Thursday, December 10, 2009

Update on Koda: Another Happy Ending for a Pet Haven Dog

Koda is a Dalamation/Lab who was returned to Pet Haven in May after four years.   He was another casualty of a difficult economy.  His guardian was having to work so much that poor Koda spent most of his day alone.    In November, his new family came along to adopt him.  Here is a brief update from his dad.  Tucker is Koda's canine brother.

Koda is doing very well.  He has a lot of energy though usually he and
Tucker run around throughout the house and tire each other out.
(Aside from) a run-in with a farm cat in Iowa, he is very healthy and
energetic (he learned that cats have claws).

He is very good with the kids and has taken to sleeping on my
3-year-old daughter's bed.  He is a very good guard dog though he gets
particularly wound up when it comes to large, white trucks.

Koda also gets an a occasional ride in a small  airplane for a weekend at the family cabin.   

We at Pet Haven are always thrilled to learn that one of our dogs is living the good life!

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