Friday, January 29, 2010

One Big Adoption Day Tomorrow!

In honor of the fifth Saturday in January, we are having an adoption event for all our dogs.  Large, medium and small dogs will be attending. They're all looking forward to meeting you.

Join us at the Richfield Petco, (66th & Lyndale South, Richfield) from 10 o'clock until noon.

Luna is going to be adopted.  She's delighted that she won't ever have to leave her comfy couch again.

A Chihuahua or two might be there, too.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Please don't give me as a gift"

Luna would like to explain to everyone why giving a puppy (or a kitten) is a bad idea.  She knows it's a bad thing, because she was once given as a gift.

"I was a cute little fluffball, the kind that no one can resist.  I lived with my mom and brothers and sisters in someone's house for a while and then one day some kids came by and picked me out. I thought I would have a good time with them because they passed me around and hugged me and told me how cute I was.

They took me to their friend's house.  The girl was so happy to see me and she ran over to the boy who was carrying me, took me from his arms and kissed me.  "Happy Birthday!" they shouted.

"I can't believe I have a puppy", she said.

The first few days, no one in the household could get enough of me.  I was out of my kennel whenever they were home and they laughed at me scrambling around on my wobbly puppy legs and said "awwww" a lot when I would find a toy and bring it to them to play.  They liked to give me treats and pick me up and play gently with my big ears.

But that didn't last long.  Pretty soon, the family got used to me and they went back to their regular lives. When they were home, they were doing homework, or watching TV, or sleeping. They weren't all that interested in me.  I was still cute, but I had grown and my antics were a perhaps alarming to them now that I weighed more than 30 pounds.  

I tried really hard to be a good girl so they would play with me again.  I was house-trained at an early age,  I don't bark (not much), I love everyone, but I guess it just wasn't enough.  They really didn't want me.

One day, they decided I should live somewhere else, so they took me to a shelter that would help find me another home.  I wasn't there very long at all until a lady came and took me home with her.  She had other dogs like me and I was allowed to play with them.    I got to show off what I good girl I am and that really paid off, because my next move was to my forever home.

I am so excited about my life now, because these days I only have to go in my kennel at night. I have a German Shepherd sister who even though she is kinda old (6) can keep up with me in play.   We have a big yard with a fence and lots of bushes and things to play around.  Fortunately, my mom is not that fussy about her plants!  She takes me all kinds of places and is proud when people comment on what a beautiful and well-behaved puppy I am.

So, you can tell it has all ended up happily for me, but I know that it does not work so well for every dog and cat who is given as a gift.

Please remember that we are living creatures and we need care and love.  The person you give us to might not really want a puppy or a kitten.   They might not know how to care for us.  If you want to give an animal as a gift, go to a toy store and buy a stuffed one!

Editor's note:  Most rescues, Pet Haven included, will not adopt animals out as gifts.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Remember Ode?

She was the puppy from Red Lake who had been badly mistreated.  She was adopted over a year ago.  Today we received this update from her mom:

At  just under 2 years old, Ode (full name: Ode-Almondine-Bambi-Funny  Girl-Yawnee) possesses the energy, stamina and full rights of puppyhood.  When she isn't shaking down her works-from-home DogMa for walks, yard  play, her post-breakfast rawhide chew or any edible she can finagle, she's  chasing down the cat (more a partner in hijinx than victim nowadays),  snoozing on her cushy chair (directly behind DogMa's computer chair), or  screeching at her yard's front fenceline -- an antic intended to  attract canine passersby but rarely successful in that  mission.

    A dependable and spirited  copilot/sidekick, Ode's happy to join DogMa on car errands as well as  hikes to various nearby stops, where she abides being tied up for a short  while if it means a biscuit and loving greetings upon DogMa's return.
    Last summer, Ode proudly displayed her  beginning, but impressive, swimming chops in both Lake Calhoun (on Uncle  Dan's boat) and Twin Lakes (while visiting Auntie Char's northern  Minnesota cabin).

