Monday, February 14, 2011

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's!!

The dogs and cats of Pet Haven would like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.  Dudley was recently adopted (you can read his story here) … he’s pretty happy now; what would make him even more happy is if his friends at Pet Haven who are still in foster homes would be as lucky as him and have their wish come true too … to have a home of their very own!!

Check out the video below for a glimpse of some of his friends who are crossing their paws and dreaming of the day when they too will have a forever home. Like Dudley, they will promise to love you forever.

and our sweet little beagle boy, Tug, would also like to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! He says he would like to be as lucky as Dudley and have his own home too for Valentine's ... check out his bio for more info!!

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