Monday, June 30, 2008

Lily - lab/pit mix puppy (updated photos)

Lily, one the puppies rescued from Worthington, MN is doing great in her foster home, however, she's waiting for someone to sweep her off her paws and adopt her. If you'd like to learn more check out her profile on our website or email

Here's an update from foster mom:

"Lily is doing wonderful with us. She has many children from the ages 4 - 16 visiting her daily. My daughters love to cuddle with her on our bed while she is hanging out with us. She has fun playing with our mixed breed dog. Lily does enjoy finding dirt and doing some digging, but I am trying to work with her on that. She is doing better in the house but still is not near having unsupervised access yet. She is a good listener and very affectionate. She will make a family very happy!"

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mollie needs a foster!

Mollie is a smart, sweet, gentle and energetic lab/border collie mix. This poor girl has been shuffled from place to place. She is currently being fostered at one of our doggie daycare partners and we need to get her into a home. All she wants is for someone to love her, exercise her, and give her lots of belly rubs.

If you, or someone you know, would be willing to foster her please email

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Luna needs a foster

Luna is a very sweet am staff/boxer mix. Through no fault of her own she has been returned to Pet Haven. If you would be willing to foster this sweet girl, please email Help us spread the word that Luna needs a foster.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dog wash on Friday, 6/27 at Downtown Dogs

Stop by Downtown Dogs ( this Friday between 9 and Noon and let your pooch go doggie dipping. Donations raised from the dog wash will benefit homeless dogs and cats... so stop on by, and spread the word! Downtown Dogs is located on 821 2nd Ave North (one block south of International Market Square).

Mister (pictured ... and a proud Pet Haven alum) is going to be there.. he's so excited about going doggie dipping he can't stand it. He wants you all to know he expects you to be there too -- doggie dipping while raising money for homeless dogs? It doesn't get any better than that!

Be sure to pass the word around and tell all of your friends, family and colleagues!

Peanut update - doing extremely well!

Peanut is one of the 6 pups we took in a couple weeks ago to assist in a rescue where dogs were being neglected and were starving. She's apparently adjusting very well in her foster home. If you've been thinking about adding a dog to your family... Peanut may just be the perfect fit for you! The following is an update from foster mom:

"She’s really starting to fit in here. She’s made friends with our Siamese cat, Tucker, they run and play and chase each other around and they nap together too. They’re becoming pretty good buddies. She’s doing well with house training too and is left out with free roam of the house while we are gone during the day and she does pretty good. In the morning when she is let out of her kennel, she always goes and wakes up my 5 year old son with kisses which is pretty funny to see. My son just giggles and she just licks him all the more."

For more info, email

Monday, June 23, 2008

Photos from our 6/21/08 adoption event

A new video has been posted at with photos from our dog adoption event on 6/21/08. Our two 3-legged dogs (Spice Girl and Jayde) were both adopted, along with Honey (cairn terrier), Marty (black lab/flat-coated retriever mix) and Miley (pointer hound puppy). Three of our dogs (along with human companions) then headed out to Wayzata Villages to participate in the inaugural Tails by the Lake event and help get the word out about Pet Haven and homeless dogs!

Photos: (top) Jayde stops for a quick pose and a smile; (bottom) Maggie our hound mix with her 2-legged companion and foster Kathie.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Spice Girl our special 3-legged girl is adopted!

It was Spice Girl's lucky day yesterday .... her adoptive family had been watching her on the web for quite some time and decided to make the move yesterday! Spice Girl is a true testament to how goodness prevails, and how strong animals are in their ability to survive rough beginnings, and how healing they are for people. She has captured the hearts of so many of us at Pet Haven. Many of us have learned so much from this sweet girl. We will continue to share updates on this gentle spirit [You can view a video of her made shortly after we took her in in April, 2008 at].

A special thank you to her foster Anne who loved and cared for her before her surgery, and after her amputation.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bishop - updated photos

Be sure to stop by our adoption event tomorrow and visit Bishop! He'll be there with other pups hoping it will be his lucky day to find his forever home!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dog Adoption this Saturday, 6/21

Be sure to stop by our dog adoption event this Saturday at the Plymouth Chuck and Don's. We will be there between 10 and noon. The puppies rescued from Worthington, MN are ready to be adopted -- they were all spayed/neutered on Monday of this week. We will also have lots of other great dogs there. Be sure to check out our website.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hank - more photos

Hank insisted on posting to the blog this morning:

"How could you possibly resist me? I would make a great addition to your family! Got kids? cats? dogs? other 2-legged folks... well, I love 'em all! Come see me this Saturday at the Pet Haven adoption event. We'll be at the Plymouth Chuck and Don's from 10 - noon. If you want more info on how great I am email"