    Ode and DogMa had fun  meeting not one but two other Red Lake pooches at dogparks over the  holidays -- one, a cute little guy named Rupert who seemed to think Ode  was his mom. Ode's also kept busy this winter chasing around with her  buddy Gar(th), another fine alum of the Pet Haven system, on the shoveled  pathways in her yard. She looks forward to airport-dogpark outings with  fave beau Phoenix and occasional visits from her Wisconsin cousin Hubba.  (She misses her cousin Jasper and hopes he's enjoying his new Oregon  digs.)  Also high on Ode's to-do list are trips across town to visit  88-year-old Dori, whose very special (and hilarious) relationship with her  Granddogdaughter is a joy to behold.

    Among  Ode's resolutions for the new year are:
--> Calming down (read:  pulling less) on walks with DogMa
--> Resisting the urge to "jump  hello" when encountering friendly (known and unknown) persons
-->  Toning down the fenceline screeching in the name of civility and improved  neighbor relations
--> Always remembering that DogMa is  alpha
--> Continuing her advocacy of animal rights & protections  while on walks and eventually via some volunteer activities -- perhaps  with seniors or kids, both of whom the girl  LOVES!
    Ode and DogMa thank Pet Haven for  helping them find each other -- patient/supportive Celayne and especially Marilou, who seemed to know the two were a destined match before they did.


A movie of Ode was made shortly after she arrived into Pet Haven's foster program in the summer of 2008. You can view it on YouTube.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chuck & Don's Paw Print Fundraiser

Pet Haven was selected by Chuck & Don's to be the recipient of their annual holiday Paw Prints fundraiser in 2009. We are extremely grateful to Chuck & Don's and their very generous customers for giving so much. C&D customers donated over $29,000 and C&D matched the donations raised by 25%. Last Thursday, three of Pet Haven's board members were presented with a check in the amount of $36,314!. The entire amount will go to support Pet Haven's Spay/Neuter Initiative. To learn more about Pet Haven's Spay Neuter Initiative click here. Last year Chuck & Don's also raised $34,000 in their Pins for Pets fundraiser and designated Minnesota Spay Neuter Project as the recipient of the donations.

In 2009 Pet Haven distributed approximately $30,000 in grants to other rescues and shelters (specifically for spay/neuter efforts) and individuals in need of spay/neuter assistance. The additional funds provided by Chuck & Don's will enable Pet Haven to help even more rescues/shelters and individuals.

We have a serious pet overpopulation crisis with 3 - 4 million dogs and cats being euthanized in shelters across the country. We simply cannot adopt our way out of the overpopulation problem. Chuck & Don's shares our belief that spay/neuter efforts are critical to preventing the needless suffering of animals -- we need to prevent unwanted litters.

A million thanks to Chuck & Don's for your commitment and support of the animal welfare community in Minnesota and for walking side by side with so many local rescues/shelters/organizations to be a strong voice and supporter for spay/neuter efforts.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Adopted Dog Monday!

Trevor's new family is enjoying him.  His new mom was a cat and NOT a dog person (her words) but she was willing to give him a chance as her husband and son were so eager to add a dog to their household.  Now mom is a dog AND cat person.  She was surprised by how smoothly the transition to his new home has gone for Trevor.

As for Trevor, he is smiling a lot these days, going to the dog park, playing in the backyard and sleeping in bed with his parents.

Little Man has two brand-new dads and a canine sister, Mazey. Mazey is a German Shepherd/Greyhound cross.  Little Man is bigger than the typical Chihuahua and we liked to speculate on what he actually was.  Whatever his breed mix, it made him into an amazing small dog.  Little Man came to us from Camden Animal Hospital in Minneapolis, where he had a broken leg set.  Camden is an impound facility for Minneapolis Animal Control.  The staff contacted Pet Haven when no owner came forward to claim him.  It's hard to imagine anyone letting this cutie go without looking for him!

Despite the disparity in their sizes, Mazey and Little Man look like they could be twins!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A little bit looney

The  German Shepherd puppy Luna has found a new way of sitting on the couch.

She's been accepted by the Isis, the Queen Bee of the household.  It's a good thing, because Luna is going to be adopted by her foster mom at the next adoption event:  Saturday, January 30 at the Richfield Petco store.

