Saturday, January 28, 2012

Banjo - a happy 'tail'!

Here's an update on Banjo and I've attached a few of our favorite photos from the previous year:

Super Banjo is still going strong, although he's had no use for his cape this winter due to the mild weather. He's lightening fast without it - the squirrels in the backyard quickly scatter whenever he's around.

Although Banjo has the same energy level as when we first got him, his face is getting even whiter as he gets older (hard to imagine I know!). His favorite spot this winter is laying in front of the fireplace after Chris gets it roaring. If there's no fire, he curls up on the couch under the blanket. It's certainly exhausting being on guard duty all the time!

We took Banjo on some fun hikes this past year and found out how much he likes investigating holes. On the trips when we couldn't take him along, he stayed with the grandparents and their three dogs without issue. He's gotten continuously better with other dogs, but is still terrified of children.

Banjo continues to be a fun and energetic (and snuggly) member of the family.

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