Monday, June 9, 2008

Update on Bishop (previously Bowser) - another A+

Here's an update from Bishops' foster who returned to fostering with Pet Haven after a short break:

"I just wanted to give an update on "Bowser". We actually renamed him Bishop, and he's starting to learn his name. All I can say is that someone better adopt this guy pretty quick or we will be so smitten we will never be able to give him up. I also try to remind myself how big he'll get to convince my husband we can't keep him.

He's just darling. Perfect. Barely barks. Gets along great with other
dogs. Has his cute puppy gangliness going on and a soft puppy belly. He
seems to like chewing on shoes, but so far we just tell him "no" and he
stops. As far as I can tell he's housebroken - we've taken him out
several times during the day, and he only shows interest in peeing
outside. Maybe he's learning this from his doggie housemate? I'm not

He's not good on a leash, that's for sure, but he will get better in time.
He's also not much for stairs or jumping - he seems to be scared of them
and not quite sure what to do. But it does mean he doesn't jump on
furniture. We crated him today when we left the house and he was fine -
no barking, seemed happy. We probably could have let him roam and he
would have been fine as well, but we're trying to find his boundaries.

Bishop has made for a very happy return to fostering, what a great little

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