Isis was discovered as a young cat living on her own in a woods.  She knows what a relief it is to be rescued and appreciates the finer things in life like regular meals, cozy sleeping spots and congenial company. Isis has been happy to introduce her new sister to the lore of the house.

Three Amigos

Hosea, Gabby and Harley came to us from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.  They were suddenly unwanted by their owner.    For some reason, all three of these small cuties have been with us since September.  (Hosea wants me to tell you that is nearly five months.)

The only reason I can think of that they have not been adopted is that  they are seniors -- Hosea and Gabby are ten, Harley is nine. For tiny dogs, this is mere middle age.

The Amigos are doing well in their separate foster homes but each dog would love to be adopted.  C'mon people, you could have many years of a little dog snuggling on your lap!  You can also dress them in cute little sweaters.  They don't eat much.  They can't counter-surf.  They're portable.  What's not to like?

To meet any of The Three Amigos, read their profiles on our Petfinder page. Next, fill out an online application on our website.    You'll get a call back within 24 hours.  

Or, you can come and meet them at our all-dog adoption event on Saturday, January 30th at the Richfield Petco store.    It's a little ways off, and things can come up, but as of now I believe all Three Amigos will be in attendance.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Twin Cities Puppy Bowl

Thanks to Sidewalk Dog, Pampered Pooch Playground, FetchDelivers and Sarah Beth Photography for organizing an event that will not only be fun but will give great exposure to cute, adoptable puppies from local rescues: The 2010 Twin Cities Puppy Bowl. Featured below is Clarence (a rescued puppy from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, one of Pet Haven's rescue partners). Clarence is ready to cheer on the Vikings and he certainly hopes that he, along with all his rescued friends looking for adoptive homes, will be able to watch the game on the couch and in their new forever home!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Adopted Dog Monday!

Three Pet Haven dogs found their forever homes this past week.

Paden, the active Boxer mix, went home with a newly retired couple.  Here's an update from Paden's foster mom; Her new parents have lots of time and love to give her. They have a huge fenced-in back yard and go for daily walks-when the temps are above zero. As I left, Paden was chasing a very surprised bunny all over the yard. Photo is of Paden making herself at home on her new family's couch.  We loved having Paden as a foster. She is a gorgeous dog that had such a loving spirit. 

Here's another photo of Paden disguised as a bumblebee:

Wayne's new mom previously adopted from Pet Haven -- an elderly biting poodle called Blackie.    She currently has a young Pit mix, Joey, who is dealing with some fear issues.  Wayne's calm and happy demeanor should help Joey learn that people are okay.

The big Hooray! you heard was us cheering when Harold was adopted by his foster mom.  Harold had a rough time when he came to us. An older Lab, he did not enjoy the company of other dogs and let them know by snapping at them.  When he stayed at one of our boarding partners, he had to spend a lot of time alone because daycares are all about the pack.  He was in a couple of foster homes that didn't work out -- not his fault -- and finally he got into the home that would become his permanent home.  Congratulations, Harold!  There truly is a home for every dog.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The great, but brief, escape

Zipper aka Pepper went on a little run yesterday.  He leapt the fence at his doggie daycare.  We're all puzzled by this because he seems to really like it there.  I guess a scent wafting by on a January-thaw day was just too much for this boy to resist, so over he went.

He didn't make it too far before a woman was able to approach him.  Since Pepper was not wearing collar or tags she did not know where he belonged, so she took him to a neighborhood veterinary clinic, where he was picked up by relieved staff.

About not wearing collar or tags:  it sounds like a bad idea but it is a safe choice. Collars can quickly choke a dog if a paw tangles in them during play.

Now that we know Pepper can scale a very tall fence, he will be watched more carefully.  It's best not to leave a dog unattended even in a fenced yard until you are pretty confident that he is not a jumper.  Sometimes a dog has every capability of going over a fence but doesn't know it. As long as he lives in ignorance, he'll never try to leave.  Once he figures it out, he may freely jump over.

One of my friends has a four foot chain link fence for her German Shepherd Dog. With all the snow we've had this season, the fence is only about a foot high in places.  Kallen just sees FENCE and so far hasn't breached the security of her yard.

