Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Adopted Dog Update: Jack hits the jackpot!

We recently got an update on Jack who was adopted last fall. Jack truly hit the jackpot when he got adopted by his new family. He's got a two-legged brother and a four legged brother, Geordie (who was also adopted through Pet Haven) ... and Jack's family is also now fostering Herman. We are truly happy to have Jack's family as a part of the Pet Haven family!

"Since we got Jack last fall, as we've gotten to know him, we have felt increasingly honored and blessed to have found him. He is a dog of such kindness and dignity, so willing and game. We've watched, too, as his enthusiasm and interest increased as he became an active member of our family. He was rather quiet and a couch-sitter when we first got him. Now, while naps are still definitely good, he's happy to join in in whatever is up.

He is the shepherd of our family, keeping track of things, keeping watch over our son, Ian, and our dog Geordie, as well as the fosters we are gifted to have (Wayne and now Herman) but never being bossy or presumptuous. More and more he has gotten comfortable asking for affection and moaning in pleasure when we rub his shoulders, his face, his ears, his belly - he practically purrs when we pet him. He went with us on vacation because he is such a gentleman - quiet, listens to and follows instructions, a willing companion to our son in the back seat. He greets everybody with friendliness and warmth, but is rather stern with the squirrels who come on our deck. He makes his wishes known in the most courteous way - won't eat his food unless there's just the right amount of water on it but patiently waits until we get it right.

He has his own bed, but willingly shares it with any other dog who might want to tuck in with him. Doesn't feel shy about coming up on the bed for pets and snuggles before bed. He loves his long walks and capers about when he's invited to go outside and play. When Ian is playing in his sandbox, Jack goes over and lays down by him and at Jack's own request, sleeps in Ian's room on cushions on the floor. We feel so immensely privileged and happy to have Jack as a member of our family."

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Dr. Justine Lee said...

Yeah! :) So glad to hear that he's become part of the family - he is absolutely beautiful! :)

Dr. Justine Lee