Sunday, June 8, 2008

Peanut Update - An A+ for her first 24 hours!

Peanut is the pup with the cute floppy ear on the posting from this morning. Here is an update from Peanut's foster family... from what she's been through and where's she's been I give her an A+ for her first 24 hours! Stay tuned to our blog as you watch how these pups will continue to flourish while in foster care and are exposed to new experiences. We'll keep you posted on when they will be adoptable:

"Her first night went well. She is scared of our 2 cats. When I first brought her inside, our cat, Emma, hissed at her. Peanut was too afraid to go past her to get
upstairs so I tried to carry her and she urinated on me lol. Anyway, we went
around to the front door and sat out on the steps for awhile. My 3 kids came
out one at a time to meet her. Once she can check someone out, she is fine
with them, but she is a bit scared of both new people and new animals at

She is doing great with my kids, especially my 13 year old son. She did
whine in her kennel when we put her in there at bedtime. So I slept on the
couch for half the night. She was quiet after I shushed her a few times. I
did go back upstairs to my bed early in the morning and she was fine after
that. We'll have to see if she does better with that tonight.

She also seems to be potty trained. She has not had any accidents in the
house. We took her for a long walk this morning. She stays close to us
during the walk and doesn't sniff around or anything. She seemed to be a bit unsure of where we were going. I'm sure she will get used to going on walks after a few days. She has really good leash manners. A couple times during the walk she would stop and sit down, but we were able to coax her along.

Peanut seems to be adjusting here very well. The cats have been avoiding her for the most part which I'm sure is fine with her. She will growl at them if they hiss at her.

I gave her a bath today also. She did well with that too.

Overall she is a very sweet girl and we are happy to have her here."

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