Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend trip to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue

On Friday, 3 Pet Haven volunteers and 2 other dog rescue supporters drove 5 hours north to Red Lake Rosie's. People who have been following this blog for a while probably know that Pet Haven gets quite a few dogs from Red Lake. We were there to be put to work and do some projects for Karen Good, who runs the organization up there on her own. And boy, did we work! The second we arrived there was a list of things to do and we jumped into it right away. Over the the weekend, we were able to chip away at some tasks that would have been way too much for Karen to do by herself, although I think all of us don't doubt that she would have found some way to get it done regardless!

It was a great weekend. It was humid, hot, rainy, stormy, and windy. The mosquitos were out in full force and we worked from the time we woke up to where it was basically too dark to do anything else. And none of us would have reconsidered the trip at all. Why? Because of the dogs and cats Karen has at the shelter.

The dogs and cats that Karen has at Red Lake all have a story of how they got there. But because of what she does, their futures are 100% brighter than if they hadn't found their way to her somehow. Every dog there is friendly, happy, and healthy after Karen gets them. We worked with the dogs every day, doing daily chores of feeding, exercising, and cleaning their living areas and got to know all of them. Many of the dogs and cats were coming back with us on Sunday to go to rescues and humane societies to be adopted out.

By the time Sunday rolled around, we had crossed off some projects and all of us knew that we would be back up there again someday, and soon, to work with Red Lake Rosie's. The whole trip was a reminder to everyone of how the work we do in rescue can really mean something, especially to the dogs. Dogs who were mistreated, neglected, or had their lives threatened are given another chance every day when they come to Karen's. 14 dogs and cats headed out with us to start their new lives, join a family, and have their own Happy Ending. And as we were leaving, Karen was getting ready for another dog to arrive minutes later. All of us were affected by Karen's devotion to the animals who come to her care.

Please check out this link if you would like to donate for vet care or some items for Red Lake Rosie's: Donation Information

Monday, June 29, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

A handful of volunteers spent the weekend volunteering up at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. We will be posting about the trip this week on the blog, so it's a great twist of fate that we get to start off the week celebrating the adoption of Chessie who came to us from RLRR! The adoption update from her foster mom:

Good morning, Chad and I drove to Prior Lake last night and met with H & D---and were greeted by not only them, but 4 of their 6 children, and numerous grandchildren.
Chessie will be surrounded by love constantly. This couple are longtime dog lovers, particularly Shephards (had pictures throughout the home of the family dogs)--and all of the children love dogs as well. To say they are dog lovers is an understatement, i.e. this morning I noticed even her check blanks are from the humane society and say "Adopt your next best friend". They are also previous Pet Haven dog adopters (I think from years ago).

She'll be in a house on a lake, with a large pontoon. H had experience with training dogs in her younger years--and Chessie will have an invisible fence (and a tie out until she is trained). It also sounds like there are neighbors with dogs to visit Ms. Chessie. They are both retired, so she'll never be alone, except when Helen might head to Bingo. :-)

Last night I watched this special girl surrounded by about 12 people and get her belly rubbed/petted. AS HARD as it was to let this one go, and the tears came the whole ride home, I keep thinking about how blessed these dogs have been thanks to Pet Haven and Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Suzy and the Good Life

Suzy was adopted by a Pet Haven volunteer earlier this year. You may remember her as the dog who played a very integral role in a very special marriage proposal. She is living the good life! Thank you, Sarah and Adam, for making Suzy a part of your family!

Suzy is doing so well. She has been learning so many new things. We go to my parent's cabin most summer weekends and we dont even tie her up - she runs and runs, jumping through the woods and field, and swimming. She's very good about staying with us and knowing not to get too far away. Last weekend she saw a deer and started sprinting after it, then knew she was getting too far from us, stopped, and came running back to us. She's also a great swimmer! She'll run and jump off the end of the dog into the water to fetch her dummy. We still can't believe she wasn't adopted by someone else. She's absolutely loved by everyone and is such a wonderful dog. Adam still tells me "you were right about her", every couple days. :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Foster home needed: Jester

Jester is a 1 year old lab mix -- he has slightly longer hair than your typical lab. He came to us from a shelter in rural Iowa and we don't have a lot of background on him. He's an energetic boy who loves to play fetch and is also a pro at catching the ball in his mouth if you toss it to him. He can be a bit bossy with the ball though and prefers not to share with other dogs. He would do best in a home without another ball hog. He does play well with the other dogs at the doggy daycare where he is currently hanging his leash.

