Friday, April 29, 2011

Saturday All Dog Adoption Event Richfield Petco

It is the 5th Saturday in April so that means an all dog, small to large, adoption event at the Richfield Petco from 11-1pm. Dogs in attendance waiting to meet their fans: Toby, Russ, Charlie, Jake, Blue and Boomer. Check out our Petfinder page for their bios.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spay Neuter Day at Westgate Clinic

Pet Haven in collaboration with  Minnesota Spay/Neuter Project held another feline Spay/Neuter Day event at the Westgate Pet Clinic on Sunday, April 17th hosted by the  veterinarians and staff from Westgate clinic, led by Teresa Hershey, DVM.   We had a great team of volunteers representing both PH (Barbarajean Brandt, Christy Thorson, Jamie Whiteside, Reade Adams, Carolmarie Steinegger) and MSNP (Melanie Hill, Carol Schmidt, Angela Scaletta).  In total, 33  cats [belonging to low-income community residents] were sterilized, received rabies and distemper vaccinations and microchips  beginning at 7:30 a.m. and ending around 4:30 in the afternoon.

Families were sent home with a three-day supply of pain medication and instructions to curtail any running, climbing, and jumping for the first couple of days to allow the surgical site to properly heal.  Westgate also donated additional medications for cats with upper respirator yinfections and ear mites. There were no complications but one cat with a slow clotting factor  was sent home with Vitamin K and is recovering well.

To date through the combined efforts of Pet Haven and MSNP,  over 5000 dogs and cats from low-income households have been spayed or neutered.

Monday, April 25, 2011

People 4 Pets Adopted Dog Monday

Libby the senior spaniel mix was adopted by a third grade school teacher. He arranged his work schedule to provide more time for Libby. He also has a dog walker at noon and a neighbor girl who visits Libby after school. This pup has an entire team of people looking out for her.

Libby's owner would like to train her as a therapy dog so she can be a reading buddy for his students. Thanks to Paul and Christina for fostering this gentle girl. Congratulations on your first adoption!

Bear the lovable chocolate lab was adopted by a young man as his first dog. Bear is already taking puppy classes at Canine Coach and is a star student. Bear is enjoying walks around the city lakes, visits to local coffee shops, and romps in the woods with the family poodle. Thanks again to Paul and Christina for fostering this great dog. You guys rock!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tug the Easter Beagle

Hey everyone, Tug the Easter beagle here. Just want to wish everyone a hoppy Easter weekend. If you know anyone that would be interested in a super cool beagle dude have them contact Pet Haven at Check out my bio here. My foster home at Rescue Buddy Boarding is really comfy but I would love a home of my very own.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Week Only: Adopted Dog Tuesday

Danny Boy came into Pet Haven from People 4 Pets in Spencer, Iowa. Hard to believe that nobody wanted this cute little guy - just look at that face!!!

It didn't take long for someone to fall in love with Danny Boy, now called Diego. He was snatched up in just a few weeks by an adopter who is friends with one of our very dedicated volunteers.

Here's an update from Diego's mom, Peggy:

"He's doing really good. We were working in the yard yesterday so he was out most of the day. He had a friend stop by last night to play. He did good got a little upset when Jack took his bone which is normal for any dog. For the most part they'd played good together. We're just feeding him the dry dog food and he eats it right up. He loves to walk he's been out for long walks both Saturday and Sunday. Took him rollerblading this morning to burn up a little energy he'll probably sleep most of the day..."

Sounds like Diego's got himself a great life now!!!

(Diego hard at work with Pet Haven volunteer, Leslie!)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Adoption Events April 16th

Richfield Petco
66th & Lyndale
Saturday April 16th

Calhoun Chuck & Don's
3246 West lake St
Saturday April 16th

Monday, April 11, 2011

Adopted Dog Monday: Mainard (fka Tucker)!

Tucker came to Pet Haven after he was found in a ditch near Lake Traverse Indian Reservation with a few other dogs. Despite being left on the side of the road, Tucker found it easy to love and trust humans. Tucker was fostered by new volunteer/foster Mary who adopted Heidi (fka Maya) last year.

Here's a photo of Mary and Tucker right before he was adopted:

And here's an update from Mainard's new family:

"It has only been a week, but WOW! We took Mainard to the Minnehaha dog park for the first time this week. He was a bit new to the whole ordeal. Some of the larger dogs sacred him a bit. But after a few visits, he has proven to be a very confident little fella! He loves other dogs!

Mainard has also done wonders with Boogie. I swear they teach each other. Boogie has lost a LOT of bad habits, including; marking in the house, barking and just behaving in general. They have been great together. Mainard has taught Boogie that he doesn't need to bark for attention. Boogie has in turn taught Mainard to stay close and not run off on walks and at the park.

Mainard is always so happy when we arrive home. The slippery Dachshunds are known to be independent, and many times Boogie didn't really seem to be too enthused about us showing up at home. Now he comes to the door, with Mainard, and is happy. Plus, he doesn't bark when he gets excited!I think Mainard being the quiet one, has taught Boogie that he doesn't need to be loud for attention. Ok...I'm rambling. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is this little dog has really helped out out a lot! I'm so happy you do what you do! Make sure to tell Mary thanks too. "

Reading updates like this makes all the heartache we experience with animal rescue all worth it.

Big thank you to Mary for fostering Tucker and for Alisha and Beau opening up their heart and home for Mainard...we wish you many happy years together!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Another update, another mill dog

It's great to hear how well Daisy is doing!

Abby, one of our 3 most recent mill or hoarding dogs is also slowly making progress.

