Monday, October 25, 2010

Red Lake Rosie's Adopted Dog Monday

It has been a busy adoption week for four of our Red Lake Rosie's Rescue dogs. Eudee, Mya, Gracie, and Charlie all found their forever homes. Thanks to all the foster families that took such good care of these dogs until they found their new families. Without you we would not have been able to save them.

Charlie the springer/aussie mix then and now. He came in as a shy confused boy. But so loveable you could not resist that look on his face wanting you to pet him. He does have a bullet lodged in his knee that may cause him more discomfort as he ages. For now he is up for any romp with another dog willing to play with him.

Charlie is living with a family of artists, mom working from home. He has a beagle sister, Roxy, a Pet Haven alum and a bunny that is VERY interesting to him. He also has two human siblings who love taking Charlie for walks in the park.

Gracie and Mya were two little labbie sisters that came into Red Lake Rosie's together. Pet Haven had a foster willing to take both of them so we brought them to the cities.

Mya found her family first. Her new mom is a piano teacher who works out of her home. Mya is learning how to be a good student too and wait quietly through the lessons. This may take a while to accomplish but Mya is a smart girl and her mom is very patient. Mya is already signed up for puppy classes at Canine Coach.

Gracie now lives on 1/2 acre of land and has lots of neighbors and relatives with other dogs to enjoy that huge space with. Her parents both work part time so they have time to spend with her. They already shopped at Chuck and Don's and bought good food and many new toys and bones. Both of these girls are living the rez dog's dream.

Eudee came to Pet Haven in rough shape. He suffered from Lyme disease, heartworm, and intestinal parasites. After a short vet stay and lots of medication to get him on the mend, Eudee came to his foster home to begin a 6-week recovery process from his heartworm treatment that involved a lot of sleeping and time in the kennel. Even as sick as he was, Eudee had a huge personality and loved nothing more than getting attention from his foster parents. He was a real trooper, and got through those 6 weeks like a champ. Once he got the all clear to be himself, his personality really came though.

Enter mom, dad and their four-year old twins. They have the perfect environment for Eudee…a large farm with plenty of room to chase squirrels and what Lisa described as “scent heaven” for Eudee! The kids took an immediate liking to him, and got him to sit several times for a treat. It was a perfect match!

Congratulations to all these dogs and their new families. And Happy Birthday to Karen Good from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue who was the first person to start them on their new journeys.

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