Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sammy Update

Pet Haven's Sammy, the beautiful shep mix, from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue was adopted a few months ago. Here is an update from the adopters as posted on Rosie's blog:

Sammy's just one of the kids. We can't thank you enough for taking care of Sammy. He's been a great addition to our family. He can be a little maddening at times, but so are the kids so I guess that makes it even. Here are some pics from the past couple of months.

First Day of School.

His favorite place at the playground for legal digging.

Orange Soda on a warm Summer day.

Getting Ready for Trick-Or-Treat.

A brief moment of rest between romps in the water at Minnehaha Creek yesterday. Who'da thunk that I'd be walking Sammy in shorts and a t-shirt on November 8th?

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