Monday, January 31, 2011

Adopted Dog Monday: Mikee!

Pet Haven volunteers have been saying for months - "Why is Mikee still with us?" Mikee is a chi, but he's no ordinary chi. He's playful and funny and loves to be the center of attention, garnering laughs from everyone surrounding him.

Well, we now know why Mike was sticking around for so long....because he knew he had to wait for the perfect family to come along.

Brandee and Kurt live in Uptown and they like to go for walks around Calhoun in summer. Your typical chi doesn't like to walk anywhere, but not Mikee. Mikee offers the best of both worlds because he'll walk anywhere with you, but he's also tiny enough that you can stick him in your bag if and when he gets tired.

Mikee now has 2 kitty siblings 1 12yr male and 1 15yr female...Mikee doesn't mind the cats - in fact one of the first things he did was show them his toys and "ask" them to play. I don't think the cats are quite ready for that yet, but at least they're all getting along.

Oh, and the best part is that Brandee and Kurt have friends with chi's so it sounds like there are lots of play dates in his future.

Good luck little Mikee - we loved having you at Pet Haven!

And good luck to Mikee's fosters Leslie & Danny - we know it was hard letting go of this guy!

Here's Mike with his new Dad, Kurt:

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Usually when you hear about a case of animal hoarding, you hear about cats. It can happen with dogs too, of course.

In December 2010 the Animal Humane Society was notified of a case in Aitkin county where over 65 small breed dogs were being kept in cramped and foul conditions and they were voluntarily surrendered to AHS by the owners.

AHS reached out to MNPAW coalition partners and other groups they work with to see if some of the dogs could be taken by them. Most were not house trained, many were at least shy if not fearful.

Pet Haven took three miniature poodles.




All of the girls have been to the vet for vaccinations, they have been spayed, microchipped and dewormed. Each is in a different foster home and all have unique personalities.

Abby is the most fearful of being touched. She will come up near you but when you reach down to pet her, she darts away. Her foster family has some tricks up their sleeves to help her get over these fears but it will take awhile. She is not ready for adoption yet.

Candy will come and get on your lap or be by your feet or near you on the couch. She is more comfortable with human touch and is making good progress. We hope she will be able to come to adoption events soon.

Millie, under a year in age, though shy at first is well socialized and is waiting for the right home to come along. She gets along well with another dog and loves to play.

None of the girls are trained to go outside to relieve themselves. They are being trained to use puppy pads and are doing quite well though they have more to learn. More time, training, patience and consistency will need to be provided. The new owner will have to be vigilant and watchful as these dogs go into homes - learning to potty on a potty pad in one house with good consistency takes some transitioning to doing it in a new home where the floor plan, location of the potty pad and everything is different.

Here is another picture of Ms. Millie -

Monday, January 24, 2011

Adopted Dog Monday

Jackson the senior American Eskimo mix has found his forever home. His new mom fell in love with him at the adoption event and wanted to set up the home visit right away. Once in her home she was not letting Jackson go anywhere else. She was accustomed to having medical issues to deal with. So Jackson's cataracts and bladder stones did not deter her from wanting to add him to her family. We love it when a dog finds a home. But when a senior dog with special needs finds a home we are super excited. Thanks to everyone for helping Jackson through all of his vet visits, surgeries, and finally to his happy home.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stories we love to hear!

Our little Jess-aroonie-be-bop was adopted from you in 1997, now a sweet 14.5 year old. She has a muzzle of silver and a beautiful heart of gold.

Notice her new winter coat. Jessie loves using the dog door all day long, so she is in and out about 30 times a day.

We decided with her skinny-minny body she needed some extra warmth and she proudly adjusted to her new fleece coat within minutes.

We play a game with her now in that when our little weather-girl comes in from outdoors, we partially take her coat off, scratch her from head to toe and then say, “Seam me up again Scottie!” For some reason she loves this so much and we repeat this several times each day.

Who says you can’t teach and old dog new tricks?

She is so adorable, her eyes glisten with delight when she wears her coat, her tail wags uncontrollably when we scrach her and ‘seam her up again' – talk about falling love with her over and over again.

Our little girl has a touch of doggie dementia but this truly is a wonderful love affair between Jessies and her humans. We just thought we would share her story and show you her favorite jacket.

Thanks for bringing this little lady into our lives!

Nancy and Tom O’Sullivan


Monday, January 17, 2011

Adopted Dog Monday!

Cocoa the lovely senior shep mix has found her forever home. Here is what her new mom had to say:
"Just a quick update on Cocoa: now that she has lost even more weight, she has become hard to keep up with! She RUNS out the door, RUNS to the car, RUNS down the sidewalk."

"Here are some pics of Cocoa from our day on the sledding slopes. I'm so happy she's ours for keeps!" Cocoa looks like she has quite the smile on her face. At least someone is enjoying this already long winter.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Adoption Events Jan 15th!

