Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Week Only: Adopted Dog Tuesday

Danny Boy came into Pet Haven from People 4 Pets in Spencer, Iowa. Hard to believe that nobody wanted this cute little guy - just look at that face!!!

It didn't take long for someone to fall in love with Danny Boy, now called Diego. He was snatched up in just a few weeks by an adopter who is friends with one of our very dedicated volunteers.

Here's an update from Diego's mom, Peggy:

"He's doing really good. We were working in the yard yesterday so he was out most of the day. He had a friend stop by last night to play. He did good got a little upset when Jack took his bone which is normal for any dog. For the most part they'd played good together. We're just feeding him the dry dog food and he eats it right up. He loves to walk he's been out for long walks both Saturday and Sunday. Took him rollerblading this morning to burn up a little energy he'll probably sleep most of the day..."

Sounds like Diego's got himself a great life now!!!

(Diego hard at work with Pet Haven volunteer, Leslie!)

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