Monday, April 4, 2011

Adopted Dog Monday

Robby came to pet haven from People 4 Pets in Spencer Iowa. He was at the local impound there probably a result of a "free to good home" ad.

From his new family: We've been meaning to send you a note to update you on Robby, now renamed to Viggo. (Yes, we are a Lord of the Rings family -- Viggo Mortenson -- and our son & his wife liked this name, and we all agreed.) He is starting to respond to it and we are all getting used to it. He is an incredible dog and his transition to our home has been seamless. We bought him a nice bed (with the Thermarest-type cushion in it), and he sleeps in our bedroom at night, with his two sisters. :-) I get up really early for work and he doesn't even get up -- just looks at me and stays in his bed. We can't believe how mellow he is, but yet also likes to play and will run around. And you were right -- he is such a nice snuggler. Loves the hugs and to be petted.

I keep telling people that he is the perfect dog and that we can't believe how lucky we are to have found him. We all can't wait for spring weather to take him on walks. It's fun to learn things about him -- for example, he actually watches the TV, and he loves to watch the horses in our back pasture. He just seems like such an intelligent, observant dog. Can you tell how much we absolutely love him already?

Well, I'm definitely rambling on & on about him...Thank you so much for being a foster mom for Viggo and for all you do. We truly appreciate it and are so happy to have found Viggo.

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