She's guessed to be a poodle-chihuahua mix! Short little legs, curly hair like a poodle!

Here is what her foster mom has to say about her:

Abby is very shy and reminds her foster mom of the squirrels she watched at Loring Park when she was a kid. Some were tame enough to feed by hand. They would nervously come up to her outstretched hand, grab a peanut, and then scurry off. That is Abby. She has learned that if you nose your foster mom's hand when you hear the word "touch" you'll get a piece of cheese. She has also learned that you get cheese if you look at your foster mom when she says your name. She will tolerate a tiny bit of petting - on the nose with one or two fingers - but more than that frightens her. This may seem insignificant, but when she first came to her foster home she would run off if she noticed someone looking at her.

Abby has made even more progress when it comes to involving herself in the household. Following the lead of her canine sisters, she is never far from her foster mom and dad. She sits near them on the couch to watch TV - not touching them, but close. During the past week she has even started jumping up on their bed in the morning to join the lobbying effort to get breakfast served. She greets her foster mom at the door when she comes home from work and has even warmed up to one of the neighbors who comes to visit her. She used to just stand across the room and bark at him until he left. Now she will take the cheese he offers from his hand. Abby won't be available for adoption until she can be handled and picked up, but she is on her way towards that goal.

Having read the foster's description of this cute little girl you can begin to understand the patience and dedication our fosters have.

Abby is making good progress. Her personality is beginning to show through, she is learning to trust people and she will one day find just the right home for her!

Millie, a puppy we took from the hoarder house, has found a home and is flourishing there.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Adopted Dog Update: Daisy

Daisy hanging out an one
of her favorite places ..
Pampered Pooch Playground!
Daisy came to Pet Haven from the Animal Humane Society (AHS) as a part of our involvement with the Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare coalition, MnPAW. AHS rescued Daisy from a puppy mill in rural Minnesota. To read more about this poor girl's rough beginnings, click here.  Fortunately, this sweet girl's story has a very happy ending. She was adopted by one of Pet Haven's loyal, dedicated and valued volunteers Bobbi.

Bobbi recently shared the following update on Daisy .. thank you Bobbi for loving this gentle spirit and for giving her a chance to experience life and all the pampering and love and care she so deserves:

"Daisy had a low chance for adoption.  After spending her entire 8 years in a 3 X 3 cage with two other dogs, being forced to bare multiple litters each year, being peed on and pooped on daily, and having what little people contact be a terrifying experience, it was no surprise that she was emotionally shutdown and physically damaged.  Matted, dirty, going blind from dry eye, a mammary tumor, and both hind legs having a genetic defect, it’s no wonder.

Pet Haven, through it’s ties with the Golden Valley Animal Humane Society, agreed to take her in.  It was believed her foster home might be where she spent the rest of her life.  But, as fate would have it, I was losing my Shih Tzu, Buster.  Living in an Association ruled complex, I was limited to one dog and not quite ready for a new one.  That is until I saw her face on Pet Haven’s website.  Love at first sight.  I said to Sally and Leslie, Pet Haven Small Dog coordinators, that is my dog.  Once said I would have to figure out a way to make it work.
Daisy hanging out with her
friends at Pampered Pooch!

Today,  8 months since I brought Daisy Mae home to stay and about a year since she was rescued, the dog that was once considered unadoptable, has made incredible progress.  She began to blossom slowing at her foster home with Vicki and her dogs.  I knew having her warm up to me would be a slow process so I took it in small steps.  Fast forward to the present where she is totally comfortable at home and has even tolerated a visitor or two.  Of course she loves her playtime at Pampered Pooch.  She socializes with a variety of dogs and has begun to bond with staff.  She walks on a leash for short distances and we’ve begun taking walks.  Now if she could only make that darn cat go away.

The one thing that was important to both of us is was having that one person/dog to love.  Her tumor was removed, her dry eyes improved with drops and she is a happy, spoiled little girl.  And, if I might say,  very pretty."

Monday, April 4, 2011

Adopted Dog Monday

Robby came to pet haven from People 4 Pets in Spencer Iowa. He was at the local impound there probably a result of a "free to good home" ad.

From his new family: We've been meaning to send you a note to update you on Robby, now renamed to Viggo. (Yes, we are a Lord of the Rings family -- Viggo Mortenson -- and our son & his wife liked this name, and we all agreed.) He is starting to respond to it and we are all getting used to it. He is an incredible dog and his transition to our home has been seamless. We bought him a nice bed (with the Thermarest-type cushion in it), and he sleeps in our bedroom at night, with his two sisters. :-) I get up really early for work and he doesn't even get up -- just looks at me and stays in his bed. We can't believe how mellow he is, but yet also likes to play and will run around. And you were right -- he is such a nice snuggler. Loves the hugs and to be petted.

I keep telling people that he is the perfect dog and that we can't believe how lucky we are to have found him. We all can't wait for spring weather to take him on walks. It's fun to learn things about him -- for example, he actually watches the TV, and he loves to watch the horses in our back pasture. He just seems like such an intelligent, observant dog. Can you tell how much we absolutely love him already?

Well, I'm definitely rambling on & on about him...Thank you so much for being a foster mom for Viggo and for all you do. We truly appreciate it and are so happy to have found Viggo.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Minnetonka Petco & Wayzata Chuck & Don's Adoption Events April 2nd

Come meet Tug, the beagle, and all his large dog friends at the Minnetonka Petco Saturday April 2nd from 11-1pm.

Charlie, the Yorkie, will be greeting his fans along with the other small dog rock stars at the Chuck & Don's Wayzata Saturday April 2nd from 11-1pm.