Monday, October 31, 2011


Somehow it seems appropriate if we talk about Chocolate on Halloween!

Buddy is a chocolate lab, looking for a home!

He listens to commands and obeys then, isn't going to get up on the bed or couch uninvited, and is willing to ignore 'people' food.

This was inadvertently tested one day when the foster was eating a bagel, left it on the coffee table to go do something and forgot all about it! Hurrying back to the room she found Buddy still there and the bagel - untouched by doggy tongue, just waiting for her to finish.

Buddy has been with cats and does fine with them.

He loves to run and play and would enjoy someone who liked to run daily and who would take him along - unless it is too hot, of course.

He also is good off-leash at the dog park and sticks close by. Bud enjoys other dogs too. And hanging with his owners, getting lots of scritches and helping you nap!

Buddy says he's good at almost everything in his life - except where is that forever home? Hoping to see those folks coming around the corner soon -

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