadow certainly hopes that having only one eye won't deter that special someone from opening up their heart and home. She will be at the Plymouth Chuck and Don's on Saturday, 5/24 for our special Black Dog Adoption event from 10 - noon. Email for more info.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Dog Adoption event today - Saturday, 5/17

Be sure to stop by the Richfield Petco between 10 - noon. Come meet dogs featured on our blog on previous entries: Spice Girl, Mercedes, Rose, Wrigley, Shadow, the 5 pups (Dodger, Charlie, Oliver, Calcifur & Wyatt), Harley the pug/rat terrier (pictured above) and many others!

Cheech (chihuahua pictured above) had a lot to say at our last adoption. Well, it worked... he's found his forever home and is going to be adopted tomorrow.

Please consider adopting a homeless dog.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shadow continues to heal after surgery

Shadow recently had her right eye surgically removed due to an old chronic injury. Shadow is being fostered by Laura who provided the following update:

"Shadow continues to improve everyday. I created the patio in the photos in honor of her. I will be making some stepping stones to illustrate her story. She loves to lay in the mulch by the Lake Superior stones. She usually only chews on her own toys but I guess that little garden monster and turtle could be dog toys.

Shadow has done remarkably well through it all. The swelling is completely gone and the hair around the eye is starting to grow back. The cone however did not fair as well. Shadow would run full blast around the yard scooping up tennis balls and mulch into the cone. It was once white well……….? We both can not wait for it to come off.

Shadow will have her stitches out on May 16th and be ready for adoption. Her surgery was a success. Thanks again to all at Apache Animal Hospital for taking such good care of Shadow. And thank you to all who so generously donated your time and money.

Shadow is becoming a great dog. She does still need to find her forever home. So please keep your “eye” out for a new family for Shadow."

Thanks to everyone for your support of Shadow. Help us get the word out about this sweet girl. For all she has been through, she continues to love and trust. Open your heart, give her a chance, and she will be your shadow, in the bright times, and even in your darkest moments.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Photographers Guild promotion

We have joined forces with the Photographers Guild in St. Paul to raise money for homeless animals!

Throughout the months of May and June, for a $35 donation (checks or cash only please) to Pet Haven you will receive a free portrait sitting session with you and your family (pets included of course!) and a free 8x10 portrait. Now how could you pass up on that?? Not only will you feel good about donating to help homeless animals -- but your pooch and/or kitty will get to show just how good-looking they are! (yeah, yeah... they know you know that, but they want something in print and mounted on your wall for everyone to see!).

Call Photographers Guild for an appointment: 651.646.3239.

Photos by Photographer Guild

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mercedes and Rose

Mercedes and Rose arrived on the same transport that came from up north with Wrigley. Wrigley is in a foster home; Rose will be heading to a foster home soon... but we are still needing for someone to foster our sweet shepherd mix Mercedes. She is being fostered at one of our doggie daycare partners, however, we would like to move her into a home if possible. If you would consider fostering Mercedes please send an email to Mercedes would LOVE to hear from you!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Welcome Wrigley

This past week we welcomed into our foster program 3 new dogs who came to us from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue: Wrigley, Rose and Mercedes (stayed tuned for more info and photos on Rose and Mercedes).

For now, we got the following update from Wrigley's new foster home: "I picked him up at the vet, got instructions about his flea and tick medication (I found a tick on his head at the vet), and then we hopped in the car. I had to put him in the passenger seat since the kennel took up the entire back of the car with the seats down. I struggled with him for a bit in the car because we wanted to crawl into my lap, but I tied the leash around the headrest of the passenger seat and once we got moving he was a good dog. I stopped at Chipotle on the way home to pick up some dinner and he sat really nicely while I ran inside. I think he would have fallen asleep on the ride home if the leash would have been longer to allow his head down further (but it had to be that short so he wouldn't jump in my lap.) When we got home I took him for about a half hour walk. He walked so nicely! I was a bit afraid that he'd pull like yesterday at the vet, but he was so great and even better when we jogged! He's going to make a great running buddy! There were lots of new sights and sounds for him - water through the sewer grate, cars on the road, geese in the pond - and he handled it all beautifully. When we got home I let him loose to sniff things and get the lay of the land. He was so mellow, casually strolled around to sniff and check things out, didn't try to jump on the furniture whatsoever. While I ate dinner he took a little rest on the carpet by the door. I've only had to tell him no when he tried to snatch my burrito off the table and when he started to make like he wanted to chew on our slippers. He listened right away and just walked away. He hung out next to me while I watched t.v. and even watched some himself. He loves his green lobster and played with that quite a bit tonight. He discovered that the lobster squeaked and tried for a couple minutes to figure out where the sound came from. When he couldn't get it to squeak again he thinks maybe it was the carpet and starts to paw at that."

If you're interested in learning more about Wrigley email

Saturday, May 10, 2008

More pup updates - Calcifur and Wyatt!