Back to Pepper.  This boy immensely enjoys the playtime and affection he gets in his boarding house.  But what he needs is a real place to call home.    Since he can jump fences, one is not required.    He will still need a lot of exercise, though, so if you are a runner or would like to become acquainted with the wonderful dog parks in the Twin Cities, Pepper could be the dog for you.

He's asked that inquiries about him be sent to

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Adopted Dog Update: Pepper

We recently received an update from a Pet Haven dog who was adopted almost 8 years ago ... we LOVE getting updates so please send your updates to us at Here is an update on Blackie (now Pepper!) .... thanks Raquel for providing Blackie with such a wonderful home!

"It was eight years ago last month that I bought my very own townhouse in St. Louis Park, and nine days later that a 6 1/2-month old black mini-poodle from Pet Haven arrived at my place. He came with the name "Blackie" and the caveat that I could "try him out" due to his severe separation anxiety and habit of wailing for hours like a small child once his human left. It was imperative that his foster mom, Kristin, found a new home for him, even if it was temporary, as her neighbors had complained about his crying while she was away.

I grew up with a mini-poodle and always wanted a dog of my own as an adult, so I was happy to give him a try. Kristin noted that if it didn’t work out I shouldn’t feel bad as he was small, non-shedding and VERY friendly, so he would certainly find a forever home soon.

After our trial period of five days, there was no way possible I could return my new little buddy. I had already fallen hard for him. I consulted a vet about his separation anxiety and with her advice, we worked through his issue naturally. As she suggested, he would learn over time that I would return each day and also recommended dog training to help improve his self-esteem.

Each day when I left for work, I put him in his kennel and set the borrowed video camera to record how he was doing. It was a slow process – my vet noted it would probably take a couple of months, but she was right – soon he was crying less and less, and became more confident and trusting that I would return after my workday was done. Eventually he stopped crying altogether. And lucky for both of us, my neighbors never heard him once.

I renamed him Pepper and we enrolled in dog training school. He was at the top of the class and learned all of the commands very easily, and quickly learned his potty training, too. In addition to the basic commands, he can also roll over (both ways), beg, crawl, high five, gimme 10, and the cutest of all – “head down”, where he lay his head down on your chest like he’s snuggling with you.

Since Pepper’s arrival eight years ago, my husband and I have added three more rescued canines to our pack who were hard-to-place due to their individual situations. Pepper is my resident lap warmer, a big mama's boy, and the pack leader as I believe he knows he’s the oldest and the smartest. We love him and our other crazy canines dearly; they are a great bunch, make us laugh every day, and we really enjoy our unique furry family and spoiling them. I’m not sure what we’d do without them. They have taught us so much.

Thank you, Pet Haven, for the wonderful service you provide to our furry friends and their adoptive families. The world is a much better place for it! "

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Canine Inspired Change Informational Session

Have you ever thought about making a difference in the community in partnership with your dog?? Consider becoming a Pet Partner team where you and your registered therapy dog can be a part of a Team CIC (Canine Inspired Change).

One of Pet Haven's partners, Canine Coach, will be hosting an information session on a new course, "Canine Inspired Change". Ahnung, a Pet Haven alum (who came to Pet Haven from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue) is currently working alongside Sharpie (and their moms) working with youth in the community.

The Canine Inspired Change course is one step beyond therapy dog training and will provide a framework and support to immediately get involved in the community as part of the CIC Team (the focus being on fostering emotional growth and teaching social skills). At the informational session the Canine Coach therapy dog instructor will also provide an overview on animal assisted activities and animal assisted therapy training.

If you want to learn more about what you and your dog could be a part of, check out the following Kare11 coverage on Sharpie's mom, Danielle (dog trainer at Canine Coach) or read Ahnung's blog for her thoughts on one of their sessions :)

The informational session will be on Saturday, 1/30 at 1 PM at the St. Paul/Como Canine Coach location.

