Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Tails -

We love to get these kinds of stories and pictures!

Dear Pet Haven,
We are so happy with our new family member, Zoey! She is the sweetest, cuddliest Labrador and wants nothing more than to be by our side. What a perfect dog!
My husband and I found Zoey online, and Pet Haven was quick to answer our questions and connect us with Zoey's foster mom. The next thing we knew, Zoey was at our front door for a home visit, trying to crawl up into our laps and giving us her sweet, droopy-eyed look. We knew Zoey would be a great fit and that we were ready to give her a forever home.
Now Zoey is a part of our lives, and we are loving every minute. We have a nice little routine - she wakes us up with a big kiss (better than any alarm clock!) and helps us with every chore around the house. She joins us for jogs around the park and comes on car rides with us to visit with friends and family. Zoey is right by our side everywhere we go!

Everyone in the family has gotten a chance to meet her and are so impressed with how gentle and friendly she is. Our nieces and nephews are crazy about her, too, especially because she is missing one ear! Zoey blends right in at family get-together's and loves all the attention.

Zoey is such a joy, and we are so happy to have her. Thank you for helping us find our perfect companion!

Jack & Lindsay Zweber

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