Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This handsome, chocolate fellow has had a family who loved him, has had circumstances we are not aware of impact this family and then Spike, so that he was left with very little food and water for a long time and was skin and bones when he was rescued. A half grown puppy was found dead, starved to death, in the kennel he was kept in when rescuers became aware of his plight.

Spike was taken to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue after rescue, and then made his journey to Pet Haven after filling up on lots of water and small amounts of food served frequently until he began to gain weight again. He is believed to be about 3 yrs of age.

He came to Pet Haven knowing the hand signal for sit. He is fully house-trained. He rides well in the car. He can be kenneled in the house when you are gone but is trustworthy to be left out of a kennel too. He loves other dogs and plays well with them or by himself. He weighs about 60 lbs.

Spike loves to be by your side. He is quiet in personality and his foster believes he would make a great therapy dog or one who could go read with school children. He is respectful.

What do we hope for for Spike?

A family to love him.

A family to make him a part of their lives.

A family who will continue his training so he might be one of the lucky dogs who gets to help rescue some other people - seniors who remember the love a former dog gave them, children and adults who need the love he can help them remember and calm them so they can concentrate, folks who will appreciate the tail wags and kisses a dog like Spike can provide!

Do you work from home? Spike would love that and would quietly wait with you until you could take a 'Spike break' for a few minutes.

Do you work where Spike could go to work with you? Spike would love that too!

Do you work part-time? Spike would help you run errands, keep up the yard and get some exercise.

Are you semi-retired? Just think of all the things you and Spike could do together!

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