Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines to all!

A couple months ago, Pet Haven started partnering with The Lab - a program of the St. Paul Public schools where youth are inspired, encouraged and empowered to discover, understand and share their voices and the truth of their lives. Ahnung, a dog originally rescued by Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue has become a "regular" visitor at the school, spending time one-on-one with the kids, or participating in group presentations. Ahnung has become an active volunteer (and ambassador for Pet Haven) as she works with youth, sharing her story, and helping heal wounded spirits.

The week before Valentines, Ahnung brought a couple Pet Haven volunteers with her to assist in an art project where kids made Valentine's cards for Karen to let her know how much they appreciated the work she does on behalf of the animals. That morning, Ahnung also pushed her "mom" aside, got on the computer, and wrote a poem for the kids and gave everyone their own special copy. One of the young boys in the group said, "we should send Ahnung's poem to Karen too" -- so we did.

Ahnung hung out (and took a couple naps ;-) as the kids collaged and had fun making Valentine cards for a woman who has dedicated her life to helping abandoned, abused and neglected dogs and cats up at Red Lake.

At the end of the class period, each kid proudly turned in their work of art, smiled and on their way out of the room, got down on the floor to give Ahnung a hug and went off to eat lunch!

Happy Valentines Day to all from Ahnung and the youth of The Lab!

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Karen and RLRR said...

Thank you to all the students, Ah Nung, Marilou and Laura for the lovely surprise we had in the mailbox on Saturday! We love all the cards and poem which are hanging on the cathouse wall.

We love you from all the cats and dogs at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue!