Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bella the Rat Terrier says "Adopt Me!"

We've featured Bella on our blog before, but wanted to share this update from her new foster:

"Bella is a perfect specimen of her breed, Rat Terrier. If you love Rat Terriers, you will love Bella. She is very smart, eager, energetic, independent, fearless and feisty. Bella is the perfect dog for someone that enjoys the hardiness (in mind and body) of a big dog but requires a smaller package.

I love how independent Bella is. While she enjoys affection, she doesn't pine for it and easily entertains herself, be it simply napping, playing ball by herself, or playing with one of her housemate dogs.

Bella is very dog savvy and will likely get along with any dog housemate, but has to be introduced to unfamiliar dogs carefully. She alarm barks at a person coming to the house, but is very happy and excited to have the person come in and greet her.

Bella's biggest fault is her biggest asset: she LOVES food. This makes her very motivated and easy to train. Her recall is amazing, even when off leash hunting in a field! The down side to food mongers, is she will have the propensity to guard it from other dogs. This is easy to manage as along as you are aware of this. Tell her to stay away from something, and she will. If she can access any food, not intended for her, she will go for it. Luckily she is only 10 inches at the shoulder, so special arrangements do not need to be made. But keep her in a crate in the car, if you keep any food in your vehicle! "
If you are interested in learning more about adopting Bella, please visit her PetFinder page and fill out an adoption application. Someone will be in touch with you soon!

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