Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Adopted Dog Update: Traveling Sadie Mae

Sadie - co pilot of the traveling RV - she and
her mom and dad head to Florida in the winter months
We recently got an email from the mom and dad of Sadie Mae who was adopted from Pet Haven in 2003. We love getting these updates and can just imagine Sadie living the life of a queen as she so deserves.

Here's what we received from her family:

"Sadie Mae was adopted from Pet Haven in 2003 when she was about 1-1/2 years old.  As we understand it, she was taken in by Pet Haven from someone who rescued her from a puppy mill where she was bred and had had two litters!  She was miserable, still lactating, and afraid of her own shadow.  We immediately comforted her, got her cleaned up, and smothered her with love.  As soon as she knew she was safe and became comfortable in her new home, we had her thoroughly checked over by our vet and given a new hairdo.  She slowly recovered from the trauma experienced in the “hell hole” that puppy mills typify, and has become the sweetest little companion imaginable.  We call her “the perfect all-around dog”.  Sadie is with us constantly, loves our home in Minnetonka, and traveling with us in our RV.  Oh, one other thing, people commonly rave over her, and ask what breed she is, we always answer “she’s a rescue”, the best breed ever!"

Sadie enjoying the warmth of Florida
while the rest of us are freezing here in Minnesota!! :)

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