There's no cost to attend the session .... in lieu of a fee, a donation is being requested for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue (monetary or anything a dog or even a cat could use would be appreciated). You can visit their blog for what they need most. Supplies and monetary donations will be sent Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, along with lots of slobbery kisses from all the pooches!

Click on the image below to get a larger view of the flyer.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Lovable Luna

Looks to me like Luna has made herself comfortable in her foster home.    At just six months old, Luna (the darker dog) is fully housebroken, respectful of the resident dogs and cats and a star in her obedience class. She's already mastered sit, and is especially good at it when a treat is offered as a reward. She learned to 'heel' in an icy parking lot on Sunday.  Fortunately, she is a quick learner or her foster mom would not have lasted for long.

One day last week, Luna's foster mom heard a lot of clanging and banging in the office, where the cats have a privacy gate so they can eat in peace.  The gate has a little door in it so they can come and go as they please.   A lot of noise, the sound of small metal bowls being pushed around and into each other.  The cats might tip a bowl over, but they never play games with them.  Foster mom always fastens the gate carefully, but she ran back to make sure she hadn't slipped up.

She hadn't.  Miss Luna had squeezed herself through the cat door, an 8" x 12" space.  No real harm done, but Luna found that she was getting more of her own dinner after that "to help you grow", said her foster mom.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tears for Boogie

Today was a sad day for us at Pet Haven.  Our little Pekinese boy, Boogie, was euthanized after a week of deteriorating health.

We took him in last June knowing he had a heart murmur.  He came to us from the Animal Humane Society because Pet Haven has such a good track record of caring for special needs dogs and cats. Our  veterinarian said Boogie was stable but that his life expectancy was six months to two years.

His foster home was wonderful, faithfully giving him his medication and all the love and cuddling this affectionate dog wanted.  Boogie surprised us all but burrowing under the fence shortly after arriving at his new home and being discovered a couple of hours and several blocks away -- outside an ice cream parlor.    He was bright and friendly and we always loved seeing him at our adoption events.

Last weekend, Boogie was hospitalized because he was having seizures and had a very low glucose level.  When he was released, his foster parents followed all the doctor's orders, feeding him more frequently to try to stabilize his blood sugar level and keeping some honey on hand in case it dropped too low.

Sadly, it became clear today that Boogie did not have much time left.  His loving foster mom and dad were with him went he peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge.   The hardest thing for us to do is to let go when it is time.  It takes courage and resolve to take the final step and help a dearly loved animal out of the pain and into peace.

Thank you to Andrea and Jeff for loving Boogie as their own dog.  He knew he was loved until the very end.  Tonight, say a prayer, light a candle, do something nice for a living being in honor of this cheerful and loving dog.  Boogie, you will be missed and never forgotten.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eddi the JRT: An Update

Eddie is a cute Jack Russell Terrier (aren't they all?). He was a little "owner surrender" in March of 2008.  Being a JRT, I'm guessing that his breed-driven high energy level made him a little much for whomever had him before. 

When Eddie came to us, he was a very shy dog.  He would not look his foster parents, Leslie and Danny, in the eye but would hold his head down in a pose of submission.  They enrolled him in obedience training.  After the third class, Eddie had gained enough confidence to look Leslie in the eyes.  It's so rewarding for a foster parent to gain an animal's trust after working so hard for it.

They had Eddie for about six months before he was adopted into just the right home.  We recently received this update from his mom:

"We are all doing great and enjoyed another Christmas Season!  The season was especially good with a 5, almost 3 and almost 1 year old!  You can imagine the excitement.  Eddie is doing wonderfully.  He has been such a great addition to our family.  We just love that little guy!  We have another grandbaby on the way due in April.  That will be the second baby since Eddie joined our family!  He seems to really love the babies!!  He also enjoys watching dogs doing tricks or running around on the computer or TV. (especially The Dog Whisperer). It's great to watch him.  I'm attaching some pics that hopefully you can view to see what Eddie looks like at this time!

