Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Meet Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a recent surrender to Pet Haven.  It was a reluctant and very sad surrender.  The only reason Cinnamon needed to find a new home is that the children in her home developed some severe allergies to their beautiful girl.  Below is a letter from the couple who offered Cinnamon respite foster care over the Thanksgiving weekend.   Cinnamon is staying at Auntie Ruth's until we can find her a regular foster home.   If you are interested in meeting this nice family dog, please email us at dogs@pethavenmn.org.

Cinnamon is a friendly, eager to please Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix.  She adores people and is very affectionate, but not kissy.  She came from a house with several children and so is comfortable with high-energy households, but she’s just fine at taking an afternoon nap with you, too.  She wants to be a part of your life.  She’s simply a very good dog with a cute doggy smile.
Cinnamon is a very polite young lady; she will walk on a loose leash (unless there is a rabbit nearby), will gently take treats out of your hand, and can be separated from a toy, rawhide, or her food bowl with no fuss or discussion.  She can’t be persuaded to climb on the couch, but would love you to join her on the floor once in a while and just lay with her head in your lap for hours.  She is happy lying on a cool part of the floor with you in sight.  She’ll leave the kitchen at meal times if you just point your finger at her bed.  She is housetrained.  She is not interested in open toilets, food on the kitchen counter, open bags of dog food or treats on a chair, loose socks, or dirty dishtowels.
Cinny would be best in a house with a yard, because she is somewhat curious and likes to walk around.  Like many retrievers, she will play fetch with a tennis ball until exhaustion (yours).  She will either wait for you to take the ball from her, or if you’re too slow, she’ll toss it back to you!  She is usually more interested in a ball than in food or treats.  Cinnamon is not comfortable in a kennel. She doesn’t fight, but she’ll whine piteously.  Whining and standing by the door is her signal when she needs to go outside, too.
If you’re looking for a dog that is young enough to play, go for a jog or hike with you, and old enough to be disciplined and stable, Cinny is your girl.

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