This boy is very outgoing and would love to get out and about with a new family. Jester would make a great running or walking partner. He doesn't jump too much, but he does like to stand on his hind legs and give you nose-kisses. The staff at the daycare center think that he would do well with kids.

Does Jasper sound like the dog for you? Email pethavendogs@yahoo.com

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Izzy: A girl looking for love

Izzy arrived last week to Pet Haven via Red Lake Rosie’s. She has been in foster care since last Tuesday evening and is getting along great with her canine foster brothers and foster parents.

On Saturday, she had a wonderful time at the Paws for Peace event where she charmed young and old alike with her calm demeanor and laid back attitude. Kids, wheelchairs, strollers, big dogs, small dogs, nothing seemed to phase her! (Well, maybe the poodle wearing a beret took her by surprise, but really, who wouldn't be?) At approximately 1 year old, she still has some puppy in her, but she is housebroken and enjoys her quiet time chewing on her chew toys. She will need some help figuring out what she should be chewing on and what she shouldn’t, but she is very smart and will figure it out in no time.

Izzy had a hard start to her life, with scars and scabs to prove it, but she doesn’t let that keep her from opening her heart up to all that she meets. If you would like to open your heart to Izzy, please email pethavendogs@yahoo.com.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cat on the Dog Blog: Betty

This week we're doing another little blog swap with the Pet Haven cat blog. They are featuring a cat-friendly dog and we are featuring a dog-friendly cat. Many families have both canine and feline members and we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a couple of our foster kids who would love to join a blended household.

Betty is just around a year old. She has a sister named Brenda, who is a medium hair. Brenda tolerates the dogs in her foster home but you can see that Betty loves the dog! Both Betty and Brenda could be described as tom-girls - they love to be rowdy and wrestle with each other and Betty would need a dog that would tolerate and enjoy her biting his tail, rubbing all over his feet and face. Both girls are polydactyl - that means they have extra toes on their feet, front and back for these young ladies. Betty and Brenda do not have to be adopted together but each needs another active, playful, busy companion to romp with. Betty would love a dog that she could play with while you were away from home.

If you think Betty (or Brenda) might fit into your home, please email cats@pethavenmn.org.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

We have a couple of senior dog adoptions to celebrate (and a cute puppy too).

Coco, a senior toy poodle, has found his forever home. Congratulations, Coco!

Cindy, a senior lab, was adopted by the mother of the owner of one of our great veterinary partners. Cindy's new mom only works a few hours a week, leaving plenty of time to indulge Cindy's love of playing fetch. Congratulations, Cindy!

Charlie, a 9 month old Cocker Spaniel/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix . has found his forever home. Congratulations, Charlie!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Events this weekend

Pet Haven volunteers and some of our foster dogs will be at two events on Saturday.
Please come out and say hello!
Both are great community events for dog lovers -- check out the websites below:

Tails by the Lake Event
(Select adoptable dogs attending!)
Wayzata Village Shoppes
800 E Lake St, Wayzata

Paws for Peace: Dogfest

(Select adoptable dogs attending!)
Wabun Picnic Grounds at Minnehaha Park, Mpls

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Foster home needed: Meko

Meko is a young, male black lab mix (his hair is a bit longer than your typical lab) who came to us from a shelter in rural Iowa. He has had surgery to remove scar tissue on his elbows -- there are no lingering physical limitations, but he needs to have soft dog beds (or couches!) to lay on to protect his sensitive joints. He is currently hanging out at one of our doggy daycare partners which has padded floors and dog beds in the overnight suites, but he would love to hang his leash at foster home.

