Thursday, March 4, 2010

The continued progress of the Puppy Mill Girls

Daisy, the Shih Tzu  and Susie the Poodle continue to adapt and adjust in their foster home.  Their foster mom has sent me an update, which you can read below.  These two little dogs came to us from a puppy mill with a myriad of health problems and an evident lack of socialization with humans.  They're making progress and looking great.

Daisy is afraid of new people, she will run to her kennel and won't come out until the people are gone. These are people she sees 5 times a week. Last night after much coaxing I was able to call her out, but she belly crawled over to me. Hey it's start, the people were still here.

Susie will not go to anyone else but me but she will stay out of her pen and sit on a dog bed out of everyone's way. I think she will adjust fine to people.

Daisy is such a jokester. She loves to run, chew and do whatever is fun. I cant really blame her. Sunday morning I told them we were sleeping in until 9, Daisy had other ideas. When I got up at 7:30 she had the bathroom rug in the living room, my slippers, shoes, and she tried for the kitchen rug but I think it was to heavy for her to drag. She doesn't chew on them or if she does, she doesn't cause any damage. I try to distract her with appropriate toys for chewing.

Daisy's eyes are really looking good. (Daisy has 'dry eye' -- her eyes do not produce tears.) We started new medicine that only needs to be applied twice a day. No longer look dried up and dead.

Susie ear infection I think is really gone for good this time. She has had 4 baths with the special shampoo and her coat looks good for about 3 days, than she needs another bath, hopefully in a month she won't need baths weekly.

House training is not progressing as fast as I would hope. I take them out 3 times a day, sometimes I have luck with them going and other days I don't. They both are getting much more comfortable with outside, so maybe it will click all at once.

I still hope to place the two together. I think it is so neat that they had each other when they were in the hell hole. At the very least another dog for them to bond with is a must.

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