Monday, September 27, 2010

Adopted Dog Monday

Thunder the beautiful Saint/border collie mix, was adopted last week. He went to live with a family with two young girls that were super excited to welcome him into their lives.

Here is what Thunder's foster had to say about the adoption day:

When we took him on the home visit last Sunday, the girls and mom, Krista, fell in love. The dad, Mark, wasn't convinced that such a big dog was the right choice, so they wanted to think about it. We got a voice message on Monday from Krista that they had talked about it, and wanted to add Thunder to their family.

When I brought Thunder to their home last night, the girls were outside playing with some neighbor girls. The neighbor girls knew that a new dog was coming, and everyone wanted to play with Thunder. A neighbor across the street called out "is that your new dog?"

We went inside to do the paperwork, and the 2 girls were so excited to have Thunder home. They showed me all the stuff they'd bought for him: a big bed, leash, harness, a big rawhide bone. When I left they were getting ready to take him on their first walk.

Thanks to Thunder's fosters who had a hard time letting him go. Saying good-bye to a foster dog is one of the downsides of fostering. But the big excited smiles on the faces of the new families makes the heart ache a little less. And then there is always another homeless dog waiting for your home to open up. And once again your heart is full with the joy of a new dog. If you are interested in fostering please email Thanks in advance.

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