Monday, June 16, 2008

Marty and Carter - new arrivals

Over the weekend we welcomed a few new dogs into our foster program, of which Marty and Carter are two of them -- yes, 2 more beautiful big black dogs. Marty (with the red collar) is in a foster home and Carter is being boarded at Auntie Ruth's. If you are willing to foster Carter email Both are super sweet dogs.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Peanut's puppyness beginning to show

An update from Peanut's foster mom:

"Peanut is doing well here still. She’s gotten more comfortable here, so she’s been being more of a stinker lol. She’s been acting more like a puppy I suppose, which is a good thing. She’s still doing pretty good with going potty outside too although she has had a couple accidents (probably more our fault than hers). Peanut and the cats still aren’t getting along, but I think they will eventually be ok with each other. I have taught her how to sit before she gets her food, I don’t even have to ask her anymore, she just does it on her own. She’s a smart girl!"

If you are interested in adopting Peanut or know of anyone interested in giving this sweet girl a second chance, you can complete an online application for her at our website ( Her profile should be up on our website soon!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jake the houdini pup

Jake the pup has become the escape artist! An update from foster dad:

"He's quite at home at my place. He's totally blended with the cats and even tries playing with them. The cats on the other hand are still trying to figure out Jake. And I think Jake has a bit of Houdini in him. For three days now he has figured out how to get out of his kennel during the day. He is good when he gets out of the kennel. When I come home I find him crashed on my bed."

Now... if only we could install a webcam so we can all watch how Jake maneuvers his escape! Maybe he's in cahoots with the five cats he's hanging out with??

Jake and all the other pups will be heading to Animal Ark on Monday, 6/16 to be spayed/neutered. Bios of the pups should be hitting our websites soon. Applications are being accepted and the pups will be at our 6/21 adoption event at the Plymouth Chuck & Don's. For questions on any of our dogs, email

Red Lake Girlfriend get together

Penny Lane and Lacey (black shepherd mix) were both rescued from up north in the Red Lake reservation area. Penny Lane was adopted by her fosters a couple months ago, and Lacey has a home visit set up for this week .. so paws crossed for her!

Earlier this week they had a chance to hang out together at Loring Park, after which they watched passerbys at Joe's Garage while their 2-legged companions ate and shared stories.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hank - special beagle ... still waiting ..

Hank is a very special beagle who is still waiting for someone to sweep him off his paws. He is hanging out in a foster home with Annie (another beagle who was adopted through Pet Haven) and one other dog and several kitties. Here's an update from foster mom:

"So Hank. We love him. He twirls when he howls. He is totally a morning dog unlike my other two, so he and I have been enjoying early morning walks. But he is up for action anytime. I am constantly amazed at how much energy he has and is willing to go and do anything. He is completely unflappable. He and Annie have a game of taking each others flip and then burying it in the back yard and waiting for the other to find it. And he loves his wiffle ball, he can carry it if he wants because of the holes but yet it's slick so he can flip it and chase it. He is quite a character and has the the sweetest eyes, he is a true friend. But also being a Beagle you must be ever watchful of your sandwich, just ask Bob. Hank snatched one right off of Bob's plate and he was so quiet it took us a minute to realize what happened."

We hope you'll consider adopting Hank. And if you're not looking maybe you have friends who are???

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Update on 2 more of the rescued pups!

Photos of 2 of the rescued pups who are being fostered by one of Pet Haven's new fosters. Lily (her original name was "Juliet") is the black with a little white, and Miley (original name was "Oreo") is the white and black puppy with eyes that will pierce your soul. Their foster mom says they are both doing great!

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates on all the pups! You can also watch a video of photos taken at our last dog adoption event (6/7) of many of our adoptable dogs, and at the end of the video are more photos of the pups! --

Monday, June 9, 2008

Update on Bishop (previously Bowser) - another A+

Here's an update from Bishops' foster who returned to fostering with Pet Haven after a short break:

"I just wanted to give an update on "Bowser". We actually renamed him Bishop, and he's starting to learn his name. All I can say is that someone better adopt this guy pretty quick or we will be so smitten we will never be able to give him up. I also try to remind myself how big he'll get to convince my husband we can't keep him.

He's just darling. Perfect. Barely barks. Gets along great with other
dogs. Has his cute puppy gangliness going on and a soft puppy belly. He
seems to like chewing on shoes, but so far we just tell him "no" and he
stops. As far as I can tell he's housebroken - we've taken him out
several times during the day, and he only shows interest in peeing
outside. Maybe he's learning this from his doggie housemate? I'm not

He's not good on a leash, that's for sure, but he will get better in time.
He's also not much for stairs or jumping - he seems to be scared of them
and not quite sure what to do. But it does mean he doesn't jump on
furniture. We crated him today when we left the house and he was fine -
no barking, seemed happy. We probably could have let him roam and he
would have been fine as well, but we're trying to find his boundaries.