January 15th, 2011

Small Dog Adoption
Chuck & Don’s Calhoun
3246 West Lake Street

Medium and Large Dog Adoption
PetCo Richfield
66th & Lyndale Ave. S.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If you knew Susie like I know Susie

oh, oh, oh what a gal!

Susie is a charmer - and if you knew her a year ago, you might not recognize her today.

Susie came from a puppy mill and was rescued by the Animal Humane Society just about a year ago.

Susie's life had been limited to having puppies, living in a cage and not having much human contact - certainly not enough that let her know how nice some of them are, that she was valued as more than a money-maker and that she had a right to pats and snuggles and toys.

Because of the number of dogs rescued there was a need to involve other groups in caring for these dogs, the Animal Humane Society reached out to other rescue groups for help. Pet Haven took two -

Susie has learned to walk on a leash, she is potty trained, she enjoys people and will snuggle next to your feet, treats, toys are all wonderful things - at approximately 9 yrs of age, that is a lot to learn in a year. Just think of all the other things she will learn when she has a home of her own!

Susie has learned how wonderful life in a home is - how nice it is to have a kind family who cares about her needs and wants to help her grow in love.

She's ready - ready to find her own family - her own home.

Susie is looking for just the right one! Do you know of anyone who might have just the right home and be the person who will continue to reveal her personality? Help us spread the word!

To read more about Susie and Daisy and see what condition they were in click here. Daisy has been adopted and is doing well in her new home.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Adopted Dog Monday: Luke

Luke is an adorable Maltese mix that came to Pet Haven from People for Pets in Iowa. Luke got his Christmas wish granted when he went to his forever home just a couple days after the holiday.

Lisa and Cale (aka Mom and Dad) were very excited to welcome Luke home and even Izzy, their terrier mix was excited for his new brother to come home!

Here's an update from Luke's new mom:

"Things are going really well! Luke and Izzy are playing pretty well together! Luke has learned where the door is when he needs to go out and is loving all the cuddles he's getting. I'm pretty sure he can fall asleep anywhere and seems to like falling asleep with his head on my feet which tickles when he starts to snore. He seems to get sad when we're going out for a little and makes funny car alarm/chewbacca noises but calms down shortly after and is fine when we come back home (I think he'll be okay after a few more days). He has the cutest run/hopping motion and just loves to be right next to us. We love this little fuzz ball and are so glad to have him in our family and cannot thank you guys enough! "

What a happy new year for Luke and his new family! We wish you many more years of happy tails, treats and belly rubs!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fun, affection and games

Mike came to Pet Haven a little shy. It has taken him time to get used to the noises and movements in the house and outside - what a change for him and now a change in him!

He hopes you will notice that that tail is wagging! He must like to have his picture taken too.

He's good with an early elementary age child AND has learned to play with the two resident dogs in his foster home! It's fun to have another dog to play with - who knew?

Mike hasn't figured out the cats just yet - right now he just follows them around at a little distance.

Mikey is a busy boy and smart - he likes to have toys provided for him that will help keep him occupied - he's been known to make up his own 'games' without enough stimulation! Smart boy, Mike!

Looking for an exercise partner? Mike has lots of stamina - he would jog with you (just not in the high heat and humidity of summer) or love to go on long walks with you. He is respectful of the dogs he meets when out on walks and runs.

Need someone to keep you company when running errands? 'Going with' in the car is a highlight of his day!

Do they give treats when you go to the drive through at your bank?

Mikey is just an every-day, ordinary black dog - looking for a family who will give him some time to get used to his new people and surroundings and discover all the wonderful things he has and will continue to learn. The foster home can fill you in on all the things that have helped him feel comfortable with them and share with you his great personality.

He's a happy, devoted boy L-O-O-K-I-N-G!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Russ applies to be the doorman

Russ is a very outgoing fellow - he likes everyone he meets, loves to greet visitors to our adoption events and to his foster home.

He's gotten very attached to his foster dad - they love to sit on the deck together and watch the world go by (in more moderate weather, of course!).

Russell has a bit of arthritis in his back which means he doesn't like to be picked up but that is about all he doesn't like. Perhaps because of that he doesn't get up on the couch either - do you have a set of doggie stairs? He might be willing to come to your house to see how to use them and see if there is a spot next to you on the couch.

Russ gets along with another dog although he'd love to be the center of your world. He plays with the bigger poodle in his foster home - he may be small but he can take that guy on.

He's crate trained and can be trusted out in the house while you are gone. His yard at the foster home is fenced and he enjoys running along the side with the dog next door but much prefers to be near you and have you talking to him and keeping him company. Like to do some gardening and need a companion?

Need a doorman at your house? Someone to welcome visitors? He might even be talked into wearing a bow tie so he'd really fit the picture!