Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thank you - we can't do it without you!

Every year since 2005, Pet Haven has awarded grants to non-profit rescue organizations throughout the state with the goal of increasing the number of spays/neuters they can perform, which in turn will help reduce the number of unwanted litters.

The participating groups submit an application explaining their plans for the grant funds, along with verification of their 501c3 status and financial health. Out-of-state non-profit rescue groups that partner with Pet Haven are also eligible to apply.

Some of the groups are trying to reach barn cat populations or stray cat colonies, while others use the funds to help low income families meet the cost of spay/neuter for their dog or cat.

In these difficult economic times, Pet Haven is proud to be able to continue this grant program and through our partnership with these groups, to continue to meet the need for spay/neuter funding in partner communities.

In 2010, eight groups received grants (totaling $13,165) which resulted in 208 cats, 38 dogs and one bunny being altered. In addition, 143 low income owners were able to receive assistance for their spay/neuter costs. All of these funds came directly from Pet Haven's budget.

We hope to increase this amount by $5,000 this year. That is a huge increase but we feel that we can do it with the help of all of you.

Our most recent grant awards are being processed, and 7 groups will receive their funding soon (totaling $13,200).

This year there's an incentive program for groups to get an early start . Groups who submit documentation of their early start with spay/neuter activity will be entered into a drawing for a share of additional incentive money for their program (up to 4 qualifying groups will split the $2000 incentive pool).

We hope this incentive will encourage all groups to start early in the year to prevent litters. Every spring litter we prevent means that many fewer animals needing spay or neuter later in the year.

You can donate to Pet Haven and indicate that you specifically want your funds to help sponsor this or other Pet Haven efforts.

Not very exciting? Perhaps not, but spay/neuter efforts are the only way to cut down on the homeless animal population. An incredible number of cats are euthanized every month in our community. Every kitten that is born displaces an older cat who is well socialized and loving from getting a home because most of the public prefers to adopt a cute kitten.

We hear daily of adults - males and females, with kittens and without, who have been tossed out the door, abandoned in a neighborhood or on a rural road - even in the weather we have been seeing the last two months. When we are able to reduce the severe overpopulation in the cat and large breed dog world, every animal will be more valued. We will be closer to finding a home for every adoptable animal.

You are the ones who are helping us take action. Pet Haven and other organizations are putting effort and funds into improving life for all of those born.

Too many are born homeless or are cast off to live homeless or to land in a shelter or rescue; some to be adopted, too many to be euthanized for a lack of homes. The success of programs like these could mean that one day, every puppy or kitten would be born into a loving home, cared for and cherished.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Together we will make a difference.

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