Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bella - busy, lover, task oriented!


What does Bella like to do?

Play -

Jump -

Find just the right toy for the moment -

Snuggle -

Get treats -

All of the above and a few more besides!

Bella has lots of personality and energy. She loves having a job to do and being rewarded with a treat when she does it right.

At just 11 pounds, Bella is a little thing but her personality more than makes up for her petite size.

Bella has a fenced yard and enjoys romping but really loves to go for walks with you every day too. If it gets too cold a good game of tug-o-war is a substitute.

Do you have neighbors who love to meet and treat your dog? Bella knows just whose doorbell to ring to find the best treaters!

Bella is a wonderful dog for the experienced owner who wants a great companion who will cuddle and be involved in keeping Bella challenged with games and treats.

She can amuse herself and loves to interact with you so you get the best of both worlds. She's fine being left alone in her kennel during the daytime and anxious for a trip outside when you get home, dinner and a walk, house-toy games or people time.

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