We want to thank you again for taking such care of Eddie before we were able to adopt him!  You did a great job with him!"s

And here is a P.S.:

"I just cracked up when R. called me to show me how he was watching and listening to the computer where a dog was catching frisbees!  His eyes were glued to every movement and sound on the screen.  He has done that on the TV screen but never the computer screen.  He still does that thing where he won't look you in the eye but tilts his head off to the side and just sits there quietly.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Adopted Dog Update: Drake

We always LOVE getting updates from adopters .... over the holidays we got a card from Drake's new family. Drake came to Pet Haven in October, 2008 from a local impound. Drake had been hit by a car and had to have his right front leg amputated. In November, 2008 he was a star in Pet Haven's annual Fall Benefit fundraiser and was one of the 13 dogs in our pet fashion show presented by Lulu & Luigi. When Drake first came to Pet Haven he was being fostered at one of our doggie daycare partners, Pampered Pooch Playground in St. Louis Park. In January, 2009 they officially adopted Drake to join their family. Drake has a sister, Zoe (an absolutely adorable English bulldog) and it sounds like he is being a terrific older brother to her :) The following is the card we got .... thank you Jeff, Gretchen and Zoe for opening up your heart and your home to Drake!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Adopted Dog Monday!

Skipper and Charlie were adopted on Saturday.  Skipper, the oh-so-adorable Sheltie from Red Lake, had his home visit that very day and was already settling into his new digs when his foster mom left him there.   He has a 13 year old Sheltie sister and two human parents who have had several Shelties over the years.  Skipper has the naughty habit of marking when he enters a place where other dogs have been, so he is sporting a "belly band" for a few days to help him make a good impression in his new home.

Charlie was adopted but is still waiting for his home visit.  We're expecting it to go swimmingly.   His new dad visited this attractive dog at two of our adoption events before he made the commitment.  We love it when someone takes time and puts thought into what we hope is a long-term relationship!

Charlie is a grey Poodle mix who draws admiring crowds wherever he goes. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of him at hand.  Take my word for it: if we had a dozen just like him we would be able to adopt all of them out in short order.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

ASPCA/Subaru "Share the Love" Campaign

A few weeks ago Pet Haven received a call from the ASPCA office in New York ... as part of their "Share the Love" campaign where Subaru will donate $250 one of 5 charities, of which ASPCA is one of them. ASPCA was looking for a local rescue/shelter In Minnesota to show support and to also have the opportunity to promote their own rescues at a local Subaru dealer. Pet Haven was selected to come out to the Wayzata Subaru dealer on Saturday. To represent Pet Haven we had Ahnung and Nick. Ahnung is a Pet Haven alum ... a rescue originally from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue who then came into Pet Haven's foster program. Ahnung was fostered, then adopted by Marilou (president of Pet Haven) in January of 2009. Since then she has gone through numerous classes and is now a registered therapy dog through Delta Society. Ahnung volunteers with her mom at The Lab (a program of St. Paul Public Schools) that services EBD youth. Nick, the orange tabby, with lots of personality and charm, arrived into Pet Haven's program almost 2 years ago from a partner rescue in Spencer, Iowa. 2010 is his lucky year though as he is officially being adopted today (Sunday)! His foster mom is going to miss him terribly.

Both Ahnung and Nick did a tremendous job as ambassadors for Pet Haven and for rescued dogs and cats. We handed out lots of newsletters and helped spread the word about Pet Haven and the importance of adopting a rescued animal as well as the importance of spaying and neutering your animals.

Ahnung's favorite spot was in front of a brand new Subaru where there was a ray of sunshine coming through. She wanted to know why she didn't get to test drive a Subaru ... or even better, why she (and Nick) couldn't take one home!. I told her, maybe next time.

P.S. From Ahnung: If you're interested in reading more about my volunteer work as a therapy dog with EBD youth, check out my blog. We need more Pet Partner teams!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Adoption Event Today!

Pet Haven adoptable dogs will be at our adoption event today, Saturday from 10 am - Noon.

Small dogs will be at the Wayzata Chuck & Don's and medium/large dogs will be at the Minnetonka Petco. For more info check out the event schedule on the left hand side of our website.

This is our first adoption event of the New Year ... our adoptable dogs are ready to win your heart over. Now that the craziness of the holidays are over, they are hoping you'll have room in your heart to bring them home :)