Saturday, May 1, 2010

Handsome Beau

It's been a while since i've actually been to a dog adoption event ... today, I had to meet some Pet Haven volunteers and a group of seniors from Augsburg College who are doing a project for Pet Haven ... so I decided, let's meet at the Minnetonka Petco since we have a dog adoption event taking place. The first dog who greeted me was none other than Beau (a coonhound mix) ... Beau is a 3 year old coonhound mix who loves people! Not only did I get lots of kisses ... mind you, slobbery kisses ... from Beau, but he had plenty left to give to the 4 Augsburg College students. How could you not fall in love with a dog who just wants to love you and give you kisses???

He gets along with kids and other dogs and is housetrained and crate trained. Now, it doesn't get better than that ... To read his full bio click here.

I took photos of a couple other dogs at the adoption event ... Jack, the rottie and Jackson (who is just coming into Pet Haven's foster program so he's not yet up on our website ...Jackson is an 8 year old american eskimo mix and quite the lover too!). To check out the photos from today, click here.

For right now though ... Beau wanted me to make sure that I posted his photos and spread the word about him. We are needing to find a foster home for Beau (he's currently being fostered at Auntie Ruth, one of our doggie daycare partners) ... and as much as he likes it there and is being treated like a king ... he says it's time for him to move into a home.  Ultimately, he would love a forever home, but for now, he'll take a foster home.

So won't you help spread the word about this handsome Beau??

If you are interested in learning more about Beau email us at

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