Sunday, December 26, 2010

This is what it's all about

Taking time -

Finding time -

Making time -

Renewing friendships old and new - seeing family and remembering -

Celebrating the things we have in common, saying hello, I remember when and thank you -

Hopefully you've done all of that this December.

Are you caught up with your best canine buddy too?

Most often we all need to slow down and make a little more time for the friends and family in our lives, the companions in our homes - They love us, they seek more time with us, bring joy to yourself and that companion and celebrate!

Have you taken a neighbor's dog out to play when they are unable to?

Offered to help with feeding and brushing?

Enjoyed your own dog just a few minutes more each day?




1 comment:

Courtikate26 said...

I honestly think that is the cutest picture I have EVER seen in my life! What a perfect shot of that little guy flying through the snow!!! Adorable!!!