Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two Red Lake dogs meet up in Minneapolis

Pet Haven alum Ode and her mom, Pam met current PH dog Shiloh and her foster parents, Lauren and Mike last weekend at the Lake of the Isles dog park in Minneapolis.  Shiloh is the Shepherd/Husky in the center of the picture.

Shiloh was rescued by Red Lake Rosie's.  She was a bit of a wild girl who eluded capture for her transport to Pet Haven for a couple of days.  When she was rescued, she was caring for her own litter of puppies and helped out with an orphaned litter as well.

She is a sweet, shy dog who takes a little time to warm up to new people, but it is really worth the small effort to get to know her.  She is loving life in her foster home.

Although a happy player at the dog park, Shiloh's choice for an adoptive home would be one with a nice fenced yard as she just loves to just hang around outdoors.  A tie out would not be right for this girl.  

Shiloh gets along great with other dogs and asked that we find her a home with another dog so they can keep one another company.  At Red Lake Rosie's, she got to live in a large pack and she thrived in that situation.  Before going to her foster home, she was the foster dog at Auntie Ruth's where she was a staff favorite who enjoying spending the day in the 'convy' room, where the smaller, senior or recovering dogs stay.

Lauren and Mike are already cat fosters for Pet Haven, but Shiloh is their first foster dog.  They have a soft spot for the Red Lake dogs, as so many of us do.  We welcome them to the dog division.

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