Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jake and Seeka

Jake and Seeka's foster mom tells people they are "All American" when someone asks about their breed mix. We are postulating that they are Cattle Dog/Sheltie mixes, but really it is anyone's guess. We do think that they will be about 50 lbs when they are done growing.

Jake and Seeka have been very busy learning to be good canine citizens in their foster home. They are at a great age where they are old enough to really be getting the hang of housetraining and sleep through the night, but they are also still full of puppy antics and goofy puppy moves.

Seeka (the puppy with more black in her coat) is smaller at about 17 pounds and more coordinated. Seeka is smart, sweet, quiet, and has no problem telling Jake when she's had enough, but generally is more submissive. Jake (the mostly white puppy) is a solid 20 pounds and clumsy, and is the troublemaker. He likes to play with the toilet paper and scheme up ways to escape the baby gates and go exploring throughout the house. His mischief must be very endearing though, because their foster reports that Jake is her favorite of the pair.

Jake and Seeka are looking for adoptive families that are ready to take on all the joys and challenges of raising a puppy. They will need vigorous daily exercise; as well continued training and socialization so that they continue to grow up as well-behaved dogs. In return you will get unconditional love and endless entertainment from one of these "All American" sweethearts.

Check out their bios to learn more about Jake and Seeka. If you have any questions about them, please email

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