From Heather, who is fostering Calcifur and Wyatt: "I'm very pleased to report that the staff at Bloomington Vet were very impressed with Wyatt and Cal's comfort with handling. They have been exposed to kids and men and all of the sounds and sights of a bustling household. They are sweet peas through and through and I am certain that when placed in a loving home, they will make excellent pets as they grow. They were neutered this week and had their second set of shots on Fri. It was amazing how little it phased them. They are eating and playing and growing like crazy. They are both over 10 pounds now!

We have been taking them for walks though a more accurate description of the experience might be energetic bursts, tangles and giggles. We rarely get far, but with a Dairy queen a block away, the mid adventure goal makes it all worth while for the girls and I:)

The boys are both house trained with the exception of the overnights, but they get the jist, they just can't go eight hours yet. Wish us luck! I'm getting low on paper towels!"

Remember... all adorable 5 pups will be at our 5/17/08 adoption event at the Richfield Petco from 10 - noon. Applications are being accepted. Email

Friday, May 9, 2008

Black pups - update!

All 5 pups (Charlie, Dodger, Oliver, Calcifur and Wyatt) were neutered on 5/6. All will be up for adoption and will be at our 5/17 adoption event at the Richfield Petco from 10 - noon. If you are interested in any of these pups, please be sure to send an email to or complete an online application for them. These adorable pups (found by a dumpster) are doing great. The neutering apparently has not slowed them down: "they are still rough housing, running and playing." More from foster mom:

"I can't believe how big they are getting. I got Charlie to sit in the dump truck and he barely fits in it now. They used to have plenty of room on their dog bed and now they take up the whole thing. Dodger is still the dominant guy and will bark at you if you stare at him. He will need a strong human leader to keep him in his place. He is still a cuddler and wants to be on you or right next to you. Charlie is the first one to fall asleep and the last one to cry to be picked up. He is still timid of new things but loves to play. He is quite the chewer and needs work to quit chewing on people. Oliver may be the smallest but he sure holds his own. When he gets a toy he will run around the yard with his brother's chasing him until they give up. He also has a temper and will growl and get angry when they pick on him. He wakes up every morning at 5am crying to be let out of the kennel. He is learning what a stern "no" means. Oliver loves to be held and cuddled and really wants to sleep with us instead of his own bed.

We are working on house training but they are stubborn little guys. It is hard to keep up with three of them. They all like to bite and chew and our clothes and fingers are just as much fun as their toys. We have to use a lot of redirecting. The best part of the day is about an hour after dinner. All three cuddle with us on the couch while we watch television."

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Different Way to Help

Last December, three of us volunteers were sitting around talking. It was starting to get cold out and we wanted to bring some dogs in from Red Lake but there were no foster homes available. Looking at the pictures of the dogs that Karen wanted us to take from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue made the need seem more immediate. What could we do? None of us could foster the dogs in our homes, for various reasons (Me: three dogs at home and an alarming propensity for "Foster Failure", which in the animal rescue world, simply means we adopt the dog we are fostering!).

Maybe we could pay the dog's board at one of our partner boarding facilities until a foster home was found? Yes! That we could do. The dogs would be safe and warm until a foster or adoptive home was available for them.

And so the In From The Cold Pod (IFTCP) was born. Since December, we have helped at least half a dozen dogs to a better life when they would otherwise have to wait until a foster home opened up. [Chinook, photo above, was a member of our pod till she got adopted a month or so ago].

At the outset, we agreed on an amount that we would be willing to spend each month. Ours basically allows one dog at a time to be part of the IFTCP, although in the chill of winter we boarded two for a month.

If you, or someone you know, has more money than time and would like to help a deserving dog or two, consider starting a pod like ours. Right now, we are a pod of three, but our money could go further with another member or two. If you would like more information about 'boarding pods' please email us at

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shadow recovering from surgery

Here's a photo of Shadow pre-surgery (due to an old injury she had a chronic perforation and no vision in her eye). Her right eye was surgically removed on Monday. Many thanks to Apache Animal Hospital (and to Dr. Karin Christopher) for donating her time and surgical skills, and to Dr. Jeri Smith for being such an advocate for this sweet girl and helping us in soliciting donations to cover the cost of her surgery.

The following is an update from Laura L who is fostering Shadow (whom i need to say, is one incredible volunteer and foster, and a tremendous advocate herself for the dogs in our care. Shadow is her 12th foster dog:

"Shadow is doing great. She is navigating the cone which can absolutely not come off until the stitches are out. She ran to the toy box when we got home and grabbed a toy. She is such a big puppy. My house is small so we had to put some furniture away. She can eat and drink fine. One thing that is funny is that she has a harder time smelling the ground to find the right “spot”.

Her eye looks sore and swollen. I was supposed to put compresses on it but right like she was going to stand for a bag of frozen peas on her eye. But it does not look any worse today. She slept fine all night and was her usual maniac self this morning which for once I was glad to see.

We are upping her sedative because she wants to run and play already. She can actually run with big sticks. Of course the mother in me freaks out and wants to yell “You’ll put your eye out with that”. Well…..? More sedative (some for me too).

Taking care of Shadow has been the most emotional thing I have had to do yet. Despite, the neglect they endure, it amazes me how these dogs can go through so much and still love mankind the way they do. It is a true lesson in getting over the past and living in the moment. Thanks for everyone’s help."