A few volunteers have been visiting him at doggy daycare and getting to know him. He's described as a little reserved, but not too shy to jump up on the counter and check things out. He went for a jog around Lake Calhoun last weekend and did very well after he got over the initial excitment. He did well greeting people of all ages, including kids. He gets along well with other dogs.

Meko sounds like he could potentially be a very easy foster. Any takers? Email pethavendogs@yahoo.com if you are interested.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Foster home needed: Harold

Harold is an 8 year old black lab who has been in hanging out in boarding for several weeks waiting for a foster home or forever home. Harold is a smaller black lab who might be a little set in his ways. He is growly when introduced to other dogs. We would like to try him in a foster home with no other dogs or laid back, mellow dog who will give him the space that he seems to indicate that he would like. The shelter that had him before Pet Haven did indicate that he was good with the shelter cat. Harold is very sweet with people and knows some basic commands. Being black, older and a little grouchy he is a gent who really needs someone take a little chance on him.

If you're interested, please email pethavendogs@yahoo.com.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You will be missed, Daisy

One of the dogs featured on our Happy Tails page, Daisy, has passed away. Her mom let us know that she was recently diagnosed with cancer and passed within 6 weeks. Thank you, Angel, for loving Daisy.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

Clyde, a Tree Walking Coonhound, was adopted this week. Clyde's new family include 3 little girls and 2 new canine siblings. Clyde has been a real favorite among PH volunteers -- his sweet face is hard to resist -- we are all very happy for him. Congratulations, Clyde!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hawkeye's happy ending

Hawkeye (originally from Iowa, naturally) was adopted from Pet Haven last month. He is a yellow lab mix who was in and out of foster care before we got a photo of him on file - so sorry, no picture today - but I assure you he is one handsome fellow!

Hawkeye is doing wonderfully. We go to dog obedience class on Saturdays --having completed 5 of the 8 weeks. After some discussion in the family, we kept the name Hawkeye. He does have the nickname "Cockeyed" because he does have one lazy eye. I took him to the vet within a week or so of him staying with us just to make sure all was okay with his eye as I wasn't sure if he could see really well out of it. She said his sight seemed to be okay but that it was just a "lazy" eye. His ribs no longer show and heis a healthy 67 lbs. He gets to walk on a leash every night and gets to the dog park down by the Mississippi River at least 3 times a week. We have really noticed his stamina has increased since going to the dog park. The ability to get out and run at top speeds with other dogs has really benefited him.

He still doesn't know how to "play" very well but in all other areas he seems well adjusted. He is well known and liked in the neighborhood as heis so gentle. That is a good thing as he did get out our side gate one day when my husband left it open. Hawkeye went in the backyard with me to do gardening and after a few minutes I noticed he was gone! As I went to find him, he was being led up the street by a neighbor.

Adopting Hawkeye has been great for us and I think he really likes being with our family.

Congratulations, Hawkeye!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kaia and Ari - Foster or adoptive homes needed!

Kaia and Ari are 9 month old female littermates. They are cattle dog mixes and should be around 40 lbs when they are full grown. They are being surrendered through no fault of their own and their previous owner has been able to provide us with a lot of information about the girls. The girls are good with kids, dogs and cats and have lived with birds as well. Their previous owner has helped us out by writing up some bios for the girls:

Sweet and a great snuggle buddy. Her big brown eyes greet you with hertail going a mile a minute. She loves to be held and go for walks but she doesnt like when cars drive by her. She is very attentive and comes when called. She loved her kitten friend and would lick the kitten clean. She loves her belly rubbed and goes crazy for aspponful of peanut butter. At the dog park she'd rather have the other dogs chase her then to roll around in the dirt with them. She loves laying right next to you during naps and to lay in the sun.

