Sunday, November 7, 2010

Adopted Dog Monday

Here is Darvin's first photo when he came into Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. He was starving and had mange. He also had a fixation with shadows and would pace around staring at them as long as you would let him. This is probably a result of being on a short chain with nothing else to occupy his day. In spite of his past he was such a loving dog.

After a few days at the vet and a couple weeks at his foster home, Rescue Buddy Boarding, the mange cleared up, Darvin's hair grew back and his ribs did not stick out any more. He was still doing his shadow dance but could be distracted easily with toys.

On Halloween Sunday Darvin got the best treat ever without having to do any tricks. He got his forever home. He has a mom that works part time so she is helping Darvin through the shadow chasing. His new dad delivers dog food to Chuck & Don's so Darvin will be eating high quality food. And Darvin can ride along in the truck to keep dad company. Diego is his new canine brother who was very excited to have a live in playmate.

Best part of the story is that Darvin will be going back up north every weekend but this time it will be to a wonderful cabin in the woods. His days will be filled with running, swimming, boating, and some lounging too. It is kind of a full circle for Darvin to end up enjoying life back where his life was so tough. The endless days on a chain are gone. Have a good life buddy boy.

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andrew seffrood said...

Awesome! The dark days are over!