Thursday, June 12, 2008

Red Lake Girlfriend get together

Penny Lane and Lacey (black shepherd mix) were both rescued from up north in the Red Lake reservation area. Penny Lane was adopted by her fosters a couple months ago, and Lacey has a home visit set up for this week .. so paws crossed for her!

Earlier this week they had a chance to hang out together at Loring Park, after which they watched passerbys at Joe's Garage while their 2-legged companions ate and shared stories.


Barbara said...

Aww, it melts my heart to see Lacey so happy with her girlfriend. I really hope the home visit works out :)!!

*Lacey's first foster mommy*

thom.johnson said...

Lacey has joined our family, and is having a wonderful time. She's quite the walker, and has decided to protect the park across the street by barking at ANYONE she sees in it. we're on a hill with a full, glass front door so she sees everything that goes on. she loves her new cousins (a great dane and a cuplo' cats) and all the dogs at the dog park. we are so pleased to have her in our home. thom & ricky (the new, proud parents)