Bishop has made for a very happy return to fostering, what a great little

If you would like to give a homeless, neglected or abused dog a second chance, please consider fostering -- send an email to

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Peanut Update - An A+ for her first 24 hours!

Peanut is the pup with the cute floppy ear on the posting from this morning. Here is an update from Peanut's foster family... from what she's been through and where's she's been I give her an A+ for her first 24 hours! Stay tuned to our blog as you watch how these pups will continue to flourish while in foster care and are exposed to new experiences. We'll keep you posted on when they will be adoptable:

"Her first night went well. She is scared of our 2 cats. When I first brought her inside, our cat, Emma, hissed at her. Peanut was too afraid to go past her to get
upstairs so I tried to carry her and she urinated on me lol. Anyway, we went
around to the front door and sat out on the steps for awhile. My 3 kids came
out one at a time to meet her. Once she can check someone out, she is fine
with them, but she is a bit scared of both new people and new animals at

She is doing great with my kids, especially my 13 year old son. She did
whine in her kennel when we put her in there at bedtime. So I slept on the
couch for half the night. She was quiet after I shushed her a few times. I
did go back upstairs to my bed early in the morning and she was fine after
that. We'll have to see if she does better with that tonight.

She also seems to be potty trained. She has not had any accidents in the
house. We took her for a long walk this morning. She stays close to us
during the walk and doesn't sniff around or anything. She seemed to be a bit unsure of where we were going. I'm sure she will get used to going on walks after a few days. She has really good leash manners. A couple times during the walk she would stop and sit down, but we were able to coax her along.

Peanut seems to be adjusting here very well. The cats have been avoiding her for the most part which I'm sure is fine with her. She will growl at them if they hiss at her.

I gave her a bath today also. She did well with that too.

Overall she is a very sweet girl and we are happy to have her here."

Speck (now named Jake!) is adjusting well

Jake was one of the five puppies we took in from the Worthington, MN rescue. He came in as "Speck" but his foster dad has decided he's really more of a "Jake" ;-) Here's a note from Jake's foster dad:

"Thank You so much for giving me the opportunity to foster one
of the beautiful pups! Speck is now Jake and he's doing well. He is a
bit afraid of the cats but he will adjust. He loves to go for car
rides! Oh...and we went for a long walk this morning and he did just

I have no doubt that Jake will be getting lots of love and attention!

Pet Haven assists in rescue of starving dogs

Early last week, Animal Ark sent out a plea for rescues to step forward and assist in the rescue of starving puppies/dogs from Worthington, MN. Animal Ark went to pick up 14 dogs (5 adults and 9 puppies) in their neuter commuter van. Pet Haven was asked to take in 6 of the 14 dogs. Many thanks to the response we got to our foster plea. All 6 dogs (1 adult and 5 puppies!)are now in foster homes... stay tuned for more updates on them on our blog. Many thanks as well to Chuck and Don's for providing kennels, food, toys and treats for all of the rescued dogs. And thanks to Animal Ark for providing for all of the vet care. It's wonderful when a community comes together. Together, we can put an end to homeless dogs and cats!

Photos, clockwise L to R (neuter commuter van where pups were vetted; Bowser; Bowser fighting the leash; Juliet; Oreo; Peanut; Precious; Speck.. now "Jake"; where the pups came from)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dog adoption event - Saturday, 6/7

Be sure to stop by the Minnetonka Petco between 10 - Noon this coming Saturday! We will be there with adorable dogs still waiting for someone to sweep them off their paws and take them home! Harley (pug), Spice Girl (boxer mix), Benne (pit bull) and Rose (cheapeake bay retriever mix) are just a few of our dogs. For a listing of all of our adoptable dogs visit or email

Monday, June 2, 2008

Pet Haven at Grand Old Day parade

Pet Haven continues to get the word out to the community. For the first time ever, we participated in the Grand Old Day parade in St. Paul on Sunday, 6/1. The weather could not have been more perfect.... for our kitties (who were in strollers .. check out our cat blog) and one of our older dogs, a 2.5+ mile walk was a little long so they cut out at the half way mark. The rest of the gang continued to go strong... Baylee, an 8 yr old yellow lab (pictured) was busy saying hi to everyone. She wants you to know she's looking for that special someone who is willing to adopt her. And so is Mercedes, a young shepherd mix (also pictured) -- she's up for adoption.

For photos from the parade visit: