Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trick or Treat

Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween

As Halloween approaches, considering the safety of your beloved pets is very important. While humans may take kindly to being spooked, your cat or dog may find the experience tremendously frightening.

1. Keep all candy, particularly chocolate, out of reach.

2. Cellophane and wrappers can block intestinal tracts so secure all rubbish. Also watch for leftover Halloween litter while walking your pooch the next day.

3. Be smart with decorations. Wagging tails can easily knock over lit candles and jack-o-lanterns.

4. Only dress your dog in a costume if he can tolerate it. Don't cover her eyes or airways.

5. Keep Fido away from the front door, especially if he is not properly socialized with children or is known to escape. Use a baby gate or kennel if your pup is crate-trained. Keep ID tags on him at all times in the event he does escape between all the door openings.

6. Occupy your dog and avoid anxiety with a special chew or favorite toy.

7. Don't leave your pup outside. Pranks, taunting and theft are common this time of year.

8. It’s never a good idea to take your pet trick-or-treating. Dogs may become excited and uncontrollable, and if frightened may bite. For their protection, cats should be kept indoors at all times.

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