Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Great Minnesota Pet Together!

Saturday, Oct. 1 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Pet Haven Dogs will be in attendance at this super adoption event.

Stop by, meet a rotating group of foster dogs and learn more about them and about other dogs in foster care.

There will be 26+ groups in attendance ranging from limited admission, open admission, foster home based, shelters and humane societies.

MN Fairgrounds, International Market Square.

No admission fee

No charge for parking

Stop by - your next best canine buddy may be waiting for you!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thank heaven for little girls -


At not quite 10 pounds, Gigi fits the description of a little girl.

She loves everyone she meets and gets along well with children also.

What does she like to do?

Run around in the yard -

Jump while she's playing - maybe she has springs in her legs?

Play and play -

Jump into your arms with ease -

Go for walks -

Go for car rides with you -

Spend plenty of time in your lap!

Gigi's foster thinks she would be great at agility if you are interested in that. She's very intelligent and food motivated - all traits that will lead to fun training sessions and a dog you will enjoy and want to brag about!

She'll want someone active in her life who will play in the yard with her and takes her for walks and more walks. A family with children, a couple, a single person looking for a wonderful buddy, someone who has a stay at home aunt or grandparent, someone who works from home and needs to take a few breaks in the day for some laughter, petting and play with Gigi!

Check her out. Submit an application. She's waiting!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Creative Way to support Homeless Animals

Tula, adopted from Pet Haven in 2004.
A few weeks ago Pet Haven got an email from Alecia, who adopted Tula from Pet Haven in 2004. She wanted to give us an update and to also let us know that she was getting married (congratulations Alecia!) soon and since her best friend Tula wasn't able to physically be at her wedding she wanted to honor her ....

And in Tula's honor, Alecia and her soon-to-be husband Ryan have made a $500 donation and would like for Tula to be recognized as a Fall Benefit bronze sponsor!!!

This was  Alecia's original email to us: "I adopted by precious Tula (formerly Petula), a cute little Pekingnese, from Pet Haven approximately 6 years ago when I lived in Minnesota (I now live in Chicago). She has been my best friend and the best dog I could ever ask for. She has been with me through so many ups and downs, and I think of her as my little angel. Thank you Pet Haven for making this possible for me and Tula :)"
Alecia, Tula and Ryan

For the amount she was wanting to donate Pet Haven (and I'm sure Tula and her mom and dad-to-be would agree!) felt like she deserved even more recognition and could get that as a Fall Benefit bronze sponsor!

Alecia had the following to share with us:

"We adopted Tula from the Pet Haven in 2004, and I thank God for bringing us together on a regular basis. Although I don't know how Tula got to Pet Haven, I do know that her and I were meant to find each other. She has been a huge comfort during some very difficult times, and her funny face always seems to bring out smiles to everyone she meets. Tula and I moved from the lakes of Minnesota to the big city of Chicago in 2006. While in Chicago, I met the love of my life, Ryan, and now Tula and I are looking forward to becoming one big happy family when Ryan and I get married on October 8th. I wanted Tula to be the flower girl in the wedding, but it was just too difficult since our wedding is in Florida. In order to make Tula's presence felt at the wedding, I decided to make a wedding donation to the Pet Haven and put a write-up in our wedding program about Tula and the wonderful organization that helped bring us together. I am hoping that this will help raise awareness for the Pet Haven or even for other local animal rescues or humane societies. I feel very thankful and indebted to Pet Haven for allowing me to adopt my precious Tula. She is a true blessing, and I love her with all of my heart! Thank you Pet Haven. Keep up the good work helping dogs, cats, and pet lovers like me!"

Thank you Alecia and Ryan ... and congrats Tula ... you are one lucky pup :) I am sure your mom (and soon dad-to-be would argue with you that they are the lucky ones!

If you would like to honor your pet/family member too, consider a Fall Benefit bronze sponsorship! For more info click here or email

The Fall Benefit is also around the corner ---- Saturday, October 29th! If you haven't purchased your ticket be sure to purchase your ticket today. Tickets can be purchased online ( How about gathering a group of your friends together and buying a table of 10 ... as an all-volunteer organization, all funds raised from the Fall Benefit go directly towards helping homeless dogs and cats.

2010 Fall Benefit
Photo by Sarah Beth Photography

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Great Minnesota Pet Together, Saturday, 10/1

The Great Minnesota Pet Together
                 One day super pet adoption event at state fairgrounds

Get ready for The Great Minnesota Pet Together at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on Saturday, October 1st.  This pet adoption extravaganza is sponsored by PetSmart Charities® and MnPAW (Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare).  Hundreds of puppies, dogs, cat and kittens will be onsite for this one-day super pet adoption event.  Adoptable pets from more than 25 animal welfare and rescue organizations from around the state will be ready to leash up and head home.  There is no charge for admission to the event.

Date:     Saturday, October 1, 2011
Time:    10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Where:  Minnesota State Fairgrounds International Bazaar
Cost:     Free

Adoption fees and policies are set by each participating group and not by event sponsors. All dogs and cats will have received a medical check-up and age-appropriate vaccinations.  For health and safety reasons, please leave your currents pet at home.