The Adventure seeker, always curious and checking out the area for things she wouldnt approve of... she hasnt found anything yet but youc an tell she is looking to protect. Ari Loves water, bath time is a piece of cake... fill up the tub and put some towels on the floor and she takes care of the rest. She loves to stick her nose under water and blow bubbles. When she walks she has a natural sense of confidence and has her head up high and walks with pride. She is very up front and likes to make sure people know when she is around. Ari is also a roughhouser and likes to wrestle dogs at the dog park but she usually ends up on her back also. She loved playing with the big saint bernard, and is very gentle with little dogs & small animals.

If you think one of these girls would fit into your home on a temporary (foster) or permanent (adoptive) basis, please email pethavendogs@yahoo.com

I am not 100% sure if I have the right photo with the right girl, but they are both adorable!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Zoey: Move-In Ready!

Zoey is a quiet, lovable, 5 year-old black lab mix who came to MN from Iowa. She is old enough to be well beyond the puppy stage but young enough to be interested in anything you want to do! Incredibly gentle and sweet, Zoey adores being petted and having her belly rubbed! She's great around kids, adults, and other dogs, but probably wouldn't mix well with cats.

She is very cautious when entering new buildings, but eventually settles in and relaxes nicely. She doesn't bark at all, but enjoys bounding after bunnies and squirrels and goes into a classic point whenever she sees them. She is house and crate trained and seems to like to go into the crate on her own for naps. She LOVES being outdoors and would do best in a home with a fenced in yard. Zoey makes an ideal pet for someone who wants a quiet, low-maintenance dog who enjoys giving and receiving affection!

If Zoey sounds like the dog for you, please email pethavendogs@yahoo.com

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thank you, Photographer's Guild!

During April and May, The Photographer's Guild hosted a fundraiser for Pet Haven which raised $1,070 for our rescue. Ahnung's mom took her in for her first photo shoot -- the fabulous Guild photographers really helped her tap into her inner supermodel.

We wanted to give them a huge shout out and thank you for helping us again this year by hosting this wonderful fundraiser!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday

Bundle of energy Scotch was adopted by his foster mom on Saturday. The Boxer mix lived at a couple of different boarding partners for nearly four months because this fifty pound, year old puppy's bouncing (think Winnie-the-Pooh's Tiggr) ways concerned potential fosters and adopters. Maria wanted to foster a dog and chose Scotch. I told her what he was like. She was certain: she wanted Scotch. She worked hard with him, taking him to obedience and socialization classes. Scotch repaid her by doing what she asked of him. And, when the family took in an older dog for a while, Scotch mellowed...somewhat. Still our bouncing high-octane brindle boy, he'll be missed at our adoption events, but we're so glad that he has a forever home! Here's a picture of Scotch and his calming influence. Scotch is on the left.

Lilah, a friendly and adorable Beagle, went home to new parents. They are "fostering with intent" to adopt her, but as Lilah has charmed everyone she has met, from the staff at Downtown Dogs, to her foster family, to volunteers and visitors at our adoption events, I'm sure they will make it official very soon.

Calm Springer (yes, there are some!) Winston has a new home this weekend. Okay, at least he was calm at our adoption events! His new family has two active teenagers, a mom who is home for the summer and best of all, a cabin on a lake. Winston's foster mom said a sad good-bye to him, but is happy that he will have a terrific life in his new home.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Madison and Vegas: Adopted dogs update

Madison (left) and Vegas (right) are both Pet Haven alums who stopped by to say "hi" at our adoption event a few weeks ago. Vegas (fka Charlie) was one of the dumpster puppies Pet Haven rescued last April (that led to the start of this blog). Madison was adopted last fall. They got a kick out of playing with each other at the event. Hooray for happy endings and thanks to their adoptive families for stopping by to visit and update us!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cindy needs a foster (or adopter)!

