Monday, April 11, 2011

Adopted Dog Monday: Mainard (fka Tucker)!

Tucker came to Pet Haven after he was found in a ditch near Lake Traverse Indian Reservation with a few other dogs. Despite being left on the side of the road, Tucker found it easy to love and trust humans. Tucker was fostered by new volunteer/foster Mary who adopted Heidi (fka Maya) last year.

Here's a photo of Mary and Tucker right before he was adopted:

And here's an update from Mainard's new family:

"It has only been a week, but WOW! We took Mainard to the Minnehaha dog park for the first time this week. He was a bit new to the whole ordeal. Some of the larger dogs sacred him a bit. But after a few visits, he has proven to be a very confident little fella! He loves other dogs!

Mainard has also done wonders with Boogie. I swear they teach each other. Boogie has lost a LOT of bad habits, including; marking in the house, barking and just behaving in general. They have been great together. Mainard has taught Boogie that he doesn't need to bark for attention. Boogie has in turn taught Mainard to stay close and not run off on walks and at the park.

Mainard is always so happy when we arrive home. The slippery Dachshunds are known to be independent, and many times Boogie didn't really seem to be too enthused about us showing up at home. Now he comes to the door, with Mainard, and is happy. Plus, he doesn't bark when he gets excited!I think Mainard being the quiet one, has taught Boogie that he doesn't need to be loud for attention. Ok...I'm rambling. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is this little dog has really helped out out a lot! I'm so happy you do what you do! Make sure to tell Mary thanks too. "

Reading updates like this makes all the heartache we experience with animal rescue all worth it.

Big thank you to Mary for fostering Tucker and for Alisha and Beau opening up their heart and home for Mainard...we wish you many happy years together!!

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