MnPAW is a coalition of animal welfare organizations throughout Minnesota who are committed to working together to aid animals. For more information on the event, visit or call 763-489-2250.

If you are a rescue or shelter and would like to participate in the super adoption event email or

MnPAW members include: Animal Allies Humane Society, Animal Humane Society, A Rotta Love Plus, Chuck & Don's Pet Food Outlet, Minneapolis Animal Care & Control, Minnesota Spay/Neuter Project, The Pet Project, Pet Haven Inc. of Minnesota, RAGOM - Retrieve A Golden of Minnesota, Tri-County Humane Society and The Humane Society of Kandiyohi & Meeker Counties.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Adopted Dog Update: Abby ... Already Home!

Seven months after coming to Pet Haven, cute little Abby has found her forever home – with her foster mom and dad! 

Abby is a 2 – 3 year old toy poodle mix. She came to Pet Haven from the Animal Humane Society (AHS). Abby was one of 72 dogs rescued from a hoarding situation in central Minnesota. A few of the dogs were “super shy” and needed to be socialized as they were fearful of people. These dogs would not do well at the shelter so AHS reached out to Pet Haven and other foster-home based rescue groups to take these dogs into our foster homes for rehab and placement. Pet Haven was able to help 3 of them.

More information and a TV news story about the rescue are available at

Abby likely had experienced very little human touch before she was rescued. She is very fearful of people. Even after 7 months in their home, Sally and Erich still cannot pet her. Sally reports:

“When Abby first came to our house she hid out in a pen we set up for her in our family room.  She ate and slept in the pen, and pottied on a pad in the pen. When we could supervise, we left the door to the pen open and she began to explore the house and interact with our other 3 dogs. However, Abby wanted nothing to do with us and would run to the pen if she caught us looking at her or if we reached towards her.

Abby quickly formed a bond with Trixie, our 3 year old yorkie (also adopted from Pet Haven). I have to give Trixie much of the credit for the progress Abby has made. The first important thing Abby learned from Trixie is that if your people go into the kitchen and you follow them there you often get a bit of cheese. We had to toss the cheese to Abby at first because she would not come close enough to take it from our hands, but that was how she learned to look at us when we called her name. We then moved on to teaching her the “touch” game – where she had to reach out and touch her nose to our fingertip to get the cheese treat. Trixie had that one down in a minute and gladly demonstrated it for Abby many times. Eventually Abby got brave enough to touch my finger and we had our first breakthrough.
Abby and Trixie

There have been other breakthroughs in the weeks and months since she first touched her nose to my finger. She happily takes treats from our hands, follows us around the house, has started sleeping in a dog bed at night in our bedroom, gets excited and licks my hand when I come home from work, and jumps up on the couch with us while we watch TV – out of our reach – but on the same couch. As she gets less fearful, we are seeing her playful, inventive personality come through. She is very smart and it is fun to watch her figure things out.

We have found that valium helps to calm Abby somewhat when we have to handle her for grooming or to have the vet examine her. The person who catches her needs to wear gloves as she often bites once (while frightened people scream, some frightened dogs bite) but then is OK, as long as she is in a firm grasp.

But, we still can’t touch Abby. If I push her we have a setback. So, we are letting her progress as she is comfortable. Those experienced with super shy dogs tell me she may never be “normal” and that it could take 2 or 3 or more years before I can reach out and pet her. It is emotionally hard to have a dog in your home that you can’t touch. Part of why dogs are great companions is because stroking them calms us and makes us happy. Hopefully, with Trixie’s help, one day Abby can fill that role. In the meantime we are celebrating each breakthrough and watching her personality unfold. Many thanks to Pet Haven and AHS for rescuing this sweet little girl and bringing her into our lives!”

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Haven't been to Woofstock before?

Join Pet Haven and other exhibitors on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2011 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Looking for the perfect morning and afternoon to spend with your dog and meet adoptable dogs, other owners and fosters?

Charlie - cute and spunky!

Come for fun and games, lots of laughs, dogs to brighten your day, learn more about non profits you and your dog can support and enjoy the community and sale items in the Linden Hills area.

Pet Haven will have a booth with adoptable dogs present, volunteers to explain what we do and how you might help, and treats for the pooch in your life.

Russ(ell) - upper middle age, loves people, great companion, hopes for a fenced yard so he can hunt and chase the birds

Linden Hills Co-op will donate a percentage of Saturday's receipts to Pet Haven! Pick up some groceries or picnic supplies at the deli on your way home and help us re-home, educate, advocate and subsidize spay and neuter for owned animals.

Tell your friends! Hope to see you there!

Beau - big boy, laid back but enjoys a long walk and keeping you company -

Friday, September 2, 2011

Pet Haven Dog Adoptions, Sat. Sept. 3, 11 am - 1 pm

Lots of friendly, wistful, smiling, hopeful faces - waiting to meet you!

Large and medium Dog Adoption: PetCo Richfield, 66th and Lyndale Ave. S.

Small Dog Adoption: Chuck and Don's Wayzata location

Doggie kisses free of charge!