Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I wish I was an Oskar Meyer Wiener (Dog)

Oskar the Dachshund came to Pet Haven from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.   He is a mini-doxie who weighs about 6 pounds.

At our last adoption event, he spent a fair amount of time under his foster mom's chair - at least that's what this reporter noticed.  But it was a pretty busy day, so perhaps he ventured out more as the day went on.  I know he enjoys a nice lap!

This boy is friendly and interested in his surroundings.  Because of his small size, we don't recommend that his forever home have small children in it. You wouldn't want this winsome little fellow to get pushed around by well-meaning toddlers.

If you understand his breed -- Dachshunds were bred to be ground dogs who would flush badgers and other rodents out of farm fields -- you will know that they are assertive little dogs who like to be busy.   Not that a good snuggle is out of the question, though!

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