Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hank - special beagle ... still waiting ..

Hank is a very special beagle who is still waiting for someone to sweep him off his paws. He is hanging out in a foster home with Annie (another beagle who was adopted through Pet Haven) and one other dog and several kitties. Here's an update from foster mom:

"So Hank. We love him. He twirls when he howls. He is totally a morning dog unlike my other two, so he and I have been enjoying early morning walks. But he is up for action anytime. I am constantly amazed at how much energy he has and is willing to go and do anything. He is completely unflappable. He and Annie have a game of taking each others flip and then burying it in the back yard and waiting for the other to find it. And he loves his wiffle ball, he can carry it if he wants because of the holes but yet it's slick so he can flip it and chase it. He is quite a character and has the the sweetest eyes, he is a true friend. But also being a Beagle you must be ever watchful of your sandwich, just ask Bob. Hank snatched one right off of Bob's plate and he was so quiet it took us a minute to realize what happened."

We hope you'll consider adopting Hank. And if you're not looking maybe you have friends who are???

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