Monday, February 1, 2010

Adopted Dog Monday!

Adorable Cocker Spaniel Shadow was adopted this week.   He came to us with his sister Maya, another beautiful and delightfully good-natured Cocker.  His new parents had to wait a few days to take him home, as Pet Haven wanted to give him surgery for cherry eye.  Shadow healed up nicely and has now started his new life.

Luna took a quick moment from her play day at Pampered Pooch Playground to let us know that not much has changed since her official adoption on Saturday. She still spends many hours a day in play with Daisy, her German Shepherd sister, and she continues to impress her mom with her quick mastery of new commands, like 'down' and 'stay'.    Luna is formulating a marketing plan to help her let people know why dogs should not be given as gifts; she is also at work on a book about her adventures.   You can follow her life, and that of her new siblings, on their very own blog, Shepherd Obsession.

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