Monday, October 11, 2010

Adopted Dog Monday

Jake the spaniel mix is finally home. He came into our program from a hoarder situation two years ago. A Pet Haven volunteer picked him up as a timid 6 month old puppy in the Animal Ark parking lot in Hastings. Jake was adopted twice since then into homes that just were not a good fit for him.

What was missing in his previous homes was another dog to teach Jake the ropes. Well look at his new sister, Carmen. They look like they could be related. Carmen is teaching Jake how to be a more confident dog. He is still up to some of his old Houdini tricks being able to get out of his kennel without leaving a trace of how he did it. But he is bonding with his new dad something he was not able to do in the previous two homes.

What a beautiful family. They are active and include Jake when they can. Mom works from home so Jake has lots of company. And where does the family live.......Hastings where Jake came into our program the first time. Oh Jakie it is a homecoming for you. Third time is as charming as you are. We wish you the best sweet boy!!

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