Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Adopted Dog Update: Missy

Missy, a young black lab, came to Pet Haven in 2009 from Sioux City, Iowa. When she came to Pet Haven, she suffered a terrible case of separation anxiety where she was terrified to be left alone and would engage in destructive behavior when her fosters left for the day. Her anxiety was so bad that she destroyed and broke out of two different crates and chewed/scratched a hole through the bathroom wall to escape and try to find her foster parents.
Because Missy obviously couldn't be left alone during the day, she was moved to one of our fantastic boarding partners, Pampered Pooch Playground where she could play with dogs all day and be surrounded by activity. Missy was also very fortunate to have Sarah, a Pet Haven volunteer, come by each day to take her for walks and runs and give her some one on one love and affection. Well, the two became nearly inseparable and after a short time, Sarah chose to adopt Missy and give her the safe, loving forever home she so desperately wanted.
With lots of love, consistency, and training, Sarah has given Missy a stable home where her separation anxiety has virtually disappeared. Here's an update from Sarah:
"Missy is doing great, and I couldn't be happier with her. Early on in Missy's time as an adoptable dog with Pet Haven, it became apparent that she was a dog that would need routine in her life due to the separation anxiety she suffered from. Missy has a pretty set schedule with me now and her days typically consist of the following:
- Wake mom up about 30 minutes prior to her alarm going off...:)
- Eating her breakfast and also getting a few bites of whatever mom is eating for breakfast (some toast ends, banana with peanut butter - her favorite - she gets to clean the remainder of empty jars of peanut butter too, or some Honey Nut Cheerios)
- Missy goes into her kennel by herself after she goes outside for her before-work bathroom break
- Mom gets home and we typically go to the dog park. Missy has taken an interest in looking for squirrels in the past few months and prefers that
over playing with the other dogs, but will take part in chases (whether it be chasing her or another dog) when they crop up
- Eat dinner and go out on the balcony and look for squirrels and bunnies
- Chew on her favorite toy - hard bones
- And finally, cuddle and fall asleep in bed with mom

Missy is a great dog - we were lucky to find each other!"

Thank you to Sarah who opened her home and her heart to this special girl who had some special needs. Dogs really do get a second chance at finding the good life....

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