Monday, May 10, 2010

Adopted Dog Update: Cocoa

We don't get too many puppies in at Pet Haven, but when we do, they sure are a crowd pleaser. This was no different for Cocoa, the four month old terrier mix. He received lots of attention at our adoption events, but it takes a special family to bring a puppy in training into their home. Puppies can be unpredictable, energetic, accident prone, and sometimes all we can do is guess at their adult weight and temperment since we don't know what type of breed(s) they have for parents.
We're so happy that spunky little Cocoa found a great forever home with two human siblings. Here's an update from Jill & Dan, Cocoa's new parents:
"I thought I’d send a little update on Cocoa – he is sooooo cute! He is adapting quite well and we are quite smitten with him! He has been having a blast playing with the neighbor dogs, even a big golden lab! He definitely isn’t afraid of any of them and tires them out, ha! We have a long, 30 foot tie out that he goes outside on, and he loves to just sit and watch the neighborhood activities."

Sounds like Cocoa has a long, happy life ahead of him. Congrats to Cocoa and his new family!


mteacup said...

Is cocoa a red lake dog? I think she was at the clinic in March. Super cutie!

nicole said...

Yes, Cocoa came in from Red Lake....he was dropped off for his neuter and never picked up by his owners!