Cindy Lou is a sweet, friendly 75-pound senior black lab who likes everyone she meets - human, canine or feline. For Cindy, there are no strangers - only friends she hasn't met. She was reluctantly surrendered by her owners, who lost their home to foreclosure. They had bought her as a puppy from a breeder - Cindy is an aristocratic lady with with a classy pedigree. The name on her AKC registration is "Cause I Need Ducks and You." She is field trained, but her hunting days are behind her now. She can't exercise too long or too vigorously without getting winded. She enjoys a short daily walk at a moderate pace, and she REALLY REALLY NEEDS to play fetch with her favorite ball 2-3 times a day - no more than 7-8 throws at a time, though, because she tires easily. But she does demand her playtime every day. If you forget, or if it's been too long since the last game of fetch, she will stand in front of you and slap the floor with her front paws - left and right, from side to side, with a soft, muffled woof - until you take her outside and throw the ball. More recently, she has started dropping the ball at her foster's feet and picking it up, then dropping it again over and over - it's really comical, but she doesn't quit until you stop laughing and play with her. Sometimes she will literally toss the ball at you.

Cindy is hard of hearing, and we've started working with her on hand signal commands. She will dig in the garbage when left alone, if there's something in there that smells good (to her), so the garbage must be taken out every morning upon leaving for work. That's really her only bad habit - she doesn't chew, doesn't bark much, and is fully housetrained - foster has a dog walker who comes midday, so we can't be sure if she can hold it all day, but we think she can. Rides well in the car. We were warned that Cindy was an escape artist, but she has shown no inclination to try to get out of the foster's fenced yard when outside. She did knock down a safety gate when she was gated into a bedroom, though - she is very strong for an old girl. She gets along well with cats and other dogs - she will stand up for herself if challenged, but she definitely prefers diplomacy over conflict!
If Cindy sounds like a dog who would fit in your home on a permanent (adoptive) or temporary (foster) basis, please email pethavendogs@yahoo.com

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pass the Pepper, please!

Claudia, a PH volunteer, wrote up a little something about her day with Pepper this weekend at the 5K run:

What can I say, Pepper is that one-of-a-kind happy-go-lucky dog, who always has a wagging tail. I like to describe him as the "curious, happy kid" -- just content to check out the world. People seem to gravitate towards him, too. Must be his sweet face, or that million dollar smile.

Pepper was my running partner for The Fast and the Furballs 5k-9 on Sun May 31st (our first ever—watch Pet Haven's website for upcoming events!). He was a loyal pace-car, running by my side and keeping my enthusiasm to jog the full 5k. When we met other dogs along the way, he was a gentleman, saying hi in true doggy style. Pepper, being about 2 yrs old, is still a "kid" -- he has a ton of energy and is ready to share it with anyone he can! He loves sitting in the car, breeze in flapping his ears... waiting patiently for the next adventure.

On the flip side, Pepper is quite the snuggler. He loves to roll over and lay on his back, really to get those belly rubs! He's ready to sit, stay, and gives his paw (sometimes just to give it, even when he isn't asked!).

If you think Pepper sounds like the dog for you, email pethavendogs@yahoo.com

Monday, June 1, 2009

Garage sale success!

Many thanks to all of our hardworking volunteers who helped plan, organize and host Pet Haven's annual garage sale at Becky's home! Many thanks also to those who donated to our garage sale. Doug and Moose worked hard the day of the garage sale (you have to look hard to see Moose who blends in nicely with Doug's black jeans!) .... they did a tremendous job supervising and making sure all was running smoothly :)

We raised $922 as a result of the garage sale --- ALL of which will go directly to helping homeless dogs and cats!

Also, hop over and check out the recap on the Fast and the Furballs race/fundraiser this weekend: Fast and the Furballs.

Adopted Dog Monday!

Oso, a middle aged shepherd/rottie mix was officially adopted by his foster-with-intent home this weekend. Oso was surrendered by a family who fell on hard times and it was a very difficult surrender. I hope maybe they are following the blog and will know that Oso has landed in a loving home and they adore him. Congratulations, Oso!

Bishop, a young male mix, was adopted by his foster home. Allison and family were his third foster home -- third time's the charm! After fostering him since October they have realized that he is already home. They also recently paid for Bishop's DNA to be tested and the results state that he is over 50% Chihuahua. That would make him the biggest Chihuahua I've ever met (Bishop is about 40lbs), but it does explain why he thinks he is a lap dog and hates cold weather. Congratulations, Bishop!