Friday, March 26, 2010

Sadie, the Senior Siberian Husky

One thing Pet Haven does really well is help dogs who other groups might not be able to help.  Expensive surgeries and heartworm treatments are just some of the things that we have done for dogs we accepted into our adoption program.

Senior dogs have a harder time finding homes, and they have a harder time in shelters than younger dogs.  People don't want to adopt them, fearing that the time to say goodbye will come far too soon.

Sadie was at People for Pets, a shelter in Spencer, Iowa.  Pet Haven gets dogs from this shelter throughout the year.   Usually, they are the big black dogs who have such a hard time getting adopted.  Being located in a small town in rural Iowa does not improve their chances.  There just aren't enough people looking for dogs there.  Being elderly made it unlikely that Sadie would ever get out of the shelter if a rescue didn't take her.

Sadie enjoyed playing with the other dogs at the shelter, but the shelter life was wearing her down.  At an estimated eleven or twelve years old, she just wanted a home to spend her remaining time on this earth.

So she came to Pet Haven, thin, arthritic and deaf, but sweet as can be.   A volunteer who had not fostered before had space in her home because she had recently lost her blind senior Newfie.  A large bed was sitting there, empty.    Sadie was delighted for the chance to snuggle in that bed.

Colleen took Sadie home yesterday.  The resident dogs and young daughter all accepted Sadie as one of
their own. For her part, Sadie explored the yard and house and gave all of it her approval.

Sadie is up for adoption.  Is there someone out there looking for a happy senior for a couple of years?  For now, she is comfortable and loved in her foster home.

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